University Classes I Have Taken Listed From Best To Worst

  1. FVIM-213 Intermedia. While many classmates were either pretentious ass-hats or dolts, the class was mostly inhabited by sincere and interesting people. I guess also this is he class where I produced more of my better ideas..
  2. HUMN-313 Script Writing/Concept Develop. How to write screenplays by a conceptual artist sculptor. Was a bunch of exercises to show the possibilities of narrative forms; half the class left after the first three classes for being "too weird"..
  3. MHIS-329 SU01 Studies in Current Film/Video. "The Dream of the Film Of The Dream". Probably the single most actually interesting, engaging, and ultimately useful filmvideo/media related academic I've taken at ECU. Taught by someone who actually cares about art and not just hocking cultural studies. "Art comes from other arts and from life-- not from Derrida"-- I love you..
  4. PHOT-100 Introductory Photography. Got some hilarious critiques-- "These [photo series pics of my sisters] are... just so.... Zac...". Overall, though, it was an instructive class where I'd done some of the most actual exploration artistically..
  5. PRNT-232 SU01 Print Media: Book Media. Class afforded me access to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of old manual letter-press fonts so I can't complain. The teacher was very nice and infinitely supportive of everyone. Again, a good class just by virtue of forcing me into exploring some and thus making some worthwhile works. First time I'd done any real artmaking work with my hands in years..
  6. FNDT-108 Creative Processes. The only first semester class worth taking. The only class that really encouraged students to take some kind of leap into something meaningful and not just "get through school to get a job" kind of attitude..
  7. FVIM-322 Video and Performance. Every single class is one big "THEATRE IS NOT PERFORMANCE ART" argument. Which is pretty fun, actually. Extremely open-minded teacher who avoided polemics and just made a generally pretty morose artform fun..
  8. ENGL-200 Creative Writing. Really good lessons and feedback for writing from the teacher, unfortunately all of the readings HAD TO BE BY Canadian Aboriginal Lesbians from the Vancovuer area, so there was plenty of "my cunt is beautiful/modern medicine is evil/I love the earth mother" type stuff..
  9. FNDT-133 Media Arts. A good introduction to sound and video and performance art. Laid back atmosphere and low-impact..
  10. ENGL-101 Literature and Composition II. My whole class thought Sylvia Plath was an insensitive bitch for using holocaust metaphors. ;O; Teacher was fun and pretty slack regardless so that was cool..
  11. DIVA-205 Interactivity:Web Essentials. Was meant to be a sort of installations-on-the-internet type thing-- turned into a make-a-portfolio-for-design-students class..
  12. FVIM-300 FVIM Practices Internship. Sorting through old student films is a good outlet for my OCD crap.
  13. MACP-300 SU01 Media Arts Coop. Allowed to continue working with a theatre and now with extra see-films-for-free-and-also-free-food benefits!.
  14. FVIM-211 Video Art. Would have been great if we did anything at all. But through this class I found out about Gillian Wearing, Eija Liisa Ahtila, and Steve Reinke (the last of which created this... amazing.... piece of, uh, "video art":Everybody ).
  15. SOCS-201 Intro to Cultural Theory. Getting to belittle cultural studies in a cultural studies class is pretty fun. The teacher of this class is a goddamn saint; I could not imagine her ever being angry..
  16. AHIS-103 Intro to Visual Culture II. A vague overview of 1900-1950 art with a heaping dose of cultural-studies. The teacher was a freaking angel who, for better or for worse, listens to everyone's comments in discussions, for better or for worse, and even when they have nothing to do with anything, tries to spin them back to the appropriate topics.
  17. AHIS-102 Intro to Visual Culture I. The only art-history class ECU offers that goes back farther than 1900..
  18. MHIS-429 Topics in Film/Video. "Screenwriting". An attempt at script-analysis that was awkwardly done by a teacher who is terribly interested in the status quo-- but at least only about 1/3 of the screenings were awful and he was gigantically lenient with assignments and instead of a 10-page treatment for a script I gave him a 45-page first draft of one that I've been throwing around in my head for years..
  19. SCIE-202 The Natural Sciences. An overview of highschool biology lessons with some random art connections. Nothing groundbreaking or terribly interesting, but it was easy and not painful. Unfortunately I MISSED A JANDEK CONCERT FOR THIS CLASS'S EXAM >:C..
  20. SOCS-411 Professional Practice. Financial advice for art students. My teacher wrote for the TV show The Beachcombers; I don't know what to think of that..
  21. AHIS-333 Interdisciplinary Forums. "More Than Words". A lecture series about how WORDS are THINGS and not just TEXT or WHATEVER. Kind of interesting topic, bunch of mostly boring speakers..
  22. PRNT-100 Introduction to Print Media. Was fine, mostly, but the teacher kept forgetting that, because the class was on a friday, there were a bunch of holidays that caused missed classes, so the last third of the class was rushed as hell..
  23. ENGL-100 Literature and Composition I. Regular nothing-special English class with, thankfully, a minimum of terrible Canadian fiction shoehorned in. And the coursepack was 70 dollars.
  24. MHIS-205 Reading the Screen. Up and Point Break in what is essentially a film history class. At least I was able to write about how much I hated Up on my exam..
  25. FVIM-210 Film Production. All of you have your own interesting vision? Well, let's just split you off into 4 large groups so you can all bicker over whose idea is best, and then end up with a bunch of watered-down gunk..
  26. FNDT-106 Drawing and 2-D Language I. Many assignments this teacher made, he later confessed, were made solely to frustrate students.
  27. FVIM-400 Senior Media. A studio class without studio time or studio focus. A class without cohesion or leadership-- several things that should have taken 2 weeks time took 8 weeks of the 15 week course. No direction given to graduating-projects in any large way-- everyone left to fend for themselves and above that: the teachers were oftentimes even later than the students..
  28. FVIM-330 Dramatic Practices. A boring milquetoast director who OH WOW WAS NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR 30 YEARS AGO (Best Live Action Short) who doesn't see indie-movie-making methods as valid is the teacher. AWESOME D:.
  29. FVIM-327 Working With Actors. Just quoting four minor points from An Actor Prepares and then awkwardly letting students workshop completely random movie scenes, one student per week, is not enough.
  30. FNDT-110 Design I. Teacher could not understand English 80% of the time; his motto was: "IF IT'S NOT SPIRALS IT'S NOT DESIGN." His advice to every student at every crit for every project was to incorporate spirals. One girl in this first-year-design class had to go back to San Fransisco to see her dying dad, so she missed a class and her project the next week wasn't great so she asked for an extension because of grieving, but his response was: "SO WHAT IF YOUR FATHER IS DYING YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT IN ADVANCE, YOU ARE JUST BEING UNPROFESSIONAL: F.".
  31. MHIS-206 Reading Media Culture. This class got its very own list >:c.
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Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

I dunno, I just felt like it.

You forgot BU's Film and American Studies program.



My gift to you, maybe it'll make up for some of those classes:

Making the Most of a Mess by Raymond Carney


Have I ever told you that you're the best?~<3

I would take you on a date if I could. I'll pay for dinner and the movie.

Hilarious list.

Hey, wait, you hate Up?

I would have liked it if most of the secondary characters weren't in in (especially Russell and Kevin and Dug).


Tell me you're joking.

I just found them really aggravating.
Really cloying in their "precious"-ness.

Does it make it any better if I say I really enjoyed The Incredibles and Ratatouille?



What are you talking about?


I know you like those movies. I DID look at the 2000s list of yours. I also know you liked Monsters Inc. And I share your feelings about WALL-E. I would rate it 6/10, a decent film but compared to some of Pixar's masterpieces, I found it seriously lacking. I don't know, I just thought the story was not for me.

Also, I didn't notice Finding Nemo anywhere on that list, have you watched it? Or did the fact that it was directed by the director of WALL-E turn you off?

Dug, for example, was "cute" i the most sterile, focus-grouped way, and every single thing he did was almost always just in service of "look at me being cute. Don't you want a stuffed animal of me?". The "preciousness" is mostly from him. Russell I just found annoying as all hell.

Wall-E I just felt like I was being hit over the head at some kind of attempt at being profound for a children's film, or socially conscious. The film just kind of bothered me with its tone and it just wasn't entertaining for me.

Oh, Finding Nemo's not there? I dunno, it'd probably get a 5 for being pleasant but absolutely nothing. I guess I should rewatch it before putting it there.

Those things didn't really bother me. Russell wasn't annoying to me. You could make a point for Dug's "cuteness", but I thought it was funny and he was really trying to get some attention to himself after being treated like that by the other dogs, and he was just excited and eager, you know.

Yeah, that kinda bothered me about Wall-E too. I felt like Pixar was trying too hard this time, and I couldn't really get into it that much. At times, yes, but completely, no, not like some of their most brilliant films immerse you entirely in the experience.

I liked Finding Nemo the first few times I watched it, and it IS pleasant. I do agree slightly that it was "nothing", and for some reason, I found the ending didn't affect me as much as it should have. Sorta like Wall-E. And to think the director of both was the same. And they both are among THE most critically acclaimed Pixar films. Like, they both get crazy praise for an animated film.