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Thanks to L Bangs for inspiration!

Comments welcomed.

Damn you!! nnnooo, i read Pulp - common people and its been five mins now and i've sung it 3 times in my head!! aaaahhhhhh, noooooo!

Lol. Yeah, it sticks in your head very well!

What a great song.

Figured this needed an update.

Yes, the Alison Lohman thing does link in with Matchstick Men, Big Fish and Tucker.

I remember a day when Alison Lohman was the only reason i watched tucker :-) lol all joking aside, it's been so many years since i've seen that, are they still airing it on Nick?

On another note, Hows your Scrubs Season 1 DVD working out? Season 1 is harder to get into than later seasons but still is top notch.

Lol, still applies here practically ;)

I'm not sure if Nick still air it over here, though I think they still do intermittently, but I have all the episodes on my computer which is how I watch them. The bad language and sexual references are surprisingly frequent actually, a lot must be cut out on Nick.

I've watched 5 episodes so far - and it's excellent. :) You're right not as good as later episodes, but still fantastic stuff.

Yeah, i thought the same thing about tucker, they got away with alot for a Nick show, but thats what made it so cool. i liked his friend, can't remember his name, think it began with a K, he was cool.

I guess then you've seen episode 1.4 - "My Old Lady" thats a very strong episode.

Yeah, Kenickie, he was good. Seth Green's cameos were good too, as was the great Uncle Jimmy. Tucker's mum was hot too.. not *as* hot as Lohman, but y'know. :)

I have seen that one, fantastic episode.

Yup, gotta love Buckley's re-imagining of "Hallelujah".

Yes, a truly outstanding version of a beautiful song. It's actually probably my vote for the greatest cover version of all-time.

Fortunately, alcohol, smoking and drugs are not on this list!

Yes.. pleasing, that, eh? :)

Working at the Beeb, I've been able to watch a few episodes of Arrested Development (I'm in the acquisitions department; this is where we import shows from other countries, an example of which is the above show). I watched the pilot and an episode called Top Banana. They were alright...I probably should have watched a subtitled episode on TV rather than one of the videotapes in the department, but hey.

It's best when you watch them all in order, as the enjoyment is very much dependent on knowing what came beforehand. But if it's not your thing, it's not your thing! It's bound to be better with subs, though - can you get a hold of the subtitle files in your job?

I don't think so, the subtitles are done elsewhere, at Red Bee Media. I know that some companies from whom the Beeb obtain the rights to show their films, offer complimentary DVDs of the film that they bought, so maybe there's a DVD of it there. I know a Family Guy DVD exists, and I've borrowed a few films already.

Woah, I really like this list idea! I love the verison of Because The Night with Bruce Springsteen and Michael Stipe, I'm a big fan of those two. Good list!

Thanks again :-) Can't take credit for the list idea though - the original idea is, I believe, L. Bangs'.