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Favourite Fifty Albums of the Twenty First Century (So Far)

Muse definitely don't get enough attention over here in North America... Absolution is a fantastic album.

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Name the Song

I was so hoping somebody would know that lyric. That song is brilliant. Everybody should listen to that song when they're depressed.

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Favorite Singing Voices

His first two are definitely the best... I haven't heard Want Two yet, but Want One wasn't that great... maybe my expectations were a bit too high though, since I loved his first two albums so much.

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TV Shows Remade

There are a lot of British shows remade in America, and in reverse... Men Behaving Badly, Coupling... most recently the Office. There are more, but I can't remember them offhand. That 70's Show was remade in England under another title, but I can't remember the new title.

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2004: Top 50 Singles of the Year

Wasn't Gay Bar a single from last year?

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Top Ten Albums of 2004

I really loved Antics... while it's not as fantastic as Turn on the Bright Lights, I feel that it's much more accessible. It's less dense and Paul Bank's voice has just become incredible... it's a great step forward for the band.

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Quiz: 53 extracts, but from which books are they? (STILL 11 to guess!!!)

#36 is Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett

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2004: Top 50 Singles of the Year

I'm surprised you picked Have Mercy on Me by Loretta Lynn, when Portland, Oregon was such an awesome single.

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If You're Human, You Like These Songs

Isn't that exactly why the songs are on this list though... because they appeal to everybody and not just people who already like the band, in fact maybe to people who otherwise cannot stand the band?

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If You're Human, You Like These Songs

It's funny that you include Hey Jude on this list... why that one and not, for example, Norwegian Wood... or Yesterday? In fact, I have yet to meet anybody ever who dislikes the Beatles...

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0028: The "Classic" Albums of the 00's

I would say that Sea Change should be a definite classic, simply because all of Beck's albums previously have achieved "classic" status... and I would say that Coldplay's album is also a definite classic, because it was so ridiculously overplayed in movie trailers, commercials, tv shows, etc., to the point where everybody and their brother had heard it. Also, did you consider Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot for this list... due to the incredible critical praise, and the story behind the album's release, I could completely see it being considered a classic by the end of the decade.

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A list of all Cliches

Galaxy Quest involves a really good parody of the "doomed to die" crewmember, played by Sam Rockwell...

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TV Shows that I Have, at One Point or Another, Been Absolutely Obsessed With

Here and there since it first started, but never as regularly or as obsessively as now... I downloaded all the seasons off of the internet, and have been watching them all...

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Discussion: Movies I Don't Like (but everyone else does)

At least with Kill Bill I could understand the characters somewhat, their motivations and their thought processes... and Kill Bill had some momentum in the story... The dialogue in Pulp Fiction seems pointless, theres nothing behind it... It sounds nice, but it seems disconnected somehow... I don't know, maybe I'm completely missing the meaning... I just didn't get it...

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Beginnings of movies that the rest can't live up to

When I rented Josie and the Pussycats, I didn't expect much... but as I started watching it, I found it was better than I thought it would be... the boy band spoof with Seth Green and Breckin Meyer was pretty funny vicious and funny... then the movie just slowly deteriorated bit by bit until the end when I wished I could erase the film from my mind...

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