Favourite Videogames

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  1. Pathologic (Nikolay Dybowskiy). PC. 2005.
  2. Silent Hill,2,3 (Keiichiro Toyama, Masashi Tsuboyama, Kazuhide Nakazawa). PSX/2. 1999-2003.
  3. Myst (Robyn and Rand Miller). PC. 1991.
  4. Mother/EarthBound (Shigesato Itoi). S/NES. 1989,95.
  5. Terranigma (Tomoyoshi Miyazaki). SNES. 1995.
  6. Passage (Jason Rohrer). PC. 2007.
  7. I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream (Harlan Ellison, David Mullich, David Sears). PC. 1995.
  8. Harvest Moon (Pack-In-Video). SNES. 1996.
  9. Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, 3: Subsistence (Hideo Kojima). PS2. 2001, 5.
  10. Siren (KeiichirĊ Toyama). PS2. 2003.
  11. Facade (Michael Mateas, Andrew Stern). PC. 2005.
  12. Tetris (Alexey Pazhitnov). Various/NES. 1984.
  13. Grim Fandango (Tim Schafer). PC. 1998.
  14. Chrono Trigger (Takashi Tokita, Yoshinori Kitase, Akihiko Matsui, Yuuji Horii, Hironobu Sakaguchi). SNES. 1995.
  15. Okami (Hideki Kamiya, Atsushi Inaba). PS2. 2006.
  16. ActRaiser (Masaya Hashimoto, Tomoyoshi Miyazaki). SNES. 1990.
  17. Yoshi's Island (Takashi Tezuka). SNES. 1995.
  18. Today I Die (Daniel Benmergui). PC. 2009.
  19. Missile Command (Dave Theurer). Arcade. 1980.
  20. Judith. (Terry Cavanagh, increpare). PC. 2009.
  21. Shenmue (Yu Suzuki). Dreamcast. 1999.
  22. A Mother In Festerwood (Austin Breed). PC. 2011.
  23. Rara Racer (increpare). PC. 2008.
  24. The Marriage (Rod Humble). PC. 2007.
  25. Animal Puncher (Austin Breed). PC. 2011.
  26. Minecraft (Markus Alexej "Notch" Persson). PC. 2009.
  27. Incredible Crisis (Kenichi Nishi). PSX. 1999.
  28. Braid (Jonathan Blow). PC. 2008.
  29. Qix (Randy Pfeiffer and Sandy Pfeiffer). Arcade. 1981.
  30. How To Raise A Dragon (Gregory Weir). PC. 2009.
  31. One Chance (AwkwardSilenceGames). PC. 2009.
  32. The Infinite Ocean (Jonas Kyratzes) PC. 2010.
  33. Cursor*10 (Yoshio Ishii). PC. 2008.
  34. Alphaland (Terry Cavanagh, Jonas Kyratzes). PC. 2011.
  35. Looming (Gregory Weir). PC. 2010.
  36. Loved (Alexander Ocias). PC. 2010.
  37. Distance (Austin Breed). PC. 2010.
  38. Dance Dance Revolution (Konami). Arcade. 1998.
  39. The Chzo Mythos (Ben Croshaw). PC. 2003-7.
  40. Execution (Jesse Venbrux). PC. 2008.
  41. Stars Over Half-Moon Bay (Rod Humble). PC. 2007.
  42. ROM CHECK FAIL ("Farbs"). PC. 2008.
  43. Super Columbine Massacre RPG! (Danny Ledonne). PC. 2005.
  44. Kaizo Mario World (JAPAN?!). SNES. 2008/9?.
  45. Runner (Anthony Burch). PC. 2009.
  46. Burn (increpare). PC. 2009.
  47. You Shall Know The Truth (Jonas Kyratzes). PC. 2011.
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Seems I am partial to Japanese RPGs. I'm sorry. There's also a plethora of games that are quite small-- mostly indie games-- and to defend myself on including them here, I want to quote some guy or another in saying that "a great short poem can have the same depth and lasting impact as a great long novel"... So, yeah...

Still got a lot of things to play... There's also a butt-ton of games I'm in the middle of that are not bad but laziness has prevented me from going on; I need to finish those.

POTENTIAL HEAVY EDIT: I might take off all the games on here where lives seem to be considered unimportant and murder is copious; that said, over half of the games here are like that. The more I think about it, the more I feel a little bit disturbed by that in most games the protagonist will commit mass genocide by the end of the game. But it's also funny. This revelation sort of came from how excited that Nathan Drake seems to be murdering dozens of people at any given time in Uncharted. SO I HAVE DECIDED: any game that rewards excessive unfeeling violence, even if a great game, cannot be on this list.

HONOURABLE MENTION (chronological):
Half-Life, 2 (Valve). PC. 1998, 2004.
System Shock 2 (Ken Levine). PC. 1999.
Final Fantasy VII (Yoshinori Kitase, Hironobu Sakaguchi). PSX. 1997.
Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night (Toru Hagihara, Koji Igarashi). PSX. 1997.
Metal Slug (Nazca Corporation). Arcade. 1996.
Star Ocean (Yoshiharu Gotanda). SNES. 1996.
Quake (John Romero, American McGee, Sandy Petersen, Tim Willits, John Carmack). PC. 1996.
Final Fantasy III/6 (Yoshinori Kitase, Hiroyuki Ito, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Hiroyuki Ito). SNES. 1994.
Super Metroid (Yoshio Sakamoto). SNES. 1994.

Awesome list. There's a ton of stuff here that would make my own list, especially all those JRPGs.
Have you played Planescape Torment before? It probably has the best plot of any game I've played.


No I haven't and GODDAMN I totally need to.

Love this list. Many of my favorites are on it. This is a good list too http://www.meltedjoystick.com/top_games_list.php . Lots of SNES games of course.

SNES+PC 4evr

This is a really good list. SH, Earthbound, Yoshi's Island...some great picks here. I haven't played all them so I can't comment on all, but I will say your excessive violence rule is a crippling and non-sensical one (Earthbound for instance features this very concept, altho masked in euphemism). And of course it's missing just about any game that could be miscontrued as "fun". For instance, no Donkey Kong Country, Turtles in Time or Super Punch Out type stuff! Still, I really like this.

EarthBound covers its bases with parody. Metal Gear Solid 3 covers its bases with calling out the player on killing people. Terranigma covers its bases with the basic theme being about death/renewal. Silent Hill covers its bases by all the enemies being manifestations of mental anguishes. Etc etc. Games like Uncharted or Condemned or such don't do anything-- murdering everything in your site is SUPER FUN TIME FUCK YEAH TAKE THAT RANDOM MINORITY, TAKE THAT HOBO. But yeah, whatevs.
And of those three "fun" games you mentioned I just don't think any of them are very good.

Parody is a big part of what makes EarthBound great, but the act of killing creatures is not addressed (which happens implicitly or not in practically all RPGs). Caution is rewarded in MGS since bodies are a liability (an extension of the game's realism). Silent Hill, on the other hand, is a good example. In SH2, James kills "monsters" who are most likely ordinary people (interesting psychology.) All the same, you'll miss out with a politically correct approach. So will the Christian family who refuses to watch movies with guns. Or the person who hates hearing the F word (unless used in a morally accetable way). Even in your list (esp. the honorable mentions) you'll find numerous examples of "senseless" violence. What sort of "fun" games do you enjoy? The only ones on your list (from what I've played) I'd say Yoshi's Island & Braid.

in MGS3 it actually has a very well done sequence where you are confronted by everyone you killed up to that point in the game. in Silent Hill you're killing figments of the protagonist's imagination, manifestations of the shit that is wrong in their brains. I'm not being politically correct; I honestly just find it kind of fucked up with games like Condemned when you have HARDCORE TAKEDOWNS that go above and beyond any "survival horror" aspect and just go into sadism and things like in Uncharted where the protagonist giggles and whoops every time he shoots somebody. And the purpose of the honourable mentions was specifically to house the games I felt had this aspect to them.
I find all the games on this list "fun". The list-proper and the honourable mentions. If they weren't fun, they wouldn't be here.

I haven't actually played thru all of MGS3, so you might have a point there. And for the record I agree with you on SH. Games like Uncharted recall films like Raider's of the Lost Ark, where dozens of facelss people are killed. I think there is a problem in gaming with excessive mindless action. But that doesn't mean it can't be done well. The same problem exists with movies, yet very intelligent crime/gangster films have been made. Raider's of the Lost Ark stands above most action films, because of how expertly crafted it is. I haven't played Uncharted, but my impression is it's such a breathtaking acheivement that it's sadism can be forgiven (or at least tolerated). And let's not forget, humans killing humans is not always a terrible thing. It's part of our make-up, it's how we got here. Soldiers in war often find immense satisfaction in killing an enemy. Sometimes killing in itself IS enjoyable (in fact, I'd say this is the appeal of most video games). Otherwise it seems like a somewhat feminine approach (where's the Sims? :P). Also, I meant "fun" in the more objective sense - a game that is constantly thrilling, fast-paced, tests reflexs etc. Those fun "types" are missing. I spose you just don't like those types of games generally, but I wouldn't say that Donkey Kong is a mediocre game objectively speaking.

Anywho, I see you listed a game by Ben Croshaw. That's pretty cool. I'd like to check it out. Do you ever watch his reviews on Zero Punctuation?

Of course there can be things that deal with violence really well and intelligently and sensitively-- which I've included here, especially games like Silent Hill, or Siren. Uncharted is not one of those well-done things though.
I just didn't think Uncharted was much more than pretty. It wasn't a homage to Indiana Jones (which I'm not really into anyway) as much as it's just the exact same thing as Indiana Jones with different names. I wasn't very interested in anything it had to offer, at best it was good to laugh at how completely dumb and demented it was. I don't understand why it's feminine to not enjoy Uncharted. Soldiers who have a lot of fun killing the random people they were ordered to kill are probably sociopaths.
I was never (even as a kid, honestly) massively interested in "objectively fun" videogames. I actually find them pretty boring mostly. I'm generally attracted to stories/characters/themes like if it was a movie or book. And, again , I never really thought of Donkey Kong as much at all either. I get pretty thrilled at Myst and such, though.

Yeah, Croshaw's reviews are fun. Don't play the first two of the Chzo Mythos though. Those two are just needed for some story purposes. Reading the Let's-Play for them would be better. The second two are masterpieces however.

It's feminine to be appalled at people who enjoy violence (picture the archetypal woman raising a gloved hand to her mouth in a shocked and contemptuous fright). It's not just Uncharted, any war games that depict war realistically would be out of bounds according to your rules (this is why I knudge you with the Sims, a game of nurturing adored by females). I am likewise interested more in character/story than explosions/flashing lights. This is one of the main reasons I think SNES is superior to Genesis, the latter having mostly arcadey style games that are a bit hollow and inferior as art. But my point is, the whole exploration/survival/shooting game tradition has produced several masterpieces, most of which are relegated to lower status by you because of ideological reasons. In fact, it seems nearly every game in the Hon. Ment. is a victim of this policy. And I find it very strange that you'd do this to games you admitedly enjoy.

Finally, I admit it's been a very long time since I played Myst (and I'd very much like to play it again), but I'm of the opinion that it's very unlikely to be a better game than Donkey Kong Country, one of the best action games on the SNES, if not the best.

You ever played ActRaiser on the SNES? it's made by the same company that did terranigma and it's a really great game. now i absolutely have to play terranigma!

edit: oh wait, you have it on here. :x great game eh?

It's great to the point that it is sad how mediocre ActRaiser 2 is. :'c

Might have to skip that one. My favorite part is the whole God aspect, which reminds me of Black and White. I love how the people worship their God and offer sacrifices. It adds an interesting religious element that other games like SimCity probably should have touched on. It'd be interesting if the people in ActRaiser got so advanced and independent - that they started practicing atheisism. The dungeon levels add an interesting mix to the gameplay, I quite liked the combination. But considering you basically do the same thing in each town - the game does get boring. Still, one of the most interesting games on the snes. I see that Terranigma is an action RPG, which makes me want to play it even more.

Just played One Chance for the first time, and I wanted to ask: have you tried the game more than once? Also, have you ever found the cure? (BTW if you have, I don't want to know how just yet obviously.)

I've been considering it for a while-- I played it at my parents house when I did, so I could conceivably play it again at my place. But I haven't just because I'm afraid of making it worse.

I ended up working on trying to find a cure and then on the last day went to the park with my kid and quietly passed on a bench. :'c

I actually had a friend play the game too, and before I could stop him he did the same thing I did on the second-last day: chose "Work". I mean, I'm not sure if the cure could be found in the Park that day but I had at least wanted to confirm it, heh. Though, being hopeful, I did ask him to choose Work on the last day but of course nothing could be done by that point. Molly disappeared somewhere though while John was dying, hmm.

I chose Park at the end when I was playing too; I found dying on the bench more affecting than the ending in the lab somehow. Maybe because the park was a more beautiful place. Okay, now that doesn't make any sense.