Favourite Episodes: The Simpsons - Top 100

  1. Homer's Barbershop Quartet (5)
  2. Simpsoncalifragalisticexpiala-D'oh!-cious (8)
  3. And Maggie Makes Three (6)
  4. 'Round Springfield (6)
  5. Homer At The Bat (3)
  6. Summer Of 4ft2 (7)
  7. King-Sized Homer (7)
  8. Rosebud (5)
  9. Last Exit To Springfield (4)
  10. When Flanders Failed (3)
  11. The Springfield Files (8)
  12. Bart On The Road (7)
  13. Saturdays Of Thunder (3)
  14. Stark Raving Dad (3)
  15. Treehouse Of Horror V (6)
  16. Mother Simpson (7)
  17. Scenes From The Class Struggle (7)
  18. The Springfield Connection (6)
  19. Lisa's First Word (4)
  20. King Of The Hill (9)
  21. Bart Vs. Australia (6)
  22. Radio Bart (3)
  23. The Way We Was (2)
  24. Moe Baby Blues (14)
  25. Marge Vs The Monorail (4)
  26. Wizard Of Evergreen Terrace (10)
  27. Lisa's Substitute (2)
  28. Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes? (3)
  29. Krusty Gets Kancelled (4)
  30. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (2)
  31. Lisa's Sax (9)
  32. Homer The Heretic (4)
  33. The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular (7)
  34. Treehouse Of Horror IV (5)
  35. One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Bluefish (2)
  36. Homer's Phobia (8)
  37. Duffless (4)
  38. Flaming Moe's (3)
  39. Cape Feare (5)
  40. I Married Marge (3)
  41. Homer The Smithers (7)
  42. Who Shot Mr Burns? Part 1 (6)
  43. Who Shot Mr Burns? Part 2 (7)
  44. Homer the Great (6)
  45. Homer's Enemy (8)
  46. Mr Plow (4)
  47. Bart Gets Famous (5)
  48. I Love Lisa (4)
  49. Home Sweet Home-diddly-dum-doodily (7)
  50. Lisa's Wedding (6)
  51. Separate Vocations (3)
  52. El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer (8)
  53. Kamp Krusty (4)
  54. Lisa On Ice (6)
  55. A Streetcar Named Marge (4)
  56. You Only Move Twice (8)
  57. Lisa, The Simpson (9)
  58. 22 Short Films About Springfield (7)
  59. Bart Of Darkness (6)
  60. Two Bad Neighbors (7)
  61. The City of New York vs Homer Simpson (9)
  62. A Milhouse Divided (8)
  63. Dead Putting Society (2)
  64. Treehouse Of Horror VI (7)
  65. Deep Space Homer (5)
  66. Bart Sells His Soul (7)
  67. Marge Be Not Proud (7)
  68. Homer Loves Flanders (5)
  69. Homer Defined (3)
  70. Two Cars In Every Garage, Three Eyes On Every Fish (2)
  71. Bart's Girlfriend (6)
  72. Homer's Triple Bypass (4)
  73. Treehouse Of Horror IX (10)
  74. This Little Wiggy (9)
  75. Some Enchanted Evening (1)
  76. Mountain Of Madness (8)
  77. Itchy and Scratchy Land (6)
  78. Trilogy Of Error (12)
  79. Bart The Daredevil (2)
  80. Lemon of Troy (6)
  81. Hurricane Neddy (8)
  82. The Canine Mutiny (8)
  83. Homie The Clown (6)
  84. Weekend At Burnsie's (13)
  85. Bart The Lover (3)
  86. Bart Gets An "F" (2)
  87. Colonel Homer (3)
  88. Grampa vs Sexual Inadequacy (6)
  89. Lisa Gets An "A" (10)
  90. Miracle On Evergreen Terrace (9)
  91. Behind The Laughter (11)
  92. Secrets Of A Successful Marriage (5)
  93. Team Homer (7)
  94. Lisa's Date With Density (8)
  95. Lisa's Rival (6)
  96. Homer and Apu (5)
  97. Mr Lisa Goes to Washington (3)
  98. Poppa's Got A Brand New Badge (13)
  99. $pringfield (5)
  100. Skinner's Sense Of Snow (12)
Author Comments: 

Season Ranking: 6, 7, 4, 8, 3, 5, 2, 9, 10, 1, 13, 15, 12, 14, 11
I haven't seen S16+ in full.
Season # in brackets by each episode.
Comments welcomed!

Great list. I should make something like this sometime. My choices would be different, of course, but I like all the episodes you rate highly.

I must say, though, I think you underrate the 5th season. I think it's a lot better than the 8th, which had some real stinkers like "My Sister, My Sitter" and "Treehouse of Horror VII." Of course, you don't have a couple of my favorites from the 5th season on your top 100 ("The Boy Who Knew Too Much", "$pringfield"), so maybe we'll have to agree to disagree. "Rosebud", "Cape Feare", and "Deep Space Homer" are great, though.

Have you seen Matt Groening's top 10 list, by the way? I think it's way off base.

Cheers for the comment!

Yeah, you're not alone in thinking 5 is better than 8, lots do, but I can't see it. I find 5 was weak compared to the rest of the "classic era" IMO(S2-9), a little too wacky, but still good - after all, my #1 is from season 5.

I have indeed seen MG's top 10 -- it's not appalling, but it's nothing like mine (or most fans') - he appears to like season one and two a little too much for my liking. As you said, it's quite off base.

Oh, and finally - I rate $pringfield a grade B, and The Boy Who Knew Too Much a B-. They're good, but my opinion of them isn't as high as those that made this list.

season 5's "Secrets Of A Successful Marriage" is my all time fave ever. the jokes come fast in that one.

my fave line:

[trying to keep that its a story about him and marge serect]
Homer:this is about a couple, uh lets call them mrs Y and mr.X. well mrs Y has a rather odd quirk in the bedroom, she likes it hen Mr.X nibbles on her shoulder.
so Mr.X Says "Marge if this dosnt get you going Then my name isnt Homer Jay Simpson!"
[he (Homer) sees lenny is teaching a class]

Homer if he can teach a class, then He can teach a class, i mean I Can teach a class!
amazing funny episode, great! great! its my #1 fave, may i clone your list?

Please go ahead, I'd love to see another list like this!

yeah i think i will but i'll have to watch a few more to jog my memeory, ill check websites (yours included) to jog my meme and watch some of my dvds. so you'll get the list..tomorrow :)

Ok, cool!

....ok..i whimped out! i couldnt do it lol everytime i put an episodee in a place i thought "no wasit about about this one!"...lol maybe one day i'll try again. i must like simpsons to much to judge it lol. :]

how did you ever do it? ;]

Ah well, fair enough.. and how did I do it? Well, let me put it this way.. it took over an hour to make it to 100. ;)

hey mate..thought you might be interested in this...
The Simpsons - The Complete 5th Season Out in Decemember!!! Oh my God!

loooks like they have brought the release up! mind you thats the USA release, but lets hope the UK get it soon too!

bb mate

Yep, saw this myself there too - great news! :D Only a six month wait! I'll probably get the R1 as I did with S4, but I hope mine arrives before Christmas! I'm predicting a February R2 date..

yeah i'll probably get it from import, dont know if i could wait for R2 date!!


plus season 5 (much like #4) has so many great episodes!! Man, i cant wait!!

"Summer Of 4ft2" is a great episode! ive seen it before in the past but today i realised how amazing it was!!


i love the bit where homer says to himself before buying the banned fireworks
"just act natural" then he riffs off a list of stuff to buy and theres like smokes and porn mags! then he just quickly says oh and fireworks.

and the guy at the shop (funny joke on Apu)says out loud "it is against the law to sell fireworks in this state" but when the other customer leaves he quitely says "follow me"

LOL so funny. i never knew before how great that episode was!

When you watch American Graffiti you might want to be on the lookout for Terry the Toad's attempt to buy (and later, to drink) alcohol. There may be better reasons than a Simpsons reference to watch a movie directed by the Bearded Lord Lucas but it is hard to think of one.

Nope.. there are no better reasons. ;)

Heh, cool - yep, it's a very great one!

lol Wezzo, i was reading "snpp" and i read about the this:
8:00 • There's Something About Marrying (GABF04)
When Patty and her new lover, a female tennis professional, want to get married now that same-sex marriage is legal in Springfield, they don't have to look far to find someone to perform the ceremony - Homer, who obtained a license to perform weddings

eh..since when was patty a lesbian? is this s new episode? and if it is, whats your view on the current writting on the sipmsons because if this is what we have to come..i doubt (and have been for a while) the writers ability. it seems to me that for about 7 seasons they've been just scraping the barrel. its lost its edge.
Your thoughts?

Lost its edge? I think doing an episode about same sex marriage is edgier than most of the other episodes they've done. I agree that the writing has been scraping the bottom of the barrel in general, but this particular episode sounds good to me.

I know you didn't ask for my opinion, but that's never stopped me before... :-)

oh no, i mean sure it has edge. It's nice too see the writers try ideas and storylines like this one but all i'm saying is that well..its come along way since the family show it once was! well bascially it reminds me of a an epsidoe where Troy jokingly says

"and what does the future of simpsons hold? mulitple marriages? A space mutant that only homer can see? Lenny becomes mayor?-of course that will never happen" but my point is that well now...any one of those could easily happen and thats my problem with the simpsons

Heh. Good point. They're becoming the sort of ridiculous TV they used to make fun of.


Have you ever had a chance to see "The Cartridge Family", where Homer buys a gun? It's my understanding that it was never shown in the U.K., but that was eight years ago.


Yep I have, and have seen it quite often: it's out onthe "Too Hot For TV" VHS/DVD over here, and despite its banning on the Sky One channel here it's been shown on another channel, BBC2. Good episode, I like the usage of "The Waiting" by Tom Petty. :-)

Ha! That episode ruined that song for me, in a good way.

It's a good list, excellent top 20. You've stuck to the earlier series and not put too many ones from recent years in. I've really hated the last few years of the simpsons.

Thanks for the comments!

I find the last few years have been a mild improvement over S11-12 but they still are nowhere near the comedic heights of S3-8 or so.

maybe when you have some time to kill, you could put the season # in parentheses next to each episode. I have season 1 and 4 on DVD, and I'll probably only get 2 or 3 more seasons. I'll probably get seasons 3, 5, and 6. What are the highlights of seasons 7 and 8 that make you rank them so high?

Thanks for the favoritisation, baker! I just added the season numbers, good idea.

I highly recommend you get at least seasons 2-3 and 6-8 (though if you must, leave off S2 and/or 8 from that shopping list) in addition to those you already own. Seasons 7 and 8 both had many a hilarious episode as you can now see, and "Simpsoncalifraga..", my #2 of all-time is from S8, whereas S7 accounts for an entire seventh (14 episodes) of this list: more than twice as much as the average season.

Did you ever get anymore seasons, baker?

Hey Wezzo, this is Adam R, of the NHC, I found this site through your sig and have been using it for a few weeks. Solid list, but there is Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder in there at 87. Just telling you, in case you were unaware of this. :P

Good to see you around here Adam!

This list is quite out of date, particularly lower down - I really should update it. But, for your peace of mind, I'm happy to confirm that HGHF is no longer in my top 100!