Greatest Guitarists!

  1. Jimi Hendrix. Voodoo Chile.
  2. John Fahey. Voice Of The Turtle.
  3. Django Reinhardt. Improvisation #1.
  4. Robert Quine. Blank Generation (Richard Hell & The Voidoids).
  5. Sandy Bull. Blend.
  6. Lonnie Johnson. 6/88 Glide.
  7. Kevin Shields.Only Shallow(My Bloody Valentine).
  8. Dylan Carlson. Like Gold And Faceted (Earth).
  9. Marc Ribot.New Sad.
  10. Tom Verlaine.Marquee Moon (Television).
  11. Mike Oldfield.Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road (Robert Wyatt).
Author Comments: 

People to think about, sort through, find a "most outstanding performance" and place here:
Sterling Morrison (Velvet Underground), Lou Reed (Velvet Underground), Blind Willie Johnson, Jeff Beck, Leadbelly, Keith Richards (Rolling Stones), Brian Jones (Rolling Stones), Chuck Berry, Robert Fripp (King Crimson), Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Pat Metheny, Ry Cooder, Jeff Cotton (The Magic Band), Pete Townsend (Who), Robert Johnson, Neil Young, John Petrucci (Dream Theatre), Bob Dylan, Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd), Frank Zappa, John Frusciante, Johnny Marr (Smiths), Ivy Rorschach (Cramps)...
and many I've forgotten...

no Frank Zappa? one of the most interesting. Bob Dylan is a terrible guitarists (fyi). Syd Barrett showed a little promise but he's more a songwriter imo. Omar Rodriguez has done some interesting stuff. same with Frusciante. blues, Robert Johnson and Leadbelly (certainly one of the most genuine vocalists). also these choices are strange, Mike Oldfield had a successful solo career ie Tubular Bells, why the Wyatt cut (oh wait nvm). what i don't get is how you base it on 1 performance. throw enough darts you might hit a bullseye, doesn't mean you're one of the greatest guitarists. Tom Verlaine for instance. Dave Gilmour is much more consistent than him. is Charles Laughton one of the all time greatest directors because he made a good film? also, definitely need some Magic Band up in here, some of the most original and exciting guitar work ever. unless you change it to favorite guitarists than i wouldn't bother criticizing it.

On the Bob Dylan thing, The Tallest Man On Earth is what he'd be like if he was a more talented guitarist and a less talented songsmith.

I hadn't heard that Marc Ribot piece that you linked; pretty good stuff. I'd strongly recommend some jazz guitarists like Bill Frisell and Sonny Sharrock.
For rock, I gotta put in a word for Robert Fripp. It's kinda hard to find a "most outstanding performance" for him, though, since he has such a diverse discography. Off the top of my head, I'd recommend the songs Baby's on Fire (Brian Eno song), Evening Star (Fripp/Eno), or Sheltering Sky (King Crimson). I'd also recommend Munehiro Narita from the Japanese band High Rise (he essentially plays the same guitar solo on every song, but it's a damn good solo), Doug Marsch from Built to Spill, and Jeff Beck (maybe his outstanding performance is Since We Ended as Lovers).
One more thing, what do you think of the Hendrix song Machine Gun, from the Band of Gypsys album? For me, it's by far his most definitive performance. About 4:36 into this video is just about the best guitar solo ever.