Tv-shows I love.

  1. 1.Gilmore Girls ( good acting, wellwritten, emotional)
  2. 2.X-files (Thrilling and wellwritten)
  3. 3.The education of Max Bickford (Also very wellwritten & acted)
  4. 4.MacGyver (Love it)
  5. 5.Full house (Entertaining, innocent humour)
  6. 6.The Saint (A Wonderful, classy show)
  7. 7.Summerland (I loved it immediatly)
  8. 8.The O.C (This took a while for me to like, but it's very entertaining)
  9. 9.F.R.I.E.N.D.S ( what can i say, I know all the lines)
  10. 10.Baywatch (Beatiful people who can't act , what more can you ask for? Cult, i tell ya')
  11. 11.Millennium ( Frank Black rules)
  12. 12.Thin Blue Line (The best comedy show ever)
  13. 13.Seinfeld (The Next best comedy show ever)
  14. 14.Fawlty Towers( The third best comedy show ever)
  15. 15.Quintuplets (New, funny & charactaristic show - you likey?)
  16. 16.Smallville (How long can superman Clark Kent keeping his secret be exciting? -Very long)
  17. 17.Hawaii 5-0 (Cult)
  18. 18.Days of our lives (So what if alot of them are mediocre and bad actors, there are some whoe are really good and they even it out. The plots are cheesy and take forever to come to an end, but it's entertaining)
  19. 19.Desperate Housewives (Great to drink de-caf to)
  20. 20.Dawson's Creek(One of the best written shows on Television)
  21. 21.Beverly Hills 90210 (Nostalgia)
  22. 22.Goof troop (The child in me loves this)
  23. 23.CSI: Miami ( The good one of the CSI shows)
  24. 24.Third Rock from the sun ( I Grew up watching this. It brings back alot of memories)
  25. 25.Once and Again ( I haven't seen it for a long long time, but i remember it being good)