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Top Ten 2002 Films

OK, you two have my interest piqued. I will have to give this one a try.

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Trade Your CDs for an iPod

So what's an IPod? do I want one? Do I need one?

Ok only half kidding. But my wife would be very very excited about this offer... if I showed it to her. An easy way to get rid of my CD collection. Now it says you have to give 600 CD's. I still should be able to get about 3 free IPODs though....

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It's not just for Idiots these days: 17 reasons to watch the Idiot Box

Well considering the list Odyseuss linked below, I think we might have to just disagree on TV shows that we like. But I just have to say you asctually watched Becker? Are you the reason it was on the air for like 6 years...Another mystery solved.

But I do have to ask another question. Aren't you the guy who loves Leone and Peckinpaugh and Fuller? If you are and you have not watched Deadwood, I might humbly suggest you give it a viewing. The Wire too; but it seems you really don't like Cop Shows so that may not work for you.

Also another final question if you hate mob movies, did you like Once Upon a Time in America? I know the answer is probably in your lists somewhere but I am too lazy to look it up. I happen to think it is Leone's best. And that is saying something..

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It's not just for Idiots these days: 17 reasons to watch the Idiot Box

Well .... I ummm.... Well...

I do drink Moxie. Does that redeem me at all.....?

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Some Movies I have watched lately... The good ones

I wouldn't say full fledged but some breaks at work make it a little easier to contribute.

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I just read this nice response. Thank you.

Sometimes (well most times) I wish I would come out of hiding more often too. Life has a way of getting away from you if you dont spend a little time on the intropspective carousel. I have been going 100 miles an hour lately and I am not even sure where I am heading....

Thanks again

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Films I Watched - May, 2005


Nah you were right the first time on Chicago. The movie was mediocre at best. And that is being charitable for the strong performance of John C. Reilley. Richard Gere was disgraceful. Catherine Zeta Jones looked like a fullback and Renee Zill-Swigger started her turn to annoying media whoredom with that movie.

I saw Star Wars Revenge... I liked it too. Maybe not as quite as much as you because Lucas couldn't write decent dialougue if his life depended on it. Still it was rousing enough finish. I still say episode 7-9 will be made some day...

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GAME: Guess the Celebrity By their Hair ! Screenshot! Volume2: The Revenge!

Ok 7.

Is the hobbit Elijah Wood?

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GAME: Guess the Celebrity By their Hair ! Screenshot! Volume2: The Revenge!


I will give this a try. and be very wrong but here goes.

10. Tim Allen?
15. George W..
7. The old lab guy from CSI
9. Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched. (so Maybe Nicole Kidman...nah...)

4. is a bugger. Looks like my hairline in about 2 years from now.

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Controversial Classics Collection

Bad Day at Black Rock is a great movie. Might be Spencer Tracy's best performance ever... and that is saying something.

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Controversial Classics Collection

I have seen all the movies in that collection. A wonderful grouping. The Americanization of Emily is a forgotten favorite. But I love James Garner. A face in the Crowd is just great. Andy Griffith like you never seen him before or since.

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Actresses I Have a Crush On

Yup. That is the good thing about fantasies...anything is possible.

If lust is ok for Jimmy Carter it's ok for me.

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Now a post like this and the good news about Born to Run will always get me out of my little hiding spot.

I have been with Springsteen for most of his career. I missed Greetings from Asbury Park when it first came out but I have been there ever since then. He is easily my favorite Artist. Give the new album a listen you will be impressed. I know I am. It is his best album since Tunnel of Love (which just happens to be my favorite Bruce album)

Beautiful post and sentiments I certainly wholeheartedly concur with...

And yes I will purchase the Bruce reissue too....

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OT: An Easter Question

All is well with the family. Wife is good and child is thriving....We are thinking of adding on to the family.

I will even add to your game a day late.

I actually have a lot of these but I will give you the two I think fit the closest to what I think you intended.

My Great grandmother was first or second cousin to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. Makes me like the sixth cousin to the Kennedy family. I am still awaiting my invitation to the complex in Hyannis.

My wife's uncle married Eric Bogosian's mother later in life. She came to our wedding. Still doesn't change my opinion that's he is overrated.

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OT: An Easter Question

Jim you actually attend cocktail parties?

How adult of you.....

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