Lists I Neeeeeed To Make

  • Greatest Contemporary/Modern Arts (1900 to today)
  • Greatest Baroque through Romantic Arts ( ~ death of Rembrandt to 1900)
  • Greatest Classical Arts (~ death of Giotto to ~ death of Rembrandt)
  • Greatest Ancient Arts (dawn of man to ~ death of Giotto)
  • Velvet Underground rankings list
  • Most depressing things
  • Cuddliest songs
  • Best credits sequences
  • Favourite pieces of industrial design
  • Favourite pieces of graphic design
  • Favourite internet memes
  • Things by Andy Warhol that are a million times better than Soup Cans or Brillo Boxes or etc
  • People I've known who have died
  • Greatest scenes/events in videogames
  • Best mechanics in videogames
Author Comments: 

Self explanatory. In order that I think of them.

Would the Velvet Underground rankings list include Squeeze? And VU and Another View?