My Top 20 Rob Zombie Songs!

  • Everything Is Boring
  • Spookshow Baby
  • Let It All Bleed Out
  • Jesus Frankenstien
  • Sick Bubblegum
  • Superbeast
  • Meet The Creeper
  • Mars Needs Women
  • Ironhead
  • Demonoid Phenomenon
  • Scum Of The Earth
  • Demon Speeding
  • Devil's Hole Girls and the Big Revolution
  • The Ballad of Resurection Joe and Rosa Whore
  • Burn
  • Feel So Numb
  • Never Gonna Stop
  • Living Dead Girl
  • Dead Girl Superstar
  • Dragula
Author Comments: 

I've mellowed out in my age, and for the most part, stopped listening to Heavy Metal. But Zombie Rules! This is one man, and his ever evolving band, that continues to get my blood pumping, and gives me that shot of adrenaline I might need for whatever comes up. Starting at the top, with Everything is Boring, which is the best song he's done in my opinion, here are my 20 favorite songs. And dont be fooled by songs like Dragula at the bottom of the list... It's still a modern Metal masterpiece, there's just so many more to pick from. ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE!