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[quiz: lyrics] another one of those lyrics quizzes...

I think #60 is The The, "Love is Stronger than Death" but I believe the lyric is "tears may blind the eyes but the soul is not deceived."

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Whose Line Is it Anyway? (Very Very Hard)

and 19 is "The Killing Moon" - Echo & The Bunnymen (Ian McCullough)

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[quiz: lyrics] another one of those lyrics quizzes...

Three late entries:
51. The Kinks - 'Village Green...'
58. Ben Folds (Five) - 'Jackson Cannery'
66. Yo La Tengo - "Sugarcube"

1/2/2003 View
Whose Line Is it Anyway? (Very Very Hard)

3 is my man Don O'Van "Epistle to Dippy" and 24 is "No. 13" by the Pixies

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Instrumentals That Are Impossible Not To Sing

Taryn's got it right. Feel free to chime in any time.

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GAME0008: Dan's Lyrical Snippet Challenge

Could #16 be some of the exploits of Ben Folds' "Uncle Walter?"

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DIRECTOR GAME ripped off from the wacky AAA

You Know the deal people.
1.Willow(Ron Howard by AAA)
2.This Is Spinal Tap(Rob Reiner by AAA)
3.Z(Costa-Gravas by jgandcag)
4.Bringing Up Baby(Howard Hawks by lbangs)
5.Philadelphia(Jonathon demme by lbangs)
6.Alice Doesnt Live Here Anymore(Martin Scorsese by lbangs)
7.Repulsion(Roman Polanski by lbangs)
8.Gunga DinGeorge Stevens by jcandcag)
9.Shoeshine(Vittorio DeSica by lbangs)
10.The Seventh Seal(Ingmar Bergman by AAA)
11.Straw Dogs(Sam Peckinpah by lbangs)
12.Dog Day Afternoon(Sidney Lumet by lbangs)
13.Drugstore Cowboy(Gus VanSant by lbangs)
14.Barry Lyndon(Stanley Kubrick by AAA)
15.Midnight Cowboy(John Schlesinger by lbangs)
16.The Falcon And The Snowman(John Schlesinger by dgeiser1)
17.Bridge On The River Kwai(David Lean by lbangs)
18.Frenzy(Alfred Hitchcock by lbangs)
19.West Side Story(Robert Wise by lbangs)
20.Five Easy Pieces(Bob Rafelson by lbangs)
21.The Apartment(Billy Wilder by lbangs)
22.Carrie(Brian depalma by lbangs)
23.The King Of Comedy(Martin Scorsese by lbangs)
24.Hard Eight(Paul Thomas Anderson by lbangs)
25.Stagecoach(John Ford by lbangs)
26.A Perfect World(Clint Eastwood by lbangs)
27.On The Waterfront(Elia Kazan by lbangs)
28.Ordinary People(Redford by lbangs)
29.Reds(Beatty by lbangs)
30.Inherit The Wind(Stanley Kramer by dgeiser1)
31.The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie(Cassevetes by lbangs)
32.Performance(Roeg by lbangs)
33.Small Change(Truffaut by lbangs)
34.Cabaret(Underrated Fosse by lbangs)
35.Kids(Larry Clarke by Tallus)
36.Mississippi Burning(Parker by lbangs)
37.The Maltese Falcon(John Huston by lbangs)
38.The Killing Fields(Roland Joffe by dgeiser1)
39.Dont Look Now(Roeg by lbangs)
40.1941(Speilberg by lbangs)
41.Sleuth(Joseph L. Mankeweicz by lbangs)
42.Judgement At Nuremberg(Stanley Kramer by dgeiser1)
43.Oliver(Carol Reed by Tallus)
44.Days of Heaven(Terence Malick by lbangs)
45.The Up Documentaries(Michael Apted by lbangs)
46.Lorenzos Oil(George Miller by lbangs)
47.Rules Of The Game(Jean Renoir by dgeiser1)
48.Night Of The Hunter(Charles Laughton by dgeiser1)
49.I Want To Live
50.Hud (Martin Ritt by jgandcag)
51.An American In Paris(Vincent Minnelli by jgandcag)
52.Blow Out(Blow Out by dgeiser1)
53.The Picture Of Dorian Gray
54.The Lost Weekend(Billy Wilder by lbangs)
55.The Best years Of Our Lives(William Wyler byjgandcag)
56.I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang(Mervil LeRoy by lbangs)
57.Freaks(Todd Browning by jgandcag)
58.The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari(Robert Wiene by lbangs)
59.La Strada(Fredrico Fellini by lbangs)
60.The Creature From The Black Lagoon
61.An Unmarried Woman(Paul Mazersky by jgandcag)
63.The Last Picture Show(Peter Bogdanovich by lbangs)
64.Gaslight(George Cukor by jgandcag)
65.Darling(John Schlesinger by lbangs)
66.The 400 Blows(Francois Truffaut by lbangs)
67.Valmont(Milos Forman by jgandcag)
68.Nashville(Robert Altman by lbangs)
69.Two Women(Vittorio De Sica by lbangs)
70.The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie
71.Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?(Mike Nichols by lbangs)
72.Cries And Whispers(Ingmar Bergman ny lbangs)
73.Peeping Tom(Michael Powell by lbangs)
74.Millers Crossing(Joel Coen by lbangs)
75.Angels With Dirty Faces(Michael Curtiz by lbangs)
76.Le Samourai(1967)(Jean-Pierre Melville by dgeiser1)
77.Un Chien Andalou(Luios Bunuel by dgeiser1)
78.Pickpocket(1959)(Robet Bresson by labangs)
79.Pandora's Box(1928)(G.W. Pabst by lbangs)
80.Greed(1925)(Eric von Stroheim by sebreg)
81.The Passion Of Joan Of Arc(1928)(Carl Dreyer by lbangs)
82.Grand Illusion(1937)(Jean Renoir by lbangs)
83.McCabe and Mrs. Miller(1971)(Robert Altman by lbangs)
84.Ninotchka(Ernst Lubitsch by lbangs)
85.Nanook Of The North(Robert J. Flaherty by lbangs)
86.Intolerance(D.W. Griffith by lbangs)
87.A Trip to The Moon(Georges Melies by lbangs)
88.The Great Train Robbery(Edwin S. Porter by lbangs)
89.Modern Times(Charlie Chaplin by lbangs)
90.L'Atalante(Jean Vigo by lbangs)
91.Orpheus(Jean Cocteau by lbangs)
92.Floating Weeds(Yasujiro Ozu by lbangs)
93.Carnal Knowledge(Mike Nichols by dgeiser1)
94.Breakfast At Tiffany's(Blake Edwards by lbangs)
95.Blowup(Michelangelo Antononio by lbangs)
96.L'Avventura(Michelangelo Antonioni by lbangs)
97.Amarcord(Fredrico Fellini by lbangs)
98.Swept Away(Lina Wertmueller by lbangs)
100.Broken Blossoms(D.W. Griffith by lbangs)
101.On A Clear Day You Can see Forever(Vincent Minnelli by jgandcag)
102.David And Lisa
103.A Patch Of Blue
105.Adams Rib(George Cukor by lbangs)
106.The Abyss(James Cameron by jgandcag)
107.The Exorcist(Eilliam Friedkin by jgandcag)
108.The Sorrow And The Pity
109.The Sixth Sense
110.Kiss The Girls
111.Omega Man
113.The Great Zeigfield
114.Three Days Of The Condor

49 is Jean-Luc Goddard, 109 is M. Night Shamalan (or something close to that), 114 is Sydney Pollock, and 115 is Jodie Foster.

4/2/2001 View
Jeff's Lyric Challenge

45 is "First there is a Mountainous" by the insrmountable Donovan Leitch

4/2/2001 View