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The 10 Worst Episodes of the X-Files

You could have listed any or all of the episodes from the last three seasons or so and i would have agreed. A best episode list is relevant, but for worst episodes - those last seasons were garbage in my opinion. :(

9/28/2008 View
The Great British Television Hunt

One of the things I'm doing to help find British TV to watch is reading various interviews with people like Simon Pegg or Edgar Wright or Anthony Head that they've done with online magazines like the AV Club or Entertainment Weekly.com. Wright actually recommended Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, as did Simon Pegg, so I'll probably check that one out. (Although, being Canadian I don't get Adult Swim.)

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Artists/Bands I Have Seen Live

Actually, both times I saw Muse they were playing festivals that I was going to regardless, and the first time I saw them I didn't know who they were... and because I'm Canadian and they're not as popular here, both times it was actually a pretty small venue and crowd. The first time was the Curiosa festival a few years ago where they played the second stage (that's the touring festival curated by the Cure), and the second time was at the Toronto Virgin Festival last year. Both times they played just as the sun was setting, and both times they blew my mind.

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Name That Song 2 (Or More of My Favourite Song Lyrics)

wooHoo!!!!!! Someone finally got that one!!!

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Name That Song 2 (Or More of My Favourite Song Lyrics)

Nice! I was waiting for someone to get that one!

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TV Box Sets I Own on DVD

I know what you mean... when I got them, I had to listen to all the audio commentaries... I haven't done that for any of the other sets yet.

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74 Bands and Artists in Virgin Digital Image

The Zeppelin in the sky is clearly Led Zeppelin. The Blag Flag hanging from the building is Black Flag. The pair of scissors are the Scissor Sisters. The guy with the boombox for a head is Radiohead. There are some vines creeping out of the sewer by the flower cart, which is the Vines. I think the mailman represents The Postal Service. On the Main St. sign are the Black Crowes. There are two boulders on the street which are the Rolling Stones. The 20 made in matches is Matchbox 20. The smiling lemons I think represent the Lemonheads. The seal on the poster is of course Seal. There are fairies flying around the virgin sign which are the Pixies. The two guys with surf boards are possibly the Beach Boys. The giant spoon is the band Spoon. The crazy clown looking guy is actually White Zombie. The snake wrapped around the pole is White Snake. Obviously the eagles are The Eagles. The eels on the ground by the Queen are the band The Eels. The guns combined with the roses are Guns N Roses. The little girl with chains wrapped around herself is Alice in Chains. The tipped over wastebasket reveals Garbage. The two posters of Kennedy represents the Dead Kennedy's. The guy with the sledgehammer is Smashing Pumpkins. And finally, for now... the two cowboys and the girl are the Cowboy Junkies. Maybe I'll see more later.

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Great Freeware Alternatives for EVERYTHING

I'm surprised that Mozilla is not on this list... I tried it and never went back to Internet Explorer. It's amazing.

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Ten Favourite Albums of 2005

I've been meaning to give it a listen, but I haven't gotten to it yet. So stay tuned to see if it makes the list :)

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Listologists Have Voted: The Ten Best Contemporary Actors!!! (The Results)

Johnny Depp
Sam Rockwell
Bill Murray
Jim Carrey
Jack Black
Steve Buscemi
Chris Cooper

I wanted to put actors like Nicholas Cage or Russell Crowe on this list, but in the end the actors on my list are the ones deserving of attention because they are versatile and take serious risks and no matter what film they're in, good or bad, they manage to portray unique and memorable characters who linger in your mind sometimes longer than anything else about the film. And when they find a film to match their talents they're an absolute joy to watch, which sets them apart from other actors who are only memorable in the right parts and who play the same kinds of roles all the time.

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Name That Song 2 (Or More of My Favourite Song Lyrics)

That is one of the very few songs that makes me cry no matter how many times I hear it.

4/30/2005 View
Name That Song 2 (Or More of My Favourite Song Lyrics)

Not quite there yet.

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Who Will Win American Idol?

Constantine is not that talented, for sure... but American Idol has a history of letting marginally talented buy very attractive people get farther than they should... and think of all the pre-teen girls and elderly grandmothers who must just adore Constantine.

4/1/2005 View
Save Star Trek!!!!

Well... all I'll say is that if you're gonna get into Star Trek, Enterprise is a good place to start... My sister actually knew nothing either, and she watches Enterprise with me religiously now... Are you a science fiction fan? Because if you're a sci-fi fan and you've never seen Star Trek, that's unforgivable... but if you just don't like sci-fi, well that's ok...

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Books read in 2005

I loved it... I'm gonna buy it now... but then I loved Klosterman before I read it... It's a good read, kind of an intellectual look at things that most people would never consider looking at that way. Very insightful, and very funny.

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