Top Singles Ever

  1. 9.5/10.
  2. Nobody's Fault But Mine/Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground. Blind Willie Johnson. 1927.
  3. Parfum/Improvisation #1. Django Reinhardt. 1937.
  4. Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane. The Beatles. 1967.
  5. Extended Niceties/Reprise/Beginning of the Heartbreak/Don't Don't. Peter Gordon & The Love Of Life Orchestra. 1980.
  6. 9/10.
  7. Fine & Mellow/Strange Fruit. Billie Holiday. 1939.
  8. When The Levee Breaks/That Will Be Alright. Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe. 1929.
  9. Improvisation #3, Feb 26 1943. Django Rheinhardt. 1946.
  10. Marquee Moon (Part 1 & 2). Television. 1975.
  11. "Licht Und Blindheit" (Atmosphere/Dead Souls). Joy Division. 1979.
  12. Hound Dog/Nightmare. Big Mama Thornton. 1953.
  13. White Rabbit/Somebody To Love. Jefferson Airplane. 1967.
  14. It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing/ Rose Room. Duke Ellington. 1932.
  15. Ornithology/A Night in Tunisia. Charlie Parker. 1946.
  16. 8.5/10.
  17. Body & Soul-- Foxtrot/Fine Dinner. Coleman Hawkins. 1939.
  18. God Bless The Child/Solitude. Billie Holiday. 1942.
  19. Ain't Misbehavin'/Sweet Savannah Sue. Fats Waller. 1929.
  20. Queer Notions/Can You Take It?. Coleman Hawkins/Fletcher Henderson Orchestra. 1933.
  21. Maybellene/ Wee Wee Hours. Chuck Berry. 1955.
  22. 30 Seconds Over Tokyo/Heart Of Darkness. Pere Ubu. 1975.
  23. Devil Got My Woman/Cypress Grove Blues. Skip James. 1931.
  24. You Really Got Me/It's All Right. The Kinks. 1964.
  25. Johnny B Goode/ Around and Around. Chuck Berry. 1957.
  26. Paint It Black/ Long Long While. Rolling Stones. 1966.
  27. Summertime/Billie's Blues. Billie Holiday. 1936.
  28. Respect/Dr Feelgood. Aretha Franklin. 1967.
  29. Total Eclipse Of The Heart/Take Me Back. Jim Steinman (with Bonnie Tyler). 1983.
  30. 8/10.
  31. West End Blues/Fireworks. Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five. 1928.
  32. Shake/ A Change Is Gonna Come. Same Cooke. 1964.
  33. Paperback Writer/Rain. The Beatles. 1966.
  34. Satisfaction/Spider & The Fly. Rolling Stones. 1967.
  35. Temple Of Love/Heartland/Gimme Shelter. Sisters Of Mercy. 1983.
  36. Tomorrow Night/What A Woman. Lonnie Johnson. 1951.
  37. Home Is Where The Hatred Is/The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Gil Scott-Heron. 1971.
  38. Kaw-Liga/Your Cheatin Heart. Hank Williams Sr. 1953.
  39. She Is Beyond Good And Evil/Thief Of Fire. The Pop Group. 1979.
  40. Sallie Gooden/Arkansaw Traveller. Eck Robertson. 1926.
  41. Me and Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story)/Intensifieder. !!!. 2003.
  42. Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out. The Beatles. 1965.
  43. I Get Around/Don't Worry Baby. The Beach Boys. 1964.
  44. Come to the Sunshine/Farther Along. Van Dyke Parks. 1966.
  45. "Books" (Your Cover's Blown/Wrapped Up In Books). Belle & Sebastian. 2004.
  46. Milord/Non, Je Regrette Rien. Edith Piaf. 1959.
  47. Move It On Over/ I Heard You Cryin In Your Sleep. Hank Williams Sr. 1947.
  48. Paranoid/Rat Salad. Black Sabbath. 1970.
  49. Hello Goodbye/I Am The Walrus. The Beatles. 1967.
  50. Bela Lugosi's Dead/Boys/Dark Entries. Bauhaus. 1979.
  51. 7.5/10. (chronological)
  52. Nobody. Bert Williams. 1906.
  53. Maple Leaf Rag. Vess Ossman. 1907.
  54. Potato Head Blues/ Put 'Em Down Blues. Louis Armstrong& His Hot Five. 1927.
  55. Rainbow Mist/ Woodyn' You. Coleman Hawkins. 1944.
  56. La Vie En Rose/Un Refrain Courait Dans La Rue. Edith Piaf. 1947.
  57. C'est si bon/La Vie En Rose. Louis Armstrong. 1950.
  58. DemoliciĆ³n/Lonely Star. Los Saicos. 1965.
  59. A Go Go/Believe Me. Dara Puspita. 1965.
  60. Out in the Streets/The Boy. The Shangri-Las. 1965.
  61. Breakaway/I'm 28. Toni Basil. 1966.
  62. Hey Jude/Revolution. The Beatles. 1968.
  63. Space Oddity/Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud. David Bowie. 1969.
  64. Get Back/Don't Let Me Down. The Beatles. 1969.
  65. Big Yellow Taxi/Woodstock. Joni Mitchell. 1970.
  66. Stairway To Heaven (Part 1 & 2). Led Zeppelin. 1972.
  67. "Santa Dog" (Fire/Lightning/Explosion/Aircraft Damage). The Residents. 1972.
  68. I Will Always Love You/When One Wants To Leave. Dolly Parton. 1974.
  69. American Beat/Hall of Fame. The Fleshtones. 1979.
  70. Back In Black/What Do You Do For Money Honey. AC/DC. 1980.
  71. Crystal Japan/Alabama Song. David Bowie. 1980.
  72. How Soon Is Now?/Oscillate Wildly. The Smiths. 1985.
  73. Throw Aggi Off The Bridge/For Ex-Lovers Only/Can't Explain. Black Tambourine. 1992.
  74. I Am A Scientist/Curse [...]/Do The Earth/Planet's Own Brand. Guided By Voices. 1994.
  75. Waters Of Nazareth/Let There Be Light/Carpates. Justice. 2005.
  76. Go Outside/Most Wanted/The Curse. Cults. 2010.
  77. Video Games/Blue Jeans. Lana Del Rey. 2011.
  78. 212. Azealia Banks (with Lazy Jay). 2011.
  79. 7/10. (chronological)
  80. Razzazza Mazzazza. Arthur Pryor. 1905.
  81. Buffalo Rag. Vess Ossman. 1906.
  82. Some Of These Days. Sophie Tucker. 1911.
  83. Veglio Di Una Citta. Luigi Russolo. 1913.
  84. Heebie Jeebies/Muskrat Ramble. Louis Armstrong. 1926.
  85. Puttin On The Ritz/Crazy Feet. Fred Astaire. 1930.
  86. Cocktails For Two/Leave The Dishes in the Sink, Ma. Spike Jones. 1945.
  87. Crazy/Who Can I Count On?. Patsy Cline. 1961.
  88. Be True To Your School/In My Room. The Beach Boys. 1963.
  89. Then He Kissed Me/Brother Julius. Phil Spector & The Crystals. 1963.
  90. Be My Baby/Tedesco & Pitman. Phil Spector & The Ronettes. 1963.
  91. I Feel Fine/She's A Woman. The Beatles. 1964.
  92. Leader Of The Pack/What Is Love?. The Shangri-Las. 1964.
  93. Help Me, Rhonda/Kiss Me, Baby. Beach Boys. 1964.
  94. Wild Thing/A Girl Like You. The Troggs. 1966.
  95. Mira Tu/Solo Estoy. Los Yorks. 1967.
  96. Ruby Tuesday/Let's Spend The Night Together. Rolling Stones. 1967.
  97. Pata Pata/The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men. Miriam Makeba. 1967.
  98. Think/You Send Me. Aretha Franklin. 1968.
  99. Lady Madonna/The Inner Light. The Beatles. 1968.
  100. Your Mind And We Belong Together/Laughing Stock. Love. 1968.
  101. What The World Needs Now/The Victors. Tom Clay. 1971.
  102. Heartbreaker/Dancing With Mr D. The Rolling Stones. 1973.
  103. Bohemian Rhapsody/I'm In Love With My Car. Queen. 1975.
  104. Final Solution/ Cloud 149. Pere Ubu. 1976.
  105. Love At First Feel/Problem Child. AC/DC. 1977.
  106. Vienna/She's Always a Woman. Billy Joel. 1977.
  107. Rapper's Delight (12" version). Sugarhill Gang. 1979.
  108. Not Happy/ Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Pere Ubu. 1981.
  109. Moonlight Shadow/Rite Of Man. Mike Oldfield. 1983.
  110. Hand In Glove/Handsome Devil. The Smiths. 1983.
  111. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now/Girl Afraid. The Smiths. 1984.
  112. The Boy With The Thorn In His Side/Rubber Ring/Asleep. The Smiths. 1985.
  113. Time After Time/I'll Kiss You. Cyndi Lauper. 1984.
  114. Like A Prayer/Act of Contrition. Madonna. 1988.
  115. Groove Is In The Heart!!!/What Is Love?. Deee-Lite. 1990.
  116. So Little Deserve/I'm Not Scared Of You. Heavenly. 1991.
  117. Scenario/Butter. A Tribe Called Quest. 1992.
  118. What's Up. 4 Non Blondes. 1993.
  119. Turn Back Time/My Oh My. Aqua. 1998.
  120. Modern Age/Last Nite/Barely Legal. The Strokes. 2000.
  121. Ignition/Remix/Apologies Of A Thug/What Do I Do. R Kelly. 2003.
  122. Hey Ya!/Ghetto Musick/Favourite Things. OutKast. 2003.
  123. Titus Andronicus/Fear And Loathing in Mahwah, NJ. Titus Andronicus. 2007.
  124. Lust For Life/Morning Light. Girls. 2008.
  125. The International Tweexcore Underground/C is the Heavenly Option/Police Story. Los Campesinos!. 2007.
  126. Wolf Cub/Moth. Burial & Four Tet. 2009.
  127. Crystalized/ Hot Like Fire. The xx. 2009.
  128. Love The Nite Away/Teidye Remix. DJ Kaos. 2009.
  129. Bass Puppy/Fuck You Folk Singers. Shit & Shine. 2010.
Author Comments: 

yyyeah I dunno. Still very much in progress upon first upload...

The B-sides always always always matter. If the B-sides are just remixes and/or instrumentals the artists have wasted time in most cases. Soemthing else that is interesting to check out are "concept singles". that sounds mighty retarded att first but hear me out: consider the number one thin here: either song si prety much solely by one of the principle writers of the Beatles or the other, John then Paul respectively. and each one is a nostalgic rememberance of certain scenes fromt heir childhood-- a place near where John lived as a kid, Strawberry Fields, an open lot behind a Salvation Army Store, and Panny Lane, a little street by where Paul grew up. The single has a running theme of nostalgia and childhood memories. You can look at other singles, too, that have a thematic whole-- like Blind Willie Johnson's #2 spot, the A being about a vengeful god, the difficulties of faith, and the B being a soaring spiritual litany. or look at Joy Division's titled-single "Licht Und Blidnheit" (Light and blindness), which easily reflects the two songs on the single. As much as it's a shame how the genral public seems increasingly uninterested in spending time with a work (ie, listening to a whole album as opposed to just a single) I don't think that stops many singles from being artistically whole in and of themselves-- Schubert's "Gretchen Am Spinnrade" is just one little 4 minute song, but it easily stands up to his longer song cycles by itself, or even his symphonies!

more Stones...and others

Suggestion: Sad Eyed lady of the lownlans (Bob Dylan)
The Beatles: try with I am the Walrus, imho far superior to PEnny Lane and, above all, Day tripper.

Was that released as a single?
How the hell could I have forgotten the Hello Goodbye/I Am The Walrus single?! I am dumb.

Shiny shiny shiny piece of leather..... Venus in Furs, obviously.

I don't think that was ever released as a single though. And plus, the way I arranege this list is if the album from which the single's songs are off of is vastly superior to the single, then I wouldn't include it. Only if it's the other way around.

Sunday Morning / Femme Fatale
White Light/White Heat / Here She Comes Now

There ya go, some excellent singles from the Velvet Underground.

I think Velvet Underground & Nico and WhiteLight/WhiteHeat work better as albums, though.

Magical Mystery Tour also works better as an album. I'm saying that those are important singles too, just as singles.

I don't think it does. Which is why those are included here.

That reminds me. I don't remember seeing All You Need Is Love / Baby You're A Rich Man on the list.

Maybe I missed these looking over your list, but anyway:

What'd I Say (Parts 1 & 2) - Ray Charles
Good Vibrations / Let's Go Away for Awhile - The Beach Boys

Essential singles, IMO.

I'll have to check out that Ray Charles one/think about that Beach Boys one!
Thanks for the suggestions.

Great! I was really surprised when I found they weren't on your list!