The Pathway to Love: Create intimacy and transform your relationships through self-discovery by Julie Orlov

The Pathway To Love is an outstanding guide to building strong and intimate relationships in your life. Author Julie Orlov helps the reader understand the four distinct phases of a relationship, by the example of the lives of four couples (each couple being in a different phase of relationship). From the first stage of fantasy and expectation to the fourth stage of relationship transformation, you will recognize yourself in these couples. You will gain valuable insight about all four phases of relationship that will help you cope with the realities and celebrate the victories. At the end of each story is a recap that helps us realize when we may be using our rose colored glasses or approaching our relationship with a mature and real attitude. The Pathway To Love is a straightforward and unique guide to help you navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of love. I give this book a definite 10 for being a realistic tool for relationship building. It comes with a workbook and audio guide as well which is wonderful! Good reading.