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Recently Aquired DVD's (2003)

Thanks for the heads up. I will be sure to watch the original B&tB first. Regarding LotR: FotR our initial plans where to wait for all three like you but 40% savings and probably too much excitement in being able to finally by some DVDs in the first place won out against sound reasoning. Plus a few days before my sister told us about a friend of hers who buys stuff knowing new fancier versions are just around the corner and then sells the old version to a used CD/DVD store and picks up the new one. Perhaps not the best of business plans but I am sure it helped cloud our judgement in this case.

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Movies seen in 2002

Men with brooms was good. If you like quirky regional comedies like the Full Monty or the Castle it is in the same sort of genre, maybe not quite as good as those two example but it does hold its own, you should definitely take a gander. If your sole reason to see it is because of the Hip I must warn you that their one scene goes by quite quickly; but not knowing a head of time that one of my favourite bands had a cameo in the movie I was watching proved quite memorable to me. I think the Hip scene was my favourite and if it was any longer it would not have been as good.

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Books on my to read shelf

Catch 22 has actually been among the contenders for next book the last few times I have had to pick what to read next. Prehaps your suggestion will get it off the shelf and into my hands. Of course for that to work I have to get some time to read. I started Mists of Avalon in August and have only gotten a bit more than a third of the way through. I am hoping that my two purchaces today will jump start my desire to pick up a book instead of flopping down in front of the TV.

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Movies seen in 2002

No. These are movies from July, August and September. I will start splitting them up by month.
I think you will see a great reduction in my movie viewing now that summer is over. A combination of nothing on tv and my wife being off for the summer (she is a teacher) leads to lots of movies in the summer and hardly any the rest of the year.

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Movies seen in 2002

There ya go! and only about a month and have later. Since you waited so long and all I really had to say was that I loved it, I decided to give you a little bit behind the renting since I think it was one of your comments that got me to see it in the first place.

I think I might be able to get in the rest of Zhang Yimou's work since my wife has quite enjoyed The Road Home, Raise the Red Lantern and Not One Less (she actually picked this one out herself not long after we saw RTRL). The only other movie of his I have seen is Shanghai Triad

Of course she fell asleep during In the Mood For Love the other night so I may need to wait for the right time to strike.

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Movies seen in 2002

I know I said that I would try to keep up with this list and have been doing a terrible job at it. I will blame vacation time and finalizing the purchase of my new house and the sale of my old condo which has taken up much of August. Or was it that I was just being lazy. The former sounds better but the latter is probably more accurate. I will try harder and maybe get some comments up today or tomorrow.

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Greatest Foreign-Language Flicks (that I need to see!)

I think my favourite German film (not that I have seen very many) is
Lola rennt (1998) [d:Tom Tykwer]

Probably one of my favourite foreign language films

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Greatest Foreign-Language Flicks (that I need to see!)

I would also add
Maelström (2000) [D: Denis Villeneuve]

A very good French Canadian film

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Movies seen in 2002

I guess this means I am going to have to keep this up. I have been bouncing around the listology for over a year now (maybe longer) and I kept meaning to start a list or two but never seemed to have the time for more then a quick glance at any new lists or the occasional comment. I also much prefer the commented lists which is why I have put off starting lists of my own in the first place. I am not sure I will have the time to keep it up, but I will try.

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Stump the Movie Fool (emphasis on fool...)

Here are three Canadian films I quite liked
Maelstrom (2000)
New Waterford Girl (1999)
The Hanging Garden (1997)

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