TV Shows Owned On DVD

  • season/series releases
  • 15 Storeys High S1-2
  • 24 S1-8
  • 30 Days S1-3
  • 30 Rock S1-4
  • 3rd Rock From The Sun S1-6
  • 4400, The S1-4
  • 8 Simple Rules S1-2
  • A Bit Of Fry And Laurie S1-4
  • Ally McBeal S1-5
  • American Dad S1-5
  • Angel S1-5
  • Are You Afraid Of The Dark? S1-4
  • Arrested Development S1-3
  • Arthur S1-4
  • Auf Wiedersehen, Pet S1-4,S
  • Band of Brothers S1
  • Becker S1-3
  • Big Bang Theory, The S1-3
  • Black Books S1-2
  • Blackadder S1-4
  • Bob & Rose S1
  • Bones S1-5
  • Bored to Death S1
  • Boston Legal S1-5
  • Brass Eye S1
  • Bread S1-4
  • Breaking Bad S1-3
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer S1-7
  • Californication S1-3
  • Castle S1-2
  • Cheers S1-7
  • Chuck S1-3
  • City Lights S1
  • Clarissa Explains It All S1
  • Clerks: The Animated Series S1
  • Comeback, The S1
  • Community S1
  • Cougar Town S1
  • Coupling S1-4
  • Cracker E1-11
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm S1-7
  • Damages S1
  • Daria S1-5
  • Dawson's Creek S1-6
  • Day Today, The S1
  • Dead Ringers S1
  • Desperate Housewives S1-2
  • Dexter S1-4
  • Diff'rent Strokes S1-2
  • Dilbert S1-2
  • Dollhouse S1
  • Doug S1
  • Drew Carey Show, The S1
  • Duckman S1-2
  • Due South S1
  • Eastbound and Down S1
  • Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy S1
  • Eli Stone S1-2
  • Entourage S1-6
  • Episodes S1
  • ER S1-15
  • Everwood S1-3
  • Everybody Hates Chris S1-3
  • Everybody Loves Raymond S1-9
  • Extras S1-2,Sp
  • Family Guy S1-9
  • Father Of The Pride S1
  • Father Ted S1-3
  • Felicity S1
  • Flight Of The Conchords S1-2
  • Flintstones S1-3
  • FM S1
  • Frasier S1-11
  • Freaks and Geeks S1
  • Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, The S1-5
  • Friday Night Lights S1-4
  • Friends S1-10
  • Futurama S1-5
  • Gavin and Stacey S1-3
  • Genius S1
  • Gilmore Girls S1-7
  • Golden Girls S1-3
  • Good Wife, The S1
  • Gossip Girl S1-3
  • Grandma's House S1
  • Green Wing S1-2
  • Grounded For Life S1-5
  • Grumpy Old Men S1
  • Hey Arnold S1-2,4-5
  • Home Improvement S1-8
  • Homicide: Life on the Street S1-7
  • House S1-6
  • How Do You Want Me S1-2
  • How I Met Your Mother S1-5
  • Huff S1
  • Human Remains S1
  • Hustle S1-6
  • I'm Alan Partridge S1-2
  • Inbetweeners, The S1-3
  • IT Crowd, The S1-4
  • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia S1-5
  • Joan of Arcadia S1
  • Job, The S1
  • Joey S1
  • Jonathan Creek S1-4,Specials
  • Justified S1
  • Kids In The Hall S1-5
  • King Of The Hill S1-6
  • Knowing Me Knowing You S1
  • L Word, The S1-6
  • Larry Sanders Show, The S1-6
  • Law And Order S1
  • Lead Balloon S1-2
  • Leverage S1-2
  • Lone Gunmen, The S1
  • Lost S1-6
  • M*A*S*H S1-2
  • Mad About You S1-4
  • Mad Men S1-3
  • Malcolm In The Middle S1
  • Marion and Geoff S1-2
  • Masters of Horror V1-4
  • Mighty Boosh, The S1-3
  • Millennium S1-3
  • Modern Family S1
  • Monk S1-8
  • Moonlighting S1-5
  • Mr Bean E1-13
  • My Family S1-9
  • My Name Is Earl S1-4
  • My So-Called Life S1
  • Newsradio S1-5
  • Night Court S1-2
  • Northern Exposure S1-6
  • Northern Lights S1
  • Numb3rs S1-5
  • Nurse Jackie S1
  • Office (UK), The S1-2
  • Office (US), The S1-6
  • One Foot in the Grave S1-6,Specials
  • Only Fools And Horses S1-7
  • Oz S1-6
  • Parenthood S1
  • Parks and Recreation S1-2
  • Party Down S1-2
  • Party Of Five S1
  • Peep Show S1-7
  • Penn And Teller: Bullshit! S1-6
  • Phoenix Nights S1-2
  • Picket Fences S1
  • Practice, The S1
  • Prison Break S1-4
  • Psych S1-4
  • Pulling S1-2
  • Pushing Daisies S1-2
  • QI S1-2
  • Rescue Me S1-2
  • Roseanne S1-9
  • Royle Family, The S1-4
  • Rugrats S1-2
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch S1-7
  • Saved By The Bell S1-5
  • Saved By The Bell: College Years S1
  • Saxondale S1-2
  • Scrubs S1-9
  • Seinfeld S1-9
  • Sex And The City S1-6
  • Shield, The S1-7
  • Simpsons, The S1-13
  • Six Feet Under S1-5
  • Sleeper Cell S1
  • South Park S1-13
  • Spaced S1-2
  • Spin City S1
  • Sports Night S1-2
  • Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip S1
  • Taxi S1-2
  • Thick Of It, The S1-3
  • Third Watch S1
  • This American Life S1-2
  • Titus S1-3
  • Tru Calling S1-2
  • Twin Peaks S1-2
  • Two And A Half Men S1-7
  • Undeclared S1
  • United States of Tara S1
  • Veronica Mars S1-3
  • Vicar of Dibley, The S1-3
  • Weeds S1-6
  • West Wing, The S1-7
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway (US) S1
  • Without A Trace S1-6
  • Wonderfalls S1
  • X-Files, The S1-9
  • Yes, Minister S1-3
  • Yes, Prime Minister S1-2
  • best of/anthology
  • Colbert Report, The
  • Daily Show, The
  • Derren Brown
  • Goosebumps
  • Have I Got News For You
  • Judge Judy
  • Louis Theroux
  • Mock the Week
  • Never Mind the Buzzcocks
  • Peanuts specials
  • Russell Howard's Good News
  • Sesame Street
Author Comments: 

Comments welcomed!

Malcolm In The Middle? wow, im in uk, did you get that on Over-seas order?

i got South park on overseas order, the usa boxsets are much better than the ones here in the uk.

Whats the Malcolm DVD like? if you dont mind me asking ;]

Yep, from

It's a great set, lots of great extras. Minor flaw is the picture's bad, but still, great.

Have you any interest in seeing some of the older tv shows such As Cheers? I Bought Cheers 1 - 3 through Playusa and they are great.

just woundering :)

Ah, that's a good idea -- yeah I'd like to get Cheers, and to be honest my want list is far from complete, I should try and complete it.

i see you rate Red Dwarf series 3 & 4 higher than i do. what i think bothered me about 3 & 4 was they suddenly got more money and it all became to "Jazzed up" and "Hollywood" with the jazy entrance with pictures and gone was the cool long intro (Though Norman lovetts left so thats probably why that went too)

Dont get me wrong i think the jokes were just as good, and i think Series 3's "Marooned" Was not only a highlight of series 3 but a highlight of the entire show.

but i think it just losts its cult value. before (1 & 2) it could of easily been just a sitcom that happens to be set in space but in 3 & 4 The storylines became more spacey and crazy which i think let it down. though i love all series of Red Dwarf.

Your Thoughts mate?

I agree about the "jazzed up" and the more upmarket feel to it in III and IV, but IMO I, II, III and IV are all perfect, and the show didn't start to go downhill until V. I'll still collect V-VIII, but they're much weaker than the first four series, yeah.

I find that the upmarketing in III didn't affect the quality in any way.. well, not straight away, at least. I didn't find the stories too crazy, and whilst it became more mainstream, I don't think any harm was done until V, when more and more episodes became way too stupid and, in some cases, unfunny.

Ratings for all series (note my DVD ratings involve the extras so these are slightly different):
I - *****
II - *****
III - *****
IV - ****1/2
V - ****
VI - ***
VII - **1/2
VIII - ***1/2

what do you use for your USA Dvd provider? i use playusa and DVDconcept. i think there both good. though playusa has sent me some over region versions and ones with different languages! dvdconcept is good. it had the special edition rushmore which i couldnt find on playusa but i do recommend both.

which do you use? do you use a different one?

PlayUSA, always :) Though I've been hit by customs a few times with stuff from them!

yeah they can do that its usualy about 8 pounds (BTW I Havent got a pound sign on my key board so thats why i write "Pounds" :) i dont know why i havent got the sign!! :)

The easiest thing to do in my opinion, is just get a universal DVD player...they will play any DVD from anywhere....that's what I have, and it works really well...

Yep, that's what we do - we just get charged for importing things over £18 =D.

Got Something against seasons 4 - 5 of 3rd rock from the sun? lol :)
ps- i see you've bought some new friends dvds, are they the newly releleased ones? THESE Ones?

Red Dwarf is out now (S5) there is this special edition with a free star bug model, but actually you could say its not free because the retail price is more expensive than the one without it :( with is about about 22.99 and stand alone version is 14.99 / 17.99

i was thinking of getting The Simpsons: Christmas 2 but i t has alot of the new episodes and to me there not as good, too crazy! but would you recommend it? also whats the halloween one like? ive had my eye on that for a while, ty for the help! :)

from your listology buddy , Rushmore :]

Lol, got S4 of 3rd Rock for birthday - S5 isn;t out seprately yet unfortunately :(

Friends DVDs: Yes, I got S4, 5 and 10 for my birthday too! :)

Yeah, saw that about RD.. I'll probably stick with the standard version. Will get that for Xmas! :)

Simpsons: TOH DVD is great, one of the best compilations yet, *highly recommended*! :)
The Christmas 2 isn't great, but Tis The 15th Season and Skinner's Sense Of Snow are good -depends on whether you can wait for/afford the season boxsets :D

Hope to help! :)


Yes!! oh my..i never noticed you had the Father Ted dvds!! my brother just got those for xmas,We've been a fan of that show for years. One (if not The) best sitcoms of all time


(lol seems like i'm always commenting on this too keep you on ya toes!! :0)

Lol! I'm glad you like FT too. It's my 2nd fave Brit sitcom after Only Fools and Horses, and it's really a classic. Hilarious all the way through! Glad you got the set too :)

cool, you got frasier now, nice! watching them has really got me back into it! the one where niles has that fight with the french guy is great!

"he demands an apology...he didnt take your shoe..." :)

ps-you gave into temptation and bought simpsons s5 , nice! i might give in also because its not out untill march !! but theres one thing stoping me..the sides wont rating on USA dvds lol

Lol, you're right about Simpsons S5 - but I did the same with S4, so I thought I might as well go with R1 again - and I didn't get hit by customs!!

I have a confession to make about Frasier: before the DVDs, I'd seen only 1 episode. I bought the S1 set on a whim, and absolutely loved it, so I order S2 yesterday. I imagine the quality remains the same throughout S2? :)

lol yeah its actually better in my view, thats where the quote in my last post came from (lol sorry, i thought you'd seen it! lol spoiler!)

but from seaon 1 i like these, "Travels with Martin" "the show where lilith comes back"(great too see her back too her character from cheers) and "author Author" but youll love season 2! make sure to watch "seat of power" / "an affair to forget" quality!

you didnt get hit by customs?? lucky you. i remeber when i got cheers 2 and i got hit with 11 pounds of import charge!!!

Wow, £11! Most I've been stuck with is more like £9.

Thanks for the recommendations! As for S1 faves, I'd say Miracle on 3rd or 4th Street, Give Him The Chair and Author Author are my top 3, but there's hardly a dud in the set!

Finished S2 last Friday. Genius! 9 hours of fanatstic comedy.

ha great news! did you like those 2 episodes i mentioned "Seat of power" and "An Afair to forget"? i love the fight between niles and that fitness guy "oh my god he is going to kill me" and the classic-"he wants an apology..he didnt steal your shoe!" L:) As for "Seat of power" i love it when the plumber (Dr.Cox from scrubs i might add, welll the guy who plays him ;-) is talking from behind the loo and everytime niles tries to "fight back" for all the years of torture, the plumber returns from the toilet and niles has to act natural.!

Also "Dafne's (?) room" Also very good episode! i love frasier, its great. Is it better than season one in your view, i'd say it is but its a close call!

Sure did see all of them, they were all fantastic! I'll definitely be collecting the rest of the series. Daphne's Room, The Matchmaker and Seat Of Power are pure brilliance! But like S1 they're all fantastic.. at a push S2 is slightly better but both are pretty much perfect.

What do you think of Fresh Prince, Rushmore? (I'm assuming you'll see this list sometime soon :))

Freash Prince is a good show. its one of those shows that i would watch while eating my dinner and just be passive, didn't really know much aobut the show untill i saw one episode (can't recall it) but it made me laugh so hard that i nearly choked on my food! i think that it had some great one liners and really worked sarcasm into the show which really added this factor of "cool" to the show. i loved the moments where Carlton would dance to Mr.Tom Jones. how funny! personally i never watched enough to judge it, i'd say ive seen about 1 / 2 season's worth. but they were random episodes not in any order. i liked it alot and really do want to catch up on what i missed. too me i always put Saved by the Bell and Fresh Prince together. i think that they shared alot of the same values (bad dress sense included!) but they both had that "Early 90s" feel, bright colours and jazzy music. and i think that Will Smith had some of his funniest moments on that show, he and the actor who played Carlton really bounced off eachother well. i am thinking of buying season 1, just for old time sake.

Interesting view! I agree with pretty much everything you said, I agree FPOBA and SBTB remind me of each other (though I doubt SBTB would have got away with using "Wanker" twice in a season, whereas apparently after watching the DVD set, Fresh Prince did!)

wow lol thats quite suprising. also its a very British swear word lol wouldn't think it would appear on a popualr american show...shown at 6:00pm :)

Indeed, though it's uttered by two British characters :)

Got Frasier S3 yesterday, what do you think of it Rushmore? :-) I've watched half, it's great, perhaps not *quite* as good as S2 though.

ah yes Frasier season 3. (runnig down the stairs to get the box to jog my memeory :)ok i have it in front of me now. well i agree i was let down also by season 3. thats why i have delayed in buying 4 from playusa. i liked episodes "The Friend" / "The Focus Group" / "The Last Time I Saw Maris" and "Frasier Grinch" but even those weren't on the level of season 2. i don't see the appeal with "Moondance" which was voted channel 4 viewers favourite episode. Crane Vs Crane was pretty good, but yeah i agree there was something missing on season 3. i have to admitto never liking the charater of martin, so that puts me off frasier in all a little bit. hey lol here's something that shocked me but the guy who plays Martin is..wait for it..british. i tell no lie. according to IMDB he lost his british accent when he went to usa to join The army. just thought i'd tell you that. but yes season 3 was pretty bad in my view. it didn't have the same spark, felt kinda flat.

PS: i'm getting a new email sorted so i'll email you soon.

PSx2: lol one other thing do you know anywhere that sells the family guy dvds for a semi-cheap price? on they are all 18.99 each and the boxset is 44.99. i'm not trying to be cheap but its just that i haven't really watched many of them and just want to test them out really. anywhere oyu know that i could get them for a better price?

Ack, sorry for taking so long to reply. I agree with your Frasier sentiments for the most part, though i do like Moondance. John Mahoney is British? Wow!

Ok thanks about the email. :)

Family Guy: maybe you should hold off until the "Freakin' Sweet Collection" comes out over here, only a tenner at Play! The seasosn were £9 a piece at Play before Xmas but they've doubled now. :( If you really want to test an entire season, Global Video have S1 for £13.

Got Frasier S4 on Thursday; I've only watched 10 episodes so far but so far it's an improvement on S3, surprisingly - no annoying Kate Costas this time. ;) Highly recommended Rushmore, and I now have a new fave ep too, "The Two Mrs Cranes". I don't think you'll regret ordering it from PlayUSA, and after all, it's a lot cheaper and quicker than the forthcoming R2 release. My only problem with the set is the complete lack of subtitles, which I need, but I'll put up without them. And I doubt you require them. :)

yeah its only like 17.99 i may just splash out and get it! it has one of my favourites that i just happened to catch on tv once. The Unnatural where frasier sucks at baseball but can't bare to tell freddy. dang sorry about the subtitles..what a strange thnig for them to leave uot of a dvd? lol. you'd think that something like that would pretty much be in-built with every dvd. so (if you don't mind me asking) how bad is your hearing? is it watchable without subtitles?

-feel free to just tell me to bugger off if ya don't wanna answer the last question :0 -

No problem at all. :) It's a pain about the subs, the 3rd Rock From The Sun DVDs don't have them either.. neither do most music DVDs but then again, what did I expect? :)

Anyways, yeah the show is watchable, after all I get by listening to music. But I do have to crank the volume up a fair bit and occasionally don't understand a word or two. It would probably only be considered a mild hearing problem, but I much prefer watching TV with subtitles, and of course, loud music rather than quiet music. :)

hi, just on a quick note. i ordered Scrubs from playusa and its been posted. anyway i heard on the internet that people that have ordered it from UK BASED R1 sellers, already have a copy. now i noyl know of 1, they are based in bristol and ship date is only 3-4 working days for R1!! had i not got into a habbit of using Playusa i would of probably used dvdconcept. though the ones the guys that have the dvds used wasn't dvdconcept, it was still a UK based store for R1. so next time i might go straight to dvdconcept. don't hold me by it but i guess it would come quicker because of the fact that days b4 scrubs came out it said they had 307 in stock, so with post it would have taken 4 days!! :-)

so really just thought i'd let you know, i know like me you buy alot of USA dvds, so maybe its worth checking out dvdconcept. i've ordered about 5 dvds from them in the past and have had no trouble with the service, so just a tip! :-)but as i mentioned, i'm going by other R1 UK providers, as i've never Pre-ordered anything from dvdconcept, but i have delt with them and they were great!


Thanks for that tip! They certainly sound worth a try, especially on DVDs which would otherwise hit customs.. next time I come across an R1 over £18 I want, I'll check them out (it doesn't look like it's worth it on items under £18, as they're often more expensive than PlayUSA). Thanks once again, and also thanks for reminding me to update this list..! :)

Frasier 5 arrived yet?

Unfortunately not - must be down to the Bank Holiday slowing the post service down. It was posted last Thursday, I was expecting Tuesday or today, but no such luck.. still, hopefully tomorrow. I'll let you know when it arrives!

Arrived yesterday, I've watched half of it so far. It's great - and Perspectives On Christmas reminds me of The Simpsons' Trilogy Of Error in a way..

sounds good man, i will order mine today after i heard the news of..Season 6! oh yes Season 6 on dvd!! what a great idea, release news straight after the release of a dvd. I will order season 5 today. Perspectives On Christmas thats funny because so far i love all the christmas specials they have done, they do it well. i have to say the season 6 artwork is one of the best so far, i feel that season 2's artwork is still my favourite.

Yeah, I saw that too - awesome news! Just as I go back to school after summer, haha. I also like the packaging, I love the blue, possibly my favourite yet, although they have done a hell of a lot of blue and white so far! Perspectives On Christmas is rather unconventional but also rather funny and interesting. Other episodes worth checking out are the two-parter Halloween/The Kid, Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do, The Maris Counsellor, The Ski Lodge, Bad Dog and Sweet Dreams, though they're pretty much all great... better than season 3, on a par with season 1, a little less good than seasons 2 and 4 maybe. Anyhoo, enjoy!

Has simpsons Season 6 arrived?

Yep, this morning - my first order with Great stuff so far!

Hmmm ... hate to intrude here, but while you're pillaging questionable US TV (like "Joey" and "Fresh Prince" and "Friends"), might I also recommend some quality Amerikan programming, like

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force" (Help me out here, KZA)
"Freaks and Geeks" (high-larious)
"Once and Again" (depressing to a fault)

I've seen Once and Again and it is pretty damn good, I will consider picking it up.

I've also seen ATHF, I don't see what all the fuss is about, I'm afraid. Not a fan.

Freaks and Geeks has been recommended to me by a few people, so I'll do my best to check it out, it sounds good.

Thanks for the comment. :-)

Top scores the scrubs season 2! yay! i'm guessing you've watch it all then?

I did. Excellent stuff!

Haven't updated the viewing log in a bit, will try and do that tonight..

Any comments on the latest additions, mate?

indeed i do (guessing you meant me, i might be wrong, but i'm gonna comment anywho!)

First off, did you like FG - The Stewie Griffin Story? overall i liked it, very funny, however i felt like it played to much like just a longer version of a 30min episode, if that makes sense. they used the flashback thing too much. I'm Currently loving American Dad (better than FG, overall in my view) so i asked for FG Volume 3 (season 4) for xmas. LOVE IT! i think theres a few duds in there but overall very good. North by North Quahog / The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire / Peter's Got Woods and Brian the Bachelor were brilliant.

Oh, did you go for the marge head case or the alternative cover? i have not ordered yet, just wondering. nice review BTW of the 7th season. How does the final season of frasier meassure up? Are you looking forward to Cheers? i can tell you now, that the first season is quite possibly the best. i have 1-6 on DVD and season 1 / 3 are the best. enjoy! sadly frasier does not come into the scene untill season 3, but season 1 is an amazing run of episodes. Curb Your Enthusiasm is a show i have always wanted to fork out and buy, but never had the money (originally quite a lot of £££s) but i can see that being a great show, have fun with that. oh, also i recommend "extras" too you, i notice you not having any "office" dvds on herem but extras is still worth a look, even if you don't like office. One Foot In The Grave S1 !! great. nice series.

I got 2nd season of Fresh prince (yay!!) for xmas, i'm totally looking forward to watching.
Are South park dvds still on yuor "hit list" or not your thing?

nice additions mate, seems like you had a good tv-on-dvd filled xmas!!

I did have quite the TV-DVD filled Christmas - did you get any at all? (Edit: oh yep, see you got Fresh Prince S2)

Anyhoo.. yep, I did mean you when I asked for 'Any comments?'!

Agreed about FG: Stewie Griffin Story. 'Twas good, very good, but not fantastic. I also really liked FG S4. Great stuff. My fave joke of the season was the Michael Moore/Peter in toilets farting to the tune of Dueling Banjos. :D

Went for the Marge head; would have preferred the regular boxes but seeing as the only choice I ahd for S6 was the Homer head (I bought the R1 and couldn't mail in for the offer as I live outside the US) and I wanted the Marge one to match it. Doesn't look bad, mind you.

Final season of Frasier is excellent. I'd say it's better than S3, on par with.. hm.. S5.

Curb Your Enthusiasm can be got for about £10 each from Amazon now, so good bargians to be had. It's a strange show, but great. It's similar to Seinfeld in some ways, but different in other ways. Also, in case you didn't know, it's only semi-scripted - the cast (most of which are Larry David's real friends and family) are given a rough script outline and make up a lot of the lines as it goes along, making for a very realistic show!

Extras I haven't seen.. it was repeated last week; I kept trying to remember to watch it but unfortuantely kept forgetting. Sounds good though. I don't mind The Office, not my favourite show, but then again I've only seen one episode! Must try and see more.

Fresh Prince S2 is excellent! Did you get R1 or R2?

I do like South Park, it's just kind of a lower priority show.. Red Dwarf has fallen into that terrutory too. I'm sure when I have the money I've be buying into future seasons of it! (Especially S2 and S6, my favourites).

nicely done on your xmas gifts. yeah i got a few, not many. i got fresh prince, Family guy, Bottom 1-3.

Stewie Griffin Story di have its moments, i loved the bit where brian + Stewie are drunk and playing Pacman - "i can't get it, theres a ghost right there!!"

Frasier 11 on par with 5 ay, cool, 5 is one of my faves

Curb Your Enthusiasm is something i really wanted to check out, those pirces i may well do so. semi scripted? wow, cool.

got Fresh prince, R1. better packaging than the Uk version, as is the case with nearly every dvd in usa.

Cool about south park, just curious. i agree that season 2 rocks. in a commentary for season 3, they (matt / Trey) said season 2 is their least favourite, i have no idea why, it rules. Clubhouses is a classic.

Ah, Bottom? Nice one! Another I should add to my wishlist..

Yeah, my Frasier season ranking is now:
2, 4, 1, 5, 11, 3, 6, 7 (though 6 and 7 are still great.. 8-10 are supposed to be the worst, I haven't seen them yet)

CYE is unusual in that respect yeah. Beware of strong langauge in it if you do buy it: S1 is rated '18' due to usage of the 'C' word!

Yeah, the R1 FPOBA packaging is better, more compact.

Season 2 their least fave? Wow, I really like it. Then again lots of people don't like S6, while I love it. Eh!

Happy new year!!! Have a good evening. :)

hey Wezzo. your copy of scrubs S3 already arrived? i'm gonna buy mine from shops on monday. please let me know what you think, love to hear your thoughts. also your thoughts on cheers S2. cya mate.

Well, to be fair, no, but I'm expecting it to arrive tomorrow or at the very latest Monday - it was posted Wednesday night from Play. Looking forward to it! :)

Hey Wezzo,

I'm pretty sure you can get Season 3 of The Flintstones at your local Virgin Megastore - I've definitely seen it. And if you can find it cheap, I strongly recommend Fawlty Towers. It'll make Only Fools and Horses look like My Hero!

Fawlty Towers.. I dunno, really. To be quite honest, I just think it's OK. I've seen a few episodes (Waldorf Salad is my favourite, and I think it's yours too?) but I can't help but think it's really overrated. I certainly don't like it anywhere near as much as OFAH (though I will concede it's a lot better than My Hero!).

As for the Flintstones.. ta for letting me know. I don't have a Virgin nearby (and even if I did I wouldn't have been in recently as I do all my DVD shopping online really) but next time I pass by I'll see what S2/3 cost, maybe finally pick them up.

You should do a list of your DVD collection too, by the way! I know a lot of what you own, but I'd still like to see the full list. (Actually, I haven't posted the movies I own on DVD on Listology yet..)

I might well do that then - I rarely do personal lists on this thing, so I should give it a try.

Speaking of which, here's one of my few personal lists -

i didn't know QI had been released on dvd, cool.

Not techically yet, but it should ship next week (release date 6th November). Can't wait! :-) listing

cool, its a pretty funny show, getting into it lately . on uk gold and the current series. decided to watch it after falling for whose line is it anyway? lately. speaking of that, i should watch mock of the week too

do i sense a birthday present motivated increase in dvds? :P

Haha, yep, definitely. :-D

cool, did you have a good one?

I did actually, thankyouverymuch! :-)

so you seen Sipmsons movie yet?

Sorry for taking so long to reply, I've been away.

Nope, going to wait for it on DVD! :-D You?

yeah seen it, its pretty good.

so you not a cinema goer then ?

Well, Wez, I'm surprised a chap with your sense of humour and general good taste still hasn't found the opportunity to buy, own and review more classic BBC comedy such as Fawlty Towers and anything the pair of Mayall&Edmonson have done over the past 25 years (Young Ones, Bottom and so on)... And, I must say, where's your AbFab ?

Just got ELR S8, my god, what a season! they seem to have really stepped it up for this one. Liars, Slave, Misery Loves Company, Lateness and Golf For it, all BRILLIANT

Mm, yep, hell of a season. I rate S6, 7 and 8 of Raymond very very highly. In fact I just watched the final season S9 yesterday too, and it maintains the high quality.

Quick question - what's the R1 Scrubs packaging like? I'm thinking of getting the R1 S6 but I don't want it to look too out-of-place on my shelf next to the UK sets.

it's sort of in the style that Family Guy releases are getting. The main foldout bit goes into the side, rather than placing the cover over the top like R2 Scrubs DVDS, and its slimmer than the R2 DVDS, but i've got Scrubs 2-4 on R2 and against them it doesn't look bd (ive only got Season 1 & 5 on R1)

has a UK release date not been annouced yet?

No, I don't think there's a UK release date yet, annoyingly. I guess I'll go for the R1!

Have you seen S6 yet? How does it compare to S5?

ah, sorry mate i missed this question, soz dude

another apology, i can't say reaally i only saw a few episodes so its gonna be new to me, but i did see the musical episode and didn't like it, be interested to see what you think

wow somebody got a lot of TV-DVDs for xmas!!

would love to get your view on the simpsons movie and the Matt G / Writers and Cast commentary (can see my rating on "seen in 2007 (Dec)"

oh and when you've seen The Sopranos & south park movie, your views would be interesting

i got the futurama movie for xmas too, yet to watch it though, how wass it ?

Well, they weren't all for Christmas, but yep, my collection has grown substantially this past month! :-D

Simpsons Movie - realy liked it. I'd give it an A-grade. My one problem was the epiphany sequence, which felt like something out of "El Viaje Misterioso" or a Treehouse of Horror. The rest, I really liked. Also found the commentary great, though I think Dan Castellenata and Yeardley Smith could've had more to say.

I see you gave the movie a B+, what did you like/dislike?

I watched the South Park movie yesterday, hilarious! (But the amount of swearing shocked even me!)

Yet to start the Sopranos, I'll let you know when I do though.

hah well its an awesome collection just made more awesome

Well actually it's a good thing you asked me that today, as my rating of simpsons movie may change, and not for the best. Yesterday i watched Futurama : Benders big score, and i have to say, in terms of comedy, it owned The Simpsons movie, IMO. Let me explain, i felt the simpsons movie had disjointed scenes that didn't really help to unfold the narrative (Bart skateboard, chores, fishing) What the simpsons did have over Futurama was a cinematic sensibility, it felt like a big film, a big deal. However, i feel some characters were over used (Wiggum) when others were overlooked (Mr. Burns). For example i couldn't understand why the Russ Cargill character couldn't of been Mr Burns and perhaps (though less likely) Lisa's romantic storyline could involved milhouse. Maybe not him being her boyfriend but a love triangle situation with him, colin and lisa with milhouse and colin fighting for lisa's attention. There were some jokes that had me laughing out loud :

"finally , the rich white man is in control"
"i like men now"

and i enjoyed the marge/homer story

however, Too me, The simpsons felt like a well polished, longer version of a recent not so good episode with faults willing to be over looked because it was the movie. Where i felt Fururama was a great episode of futurama, just more of it.

I love Bender's Big Score too. Brilliant story that combined sci-fi and humour really well. I'd probably rate it on a par with The Simpsons Movie, although I do accept the criticisms you made of the latter (in one of the commentaries, they say they were originally going to involve Milhouse more in the romantic storyline but at test screenings they found a lot of viewers weren't aware of his long-standing crush on her.. weird, eh?) You make a good point that Russ Cargill could/should have been Burns, too.

But, yeah, I think both are A-grade films (though I've only seen each one once [excluding commentaries] so that may change).

Any new additions to your TV-DVD collection this Xmas?

yeah actually i remember finding that comment in the commentary about the audience not knowing the millhouse/lisa storyline strange lol its always been one of my fave runners

only 1 of mention really, Scrubs Season 6, which i'm enjoying more than i expected too, but i still dislike My Musical (excluding Guy Love). I love that joke about the $100 Appletini

Hey, got a question for you , i need help ! lol

I just got friends season 1-3 on dvd today (should of just got the whole set but i already had them all on VHS from years ago so felt bad buying them ALL again but on new format lol)

however i noticed on Season 3, it says " 12 " on the box but all the seperate DVD cases are PG...was it the same for your purchase?


Hehe, yep, same here, I remember wondering exactly the same thing when I bought mine! I guess they just made a mistake when they were designing the front cover for S3 (as far as I can tell, the PG ratings on the separate disc cases are correct).

Enjoy watching them! I think S1-3 are my favourite seasons..

ah cool. yeah i was thinking it was odd.

oh yeah i'm really looking forward to rewatching them all. probably wait till i finish all 3 before getting S4-10. Theres this shop in worcester that sells them for £7.99 pre-owned so might pick up a few there too

Louis Theroux: The Collection! i want that DVD so bad ! hehe

Yeah, looks great. I got it for £13.99 at, up to £15.99 now but still a great deal. It's got 8 Weird Weekends, 5 When Louis Met.. episodes and 2 Louis And The.. episodes