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Seen in 2003

What'd you think of Irreversible? I really liked it, but I found it difficult to watch(very intense), sort of like Requiem for a dream.

6/27/2003 View
GE. Genre Movies: Animation: Upcoming Animated Feature Films

Just saw Spirited Away a couple of days ago. I highly recommend it, one of the coolest animation I've ever seen.

7/26/2002 View
2002: Albums Purchased

Yeah I like the Hives alot too. Don't like the Strokes as much...
Television is a pretty cool band...
Yeah those 3 Clash albums are great. You should check out Combat Rock, there's quite a few good songs on that album. Sandinista is also another album that I really enjoy, not totally a cohesive whole, but full of awesome songs. Also, the live album that they released a couple of years ago tops all.

7/21/2002 View
2002: Albums Purchased

White Stripes, alrite! Nice to see all the Velvet Underground. Which do you prefer? My fav is one Velvet Underground 69. Punk albums are good too, love the sex pistols cd, but I prefer Ramones. You like the Clash right? Ain't no one better.

7/17/2002 View
read in 2002

Hey kbuxton, I figure of all people you might be able to help me with recommendations. I've been reading some Japanese authors lately and I've been blown away. I've liked Haruki Murakami for a while now, but I just recently discovered Mishima and Ishiguro. Definitely most impressed by Mishima. Anyways, could you give me recommendations on Japanese authors that you've enjoyed reading? I've heard of Tanizaki and Kawabata, have you read them?

7/9/2002 View
Great Films By Howard Hawks

i've only seen red river, the big sleep, and rio bravo, but i've gotta say that i did prefer red river of the 3. the big sleep was good, i enjoyed that movie more for the atmosphere it created and humphrey bogart's acting but what detracted was the fact that i couldn't piece the story together. rio bravo was really good too, i'll have to find time to watch hawk's other movies.

2/7/2002 View
NewCC0025: The Clash

Hey jblack, I gotta agree with you, I love Combat Rock. It's got some of my favorite Clash songs.

2/6/2002 View
BAMU2. [Present] Bands (and Musicians): I Like and Own At Least One Album

smog is great, i love the songs dress sexy at my funeral and cold blooded old times

2/2/2002 View
Great Johnny Depp Films

Yeah I gotta agree with Donnie Brasco. I also really enjoyed him in Fear and Loathing and also What's Eating Gilbert Grape. He's definitely a great actor.

1/24/2002 View
The 10 Best Films Of All Time

I haven't seen Scarface so I can't judge that(I've only seen the remake which was pretty cool) but there are two movies that kinda stick out here for me. Shawshank Redemption and Magnolia. Granted both are good movies, but the quality of the other movies is just so high that its difficult for me to put these two on the same level.

1/20/2002 View
2001: Worst of the Year NKT Awards

For me, J-3 wins worst picture, and I mean big time. That movie absolutely sucked. I'm disappointed though to see Jay and silent Bob in the worst screen play category.

1/17/2002 View
authors I'll automatically buy books from

I find Murakami to be the best writer of the past 20 years that I've read. I have to admit I haven't read too many novels of these past times, but he's easily one of my favorite writers. Vonnegut is also another of my favs. I've only read A Prayer for Owen Meany by Irving, it was a great story but I didn't love the writing style. I don't think I've read anything by any of the other writers you mention here, any specific books of theirs that you could recommend?

1/15/2002 View
Listology Top Ten of 2001

Okay I have to say I haven't seen too many movies this year but there have been a couple I've really liked.
1. Amelie
2. Waking Life
3. Memento
4. Shrek
5. Ocean's 11
The top 2 were truly great

12/23/2001 View
0030: Top Ten 2001 Films

I enjoyed the new Coen brothers' movie but I have to say that it didn't blow me away either. The movies that I've seen this year that have been most impressive: Amelie(one of the most beautiful and wonderful movies I've ever seen, you'll never come out of a theater feeling so good) and Waking Life(now this is a trip). Unfortunately I haven't seen Mulhoulland Drive yet but I look forward to it.

11/21/2001 View
What You Can Do

I believe everyone should put up their flags. Also we must not give in to anti-Muslim sentiments. God Bless this wonderful country

9/13/2001 View