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Greatest Rock Vocalists

Starts and ends with Freddie Mercury

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Greatest Rock Vocalists

Ummmm....no Freddie Mercury? Your list is worthless without listing Freddie first and, even worse, not at all.

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Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Guitarists

Two words: Adrian Belew. The most melodic, talented, creative, and listenable guitarist since Hendrix or Van Halen. (Oh, I guess that was more than two words.)

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What's Your Favorite Way to Listen to Music?

On drugs.

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If The Beatles got back together who would you have replace John?

I refuse to vote. This question is blasphemy.


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favourite Queen album

The Miracle is easily Queen's most "listenable" album. All kinds of melodies, styles. It's kind of like their White Album ... except that they weren't in the beginnings of a breakup. Just the opposite. The Miracle is their most "group" album.

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Best David Bowie Song

I refuse to vote because, first of all, you misspelled "Heroes" and you also left off most of my favorite Bowie songs.

No offense.

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Rock Women To Whom I'd Like To Make Love


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My 27 Favorite Elvis Costello Songs

Strict Time

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[quiz: lyrics] another one of those lyrics quizzes...

68. George Harrison - What Is Life?

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5 Greatest Rock Drummers

replace Stewart Copeland with John Bonham. Replace Phil Collins with almost anyone

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0035: David Bowie's Best Songs

I've listened to "What In The World" about 500 times. I've also listened to the Scary Monsters album about 500 times.

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0033: Songs That Can Make Me Cry

No More I Love Yous - Annie Lennox

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0017: Best Opening Tracks

Good Times, Bad Times, - Led Zeppelin

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0002. Sadly Overlooked CDs of the 90s

When I saw the title of your list, I immediately thought of Apple Venus, Vol. 2 (Wasp Star). But, I wasn't surprised to see Vol 1 on your list.

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