TV Shows: Top 30 Favourite Current TV Shows

  1. based on quality over the past one or two full seasons (hence no Simpsons).
  2. show must have aired at least one new episode within the past year, or have a new season scheduled to air by mid-2013.
  3. * = haven't seen latest season yet (but am caught up with season prior to that)
  4. -----------
  5. show name (most recent season seen, rating for that season)
  6. -----------
  7. Breaking Bad* (S4, A+)
  8. Community (S3, A+)
  9. Louie* (S2, A+)
  10. Curb Your Enthusiasm (S8, A)
  11. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia* (S7, A)
  12. The Middle* (S2, A)
  13. How I Met Your Mother* (S7, A-)
  14. Cougar Town (S3, A-)
  15. South Park* (S15, A-)
  16. Episodes (S2, A-)
  17. Happy Endings* (S2, A-)
  18. Shameless* (US) (S1, A-)
  19. Bored to Death (S3, B+)
  20. Futurama (S7, B+)
  21. Portlandia* (S2, B+)
  22. 30 Rock* (S6, B+)
  23. Peep Show* (S7, B+)
  24. Friday Night Dinner (S2, B+)
  25. Rev. (S2, B+)
  26. Awkward.* (S2, B+)
  27. Parks and Recreation* (S4, B+)
  28. The League* (S3, B+)
  29. Up All Night* (S1, B+)
  30. Raising Hope* (S1, B+)
  31. Suburgatory* (S1, B+)
  32. Bob's Burgers* (S1, B)
  33. American Horror Story* (S1, B)
  34. Modern Family* (S3, B)
  35. Outnumbered (S4, B)
  36. Grandma's House (S2, B)
  37. House (S8, B)
  38. Family Guy* (S9, B)
  39. Wilfred (US)* (S1, B)
  40. Franklin & Bash* (S1, B)
  41. The Office* (S8, B-)
  42. Not Going Out (S5, B-)
  43. 2 Broke Girls* (S1, B-)
  44. Boss* (S1, B-)