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Music Log: 2012

Favorite 5 right now: Bob Mould, White Lung, Police Teeth, Tilts and OFF!

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Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2012

I'll play again. Thanks for doing it.


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Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2011

sure...why not: http://www.listology.com/socialretard/list/films-seen-2011

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Films seen: in 2010

It's worth seeing, but I thought they could've done a lot more with it. My knowledge and interest in the subject probably made it more disappointing to me than it might be to you. But I also think you might find it sorta lacking even from just a filmmaking point-of-view.

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Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2010

Why not? I'll play again:


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Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2009

I'm in.

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It's Time

Jim, it's perfectly understandable why you're planning to shut down...but that doesn't make it any less sucky for those of us that love the site and use it on a daily basis. I hope to hell someone can step in and take it over.

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Films seen: in 2008

I'm sure I lowballed it...good performances, just solid all around. But, honestly, it just bored me. I don't really respond much to stuff that's got a heavy romance angle. I didn't like Suspicion much either and that was solid.

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The Beer Log - 2008

An imperial pale ale just under 9%. Pretty good, amazingly drinkable for how potent it is. Avery has some liberal political marketing-speak about it out there.

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Films seen: in 2008

If you can turn your brain off and enjoy the ride, you'll like it. If you start thinking rationally about the things some of the characters do, you'll get annoyed. So yeah...ridiculous but entertaining.

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Films seen: in 2008

Been thinking about it. Odd to grade stuff I've seen several times. The 12 yr. old me who saw it in 1981 in a theater would have given it an A. The late-teen/early 20's me who saw it again would have given it an A-. Now, at age 38, it didn't seem as magical. Still very entertaining and all, but maybe only a B+ for me. I'm scared to watch Temple of Doom again. Even a much younger me thought Kate Capshaw was annoying as hell.

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Musical Personalities Present on Listology

Just seeing this list for the first time. Funny to see myself as an example of a metalhead since I listen to a lot of different stuff. The top 5 bands on my last.fm profile are Guided By Voices/Robert Pollard, Jay Reatard, J Church, The Replacements and Les Thugs. Not a metal band among them. But yeah, I listen to a lot of metal. Maybe 30-40% of the stuff I listen to falls into that category.

The one thing I think is inaccurate in your metalhead description is Dream Theater and Pantera being used as examples of bands liked by people with underground tastes. Underground metalheads are more likely to be into black metal, death metal and grindcore. So bands like Gorgoroth, Nile and Pig Destroyer might be better examples.

There's just so much stuff out there and some metalheads confine themselves to a particular style (say...melodic Swedish death metal), while others of us check out anything and everything. I'd say I was a musical omnivore...

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Films seen: in 2008

Ha...yeah, that would be cool. I was also hoping that Elysian Brewing would do shirts for a beer they just put on called Poison Dwarf. What would happen if Deranged Penguin met Poison Dwarf. It could be epic.

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The Beer Log - 2008

Never had Fat Angel so I can't compare, but I liked the Lucky Kat. If I lived in DC, I could see Lucky Kat and Bell's Two Hearted being ones I always had a six pack of in the fridge. .

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The Beer Log - 2008

Hopefully, I won't drink that much! But yeah, sometimes I have to write the names down when I'm out having beers cause it's hard to keep 'em all straight.

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