Vladdy's 'Top 5 Overrated Artists'

  1. The Beatles - Oh you know it's true, don't deny it. There's no other band on this face of the Earth you hear almost every day. Now, don't get me wrong, they are awesome, and do in ways deserve they're reputation...but they are no where near the greatest band ever in my opinion..the 60's offered so many more contenders. (I'd would go with either Tommy James & The Shondells, Velvet Underground, or The Mothers).
  2. Led Zeppelin - Some consider them the greatest 'Metal' band of all time (haha). I consider them to be the most over-played and second most overrated band ever. Again, they are amazing and I love them, but I think everyone's had enough of "Stairway To Heaven" and "Black Dog".
  3. U2 - OH GOD NO!.......I hate this band with such a passion. Bono's ego is way up there and continues to this day, "The Joshua Tree" ranks in the most overrated albums as well, and don't get me started with "Rattle and Hum".
  4. Nirvana - I actually really like Nirvana, but I can see where people come from when they say they are very overrated. Seems like they got all the Glory for the Grunge movement..it's a reason Cobain commited suicide apparently as well.
  5. Bob Dylan - Another artist I tend to like, but can't sit through one of his albums, I'll stick to my "The Essential Bob Dylan" compilation. He's also idolized beyond belief.
Author Comments: 

Yeah, for the most part, I love these artists.....except freaking U2....GO AWAY U2!....anyways, that's my list :3.

Could you make a distinction between overrated and overexposed?

If Beethoven was played on the radio every hour, would he be "overrated?"

When I say "overrated", I mean how people overextend their influence, such as when people say that "Without the Beatles, we wouldn't have the music we have today.", or "Without Nirvana, we'd still be stuck in the 80's" and other over-generalizations like those which are nowhere true.