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Films seen: in 2006

Yes, I'll resume updates now that I'm back. Our home computer has been down for the last 10 days, but it's back. That should help. The bottom line about the new Allen is that it's the best film he's made in a long, long time.

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An Still-Entirely-Redundant (But More Useful than Expected) Viewing Log for 2006

You've got more patience than I do. I only made it through 20 minutes of Bullet Ballet.

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Films seen: in 2006

Funny stuff. I think my real problem is that I find it difficult to judge films of certain types or genres by the same standards. It's not easy to explain but the whole grading thing seems to be almost more trouble than it's worth.

I certainly won't say anything negative about Casablanca. Although it might not make a list of my 10 favorite films of all time, it would rate higher than a B.

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Films seen: in 2006

I argued about this one with my special lady friend for a long time. She was outraged that I'd give it only a B. She said that I was being unfair to it because I don't like musicals etc, etc. It made me think about am I only grading on how much I like the film personally or should I also be factoring in what type/genre of film it is, various technical things... I don't know. Purely from my gut it was a B. I thought it was okay and obviously well-executed for what it was. I wasn't enchanted by it, though. Except for the backflips. That took me by surprise.

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Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2006

Why not? I'll go again.

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Films seen: in 2006

I guess I should qualify that grade by saying I do not like musicals at all. I should also say that if I was being more objective about the quality of the film, the grade would be higher. Of the musical numbers, I only really got into two: the one where Donald O'Connor goes off and walks up walls and the one where he and Kelly mess with the diction coach. I'd seen the one with Kelly in the rain about a hundred times before and a few of the other scenes were just kind of okay to me. Well, maybe the one with Cyd Charisse was worthwhile too. I dunno, I guess I lowballed it a bit. I'll give it the +.

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Films seen: in 2005

Yes, but first I think I'm going to head out and see the first show of the day of Syriana or the gay cowboy movie.

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My Lyrics Game

Nothing to be proud of that I know it, but #30 is "Photograph" by Def Leppard.

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New Release Albums: 2005

I'm interested to hear if that Fiery Furnaces record is as awful as I've heard. I'm completely reevaluating some of my picks and I expect my list to change a lot by year's end.

Gonna go see The Wedding Present at Neumo's in February? I wonder if they'll be boring live.

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Books read: 2006

I've read a decent amount of Carroll and this one was okay. I really enjoyed Land of Laughs and I've read The Wooden Sea and White Apples. Wooden Sea was good and White Apples was good enough that I'm interested in reading the sequel, Glass Soup. Any recommendations from his earlier stuff?

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The Liquor Log

One good thing about being in Seattle: I finally got to sample the elusive Alaskan Smoked Porter. Holy crap, what a beer!

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An Entirely Redundant (Though Slightly Useful) Viewing Log for 2005, Part 1 (Jan.-Jun.)

After barely scraping by in SF for seven years, Seattle seems like an oasis of low rents in comparison.

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Filmbrain on Spider Forest

Spider Forest may not be Netflixable, but it is Nicheflixable. That's how I saw it. I've also seen cheap copies on Ebay. Another SK psychological horror flick you might wanna check out is A Tale of Two Sisters.

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An Entirely Redundant (Though Slightly Useful) Viewing Log for 2005, Part 1 (Jan.-Jun.)

Dude, you're too young to be getting crotchety. Leave that to the ancient thirty-somethings. So how can we get you out to Seattle too? I need someone else out there who has an unhealthy taste for beer and other adult beverages.

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The Liquor Log

Been toning down the drinking a bit, eh? Shame you didn't get to try the Anchor Bock a few months ago. I think they only sold it here in the Bay Area. It was only around from May-June here. I found one behind some other beers in a corner store last night and scooped it up. Good stuff.

Who makes the Bare Knuckle Stout and how was it?

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