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Netflix Raising Prices

I got a nice note from Netflix yesterday saying that they were raising their rates, and although they haven't offered the four-at-a-time plan in a few years (it's what I signed up for when they first started doing the tiered flat-rate plan), they were going to keep doing it for me for the same price as the three-at-a-time plan. And since I can turn around those four DVDs in about a week and a half to two weeks, they're probably losing money on me.

So I kinda feel responsible for this. Sorry.

4/19/2004 View

I'm really curious about it, but I also work hard enough keeping Netflix worth the $20 a month. But man, they've got some great titles. If it were a bit cheaper, I'd probably jump on the deal, but $25 a month for 3 discs at a time is just barely enough to keep me away. For now.

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Most Queued, Netflixily

Bubba Ho-Tep and City Of God. Now there's a twosome.

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The Greatest Jazz Albums

I vote for supersize. Just out of curiosity, is it possible to throw in a blank line in these lists? Breaking it up by alphabet might make reading it that much easier.

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And to think I only discovered this place a couple of months ago!

Happy birthday to Listology, and thanks to everybody for helping make such a great idea into a great site!

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Trailerology, 2004

I'll also throw in recommendations for his Scene At The Sea and Kids Return, two of his directorial efforts (he wasn't in them). And I'll give a "big yay" to Kikujiro, if I may.

Btw, I watched the first few minutes of Zatoichi last night (all I had time for). So far, so good.

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AJDaGreat's Current Crazy Wish List

I'm still convinced that the parties of #3 have never actually met.

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Trailerology, 2004

Just got my r2 DVD of Kitano's Zatoichi yesterday. And day-amn, those trailers are pretty cool. It's kinda funny to see TK playing him with the blonde hair, but I'm banking on the movie rocking in a big way.

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Trailerology, 2004

Will do! I just now watched the trailer you linked to above, and of course it's completely different that what's on the Japanese DVDs. The fight scene in the rain that the Miramax trailer shows briefly is given more time, for example (and you can see CGI blood flying everywhere).

Btw, there's a pretty good story about how Kitano got involved in the Zatoichi film in the first place. Good reading, especially if you like stories about strip clubs and wayward debts. :-)

And thanks for the Audition review, I've been wanting to check that out for quite a while now.

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The 20 Greatest Film Directors

Yup, can't argue with the man's picks, though I'd also include Stanley, Truffaut, Keaton, Chaplin, and maybe Buñuel (though I've hardly seen enough of his films), Capra, and the Powell/Pressburger team. You've got some excellent film choices included as well, and this'll serve me well as I wander the virtual aisles of Netflix.

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10 Movies I Wish More Listologists Would See

Cloned as you requested. Of the 10 (11) you listed, I've seen 8, and now I'm curious about the other 3. Off to Netflix I go...

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My Predictions - The 76th Annual Academy Awards

Man, what a safe, conservative, BORING presentation.

Was it me or did Bill Murray look pissed when he didn't win?

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It's Time to Get Political - Gay Marriage (Warning: May Be Too Controversial For Younger Readers)

That was great AJ, but you missed a golden opportunity for Dubya to talk about the American nucular family!

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Songs About Specific Years

Good list. One more suggestion:

1977 - The Clash

2/23/2004 View
Freaks & Geeks Limited Edition

I got 1240 on the quiz!

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