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A Game! Match the Movie to the Joke

44 is the main character from "Stand By Me"...i can't remember the character's name but he was the one narrating the story...excellent movie...think i'll be hitting up Blockbuster tonight...

12/9/2003 View
A Lyric Game

24-Hey Ya! by Outkast....and shake it like a polaroid picture mary!!

12/7/2003 View
My Top Ten Favourite Stand-up Comedians of All Time

sorry x...this list just isn't complete without mudbone himself Richard Pryor...but that's just my opinion...and i actually would put a few of these cats in my own top 10...peace folks...

11/26/2003 View
Whose Line Is it Anyway? (Very Very Hard)

16-Stephen Bishop's "on & On".."steal all your money and they beak your heart..."

11/25/2003 View
L. Bangs' Personal Todd Rundgren Ratings

hey l.bangs...just recently got into todd rundgren...hello it's me has always been one of my favorite songs (even though i heard the isley brothers cover first)...was told to get something anything to start with....great album but might have jumped too far with my next pick- 1974's Todd...with the exception of a few songs (a dream goes on forever is gorgeous), it was a little much for me...i do want to hear some of his other stuff though...my question is should i try some of his earlier work..or should i go with the masses that say he peaked with the S/A? album and chalk it up as aleady owning the best he has to offer...just asking...peace folks

11/25/2003 View
Movies that Love music (this does not mean musicals)

how about quentin tarantino movies? both reservoir dogs and pulp fiction had great soundtracks...peace folks

11/24/2003 View
[songs: weekly] Nick's top ten, November 18 - November 25

ok Nick...if MAYBE I'M AMAZED isn't Sir McCartney's finest solo hour (or 5 minutes)...then what is?

11/10/2003 View