Best Let's Plays

  1. The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing. Chewbot.
  2. Trespasser. Research Indicates.
  3. Metal Gear Solid Series. Chip Cheezum (with General Ironicus, Voidburger, and SnarkCookie).
  4. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Voidburger (with ChipCheezum and Voidburger).
  5. Pathologic: Bachelor Scenario. Brass Monkey.
  6. Silent Hill: 0rigins. Voidburger.
  7. 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand. Chip Cheezum (with General Ironicus).
  8. Super Mario: Lost Levels. BillyMC (with Slowbeef, Diabetus (guests: Proteus, PsychedelicEyeball)).
  9. Arise. Slowbeef (with Diabetus)
  10. Silent Hill 4: The Room. From Earth.
  11. Sonic (2006). Pokecapn (with IlluminatusVespucci, medibot, and Kung Fu Jesus).
  12. Trapped series by Godlimations. Slowbeef (with Proteus)
  13. Castlevania. Psychedelic Eyeball.
  14. Sonic The Hedgehog. Cybershell.
  15. half life 2. Cybershell.
  16. Kaizo Mario World. Psychedelic Eyeball, Wugga, Proton Jon.
  17. Siren/Forbidden Siren 2. Egomaniac.
  18. The 7th Saga. Nakar.
  19. Treasure Master. Khad Banks (Only the episodes with LowTax).
Author Comments: 

Let's play videogames!

LPs are ranked by how creatively the game info is disseminated, how interesting and unique the player's point of view is, great formatting, thoroughness, or even just if it becomes comedy gold.
I am a geek, I'm sorry.

I approve of this dot jpeg.

What do you think the main strength of a Let's Play is btw. Do you think it is more a comedic thing or otherwise performance piece, or is it more an educational thing? or both? I'm thinking about doing some more, but I doubt they'd be persona-based, more informational. Though I gotta say, I think the performance piece ones are probably better.

I WOULD CARE MORE IF MARQUEE APPROVED. Heh, but thank you though.

All Let's Plays are performances. Even in the most educational ones, they need to be presented in an interesting way. Chip Cheezum's LPs are thorough and educational, but his commentaries with General Ironicus and Voidburger give them a lot of flavour and a feeling of intimacy, like playing along with a friend, and also give a frame for dissemination of information; Cheezum often explaining the ins and outs to his partner in order to educate the audience.
Brass Monkey's Pathologic LP relies on his ability to roleplay also-- He fills in gaps in narrative and makes it flow better by adding text/narration in the voice of the character. This is a good way to do that. It is no comedy. None at all, but still a good performance.
Voidburger's copious subtitles consistently both give good information and also good criticism for that terrible terrible game, which is often hilarious; this also lets the game keep its lone good feature, the sound-design/music/soundscapeatompsphere.
The Siren, 7th Saga, and Chzo LPs are the least "persona-based" as you said, I guess. But even then, they do have a personal flavour in what they do; Egomaniac's meticulously organized everythings (as well as his sparse subtitles, allowing the game to shine through, while also occasionally pointing out aspects of the game or his play nicely), Nakar's sardonically simple and direct captions, and Quovak's cute little editorials and great formatting, respectively. There's still their personalities plugged into these things.
The most basic form of Let's Plays can be great too-- such as Psychedelic Eyeball's Castlevania LP or the Kaizo Mario LP, which is simply someone playing a videogame, without any real pretension to education or attempt for comedy, really, just a weird but very personable french canadian playing a game. Or Research Indicates' Trespasser LP, which gives the game and information about it in an extremely straightforward, somewhat dry way, still does it idiosyncratically and interestingly (with his recaps and his way of speaking/scripting, for example).
And then there's ones that are just so silly that you can't help but give them praise-- half life 2, Treasure Master, Silent Hill 4...
Terrible Secret Of Animal Crossing is also simply the most creative thing done with a Let's Play ever. It makes itself into a whole new thing.

So, yeah, the best educational/informational ones are as much performances as the best personality-based non-educational ones.

Hmm interesting. I imagine then that what I want to do is arguably not a Let's Play, since I simply want to show people games I think are interesting. And the best way to show people is probably to not say anything at all. That is sort of what I mean by educational, not so much a performance piece as a kind of historical/aesthetic analysis or showcase. Would you consider that a LP?

It is impossible to not have personality enter into what you do in an LP. You just gotta have an interesting personality. Do you want to write an encyclopedia entry on a game or something? A "historical/aesthetic analysis or showcase" is what any number of these people on this list create, but what they've said and displayed about the game is intertwined quite tightly with their personalities, which is a good thing and makes it more human and more watchable.

Perhaps what I am thinking of, the more "functional" game play video that would convey information more effectively, would likely be edited down as snippets of game play, with commentary over top, and thus not an LP at all. I guess the main thing about a Let's Play is that it's a running commentary, so there is a lot of space to fill; there is more room for personal and artistic commentary. As such would you consider Let's Plays analogous to director/fan commentaries of films?