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AJDaGreat's Current Joys

high five for TSR.

2/5/2004 View
Sexiest Actresses

Eliza Dushku, my friend.

1/31/2004 View
Listology's Top Ten Albums of 2003 - Phase III

Voted for The Shins, with Cat Power and Outkast a close second.

1/31/2004 View
Smart Television Writing

No Seinfeld?

1/23/2004 View
Books I've Read for School

That seems like pretty standard high school stuff. I definitely hated Beowulf.

1/21/2004 View
The Ultimate Guide to The Smiths

The Queen is Dead!

12/31/2003 View
The College Search

I applied to schools last year.

My list looked like this:
Johns Hopkins

I considered Brandeis.

I have good friends at Penn, WashU, Northwestern, and Brown.

Anyway, so the only advice I can really give is not to stress out so much or rather obsess over your future. It's never worth it in hindsight.

12/30/2003 View
A Lyric Game

37. Kelis - Milkshake

12/29/2003 View
2003: Movies I've Seen

I saw 21 Grams yesterday. It was excellent.

Other than that, I don't know about American Wedding being second tier. It would have been bottom of the bottom on my list.

12/28/2003 View
50 Albums I Really Should Get Sometime

Good call on most of the list. In particular, high fives for Blur, The Stone Roses, and Led Zeppelin.

This list also reminded me how much I hate James Brown.

12/28/2003 View
10 Albums I'd Take to a Deserted Island* (so far, on my musical journey)

Well, I do love the title track of Tupelo Honey, but why the album over, say, Moondance?

Not a Stones fan at all. I can stomach a few tracks like "She's So Cold," "Beast of Burden," "Get Off My Cloud" (or whatever the title is). And I love love love "Gimme Shelter." But that's really as far as I go.

12/28/2003 View
Television Shows Everybody Seems to Dig but Me

Most people seem to dig Family Guy.

12/27/2003 View
The Ultimate Guide to The Smiths

Right on.

12/27/2003 View
2003CC: R.E.M.

I have a hard time with Monster being average or a bit below it. Songs like "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" and "Crush with Eyeliner" rank among my very favorite R.E.M. tunes.

12/27/2003 View
0033: Songs That Can Make Me Cry

Maybe some Radiohead? I would probably include "Lucky" and "Street Spirit."

Counting Crows-"Anna Begins"

Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle" does the trick.

Also, perhaps some Jeff Buckley. I guess Tori Amos, though I'm not so into her.

12/27/2003 View