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When You Reach the Top You're On the Bottom - Another stab at this lyric quiz thing...

I ran across my Liz Phair TAPE when making a mix tape today, and I looked at the songs; is that cheating? Shatter, my friend. Shatter.

The other one will just have to continue to plague me, I'm afraid.

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GAME0004: Name the Movie (Weird Actor Pairings)

Adrien and Keanu is: The Last Time I Committed Suicide, but I haven't watched it yet, and only know about it because of my Brody obsession.
Angelina Jolie and Sean Connery is; Playing by Heart, another I haven't seen. Ha ha.

I want to say Michael Caine and Ewan Macgregor is Little Voice, yet another movie I haven't seen. It seems to me this is the case, because I can't remember Caine being in any of the considerable Macgregor movies I've seen.

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The Emperor has no Clothes: Everything that is overrated

I TOTALLY agree about "Chicago" being overrated, but not for the exact same reasons (other than Richard Gere; I can't stand him).

I TOTALLY disagree about Julianne Moore, who is one of my favorite actresses, and as Premiere's Libby Gelman Waxler says "one of the only actresses who can cry on camera without making me want to slap her."

I often suspected as much about New York City, but I think I need to give it a chance yet, though I'm not in a hurry. Plenty of other cities I actually really WANT to visit.

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When You Reach the Top You're On the Bottom - Another stab at this lyric quiz thing...

Dude. I KNOW the singer of number 20, but I can't think of the title for the life of me, and I can't check even though I own it, because the song titles are only on the back paper, which is in Wisconsin.

"I don't know if I could drive a plane, well enough to tailspin out your name, or high enough not to lose control completely, darling, I'm thinking maybe, you know just maybe.. maybe..."

And then number 4 - GADS! The title is easy, the band impossible.

I'm going to keep working on it. Both the title of the first and the artist of the second are right no the tip of my proverbial tongue.

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[quiz] who are they?

I think Freddie Mercury was actually Faruk Balsara, but I could be wrong.

Is Alecia Moore Pink?

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Favorite paintings

WHAT a fantastic list. Worth coming back to the listology all by itself, what with the links you've included. It's like a little lesson in art history all by itself!


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Songs For Every State

A) What happened to South Dakota?
B) There's a very insulting song about South Dakota by Liz Phair, called "South Dakota". I somehow doubt it would fit in with the spirit of this list, however.

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Songs For Every State

Iowa - "You ought to give Iowa a try" from "The Music Man" is a pretty good Iowa song, if a little old.

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A Stylus List

Zero Effect is on my list of underrated movies, I believe, and is truly a small gem.

I've heard of O.C. and Stiggs. I should really get a hold of that one.

I've watched part of The Falls. I got bored with it, despite being a big Greenaway fan. I'll probably give it another go someday, though.

Thanks for sharing!

- Jen

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Greatest Sequences

Great list idea! Mine would be - the escape from Jabba in "Return of the Jedi" and Tim Roth as Mr. Orange practices his "amusing anecdote" and then tells it for real in "Reservoir Dogs".

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[quiz: lyrics] another one of those lyrics quizzes...

And all I can do... BLIND MELON, NO RAIN
C'mon, c'mon... BLUR (damn can't think of title) LOVE'S THE GREATEST THING?
I say be careful his bowtie is really... AMERICA, SIMON AND GARFUNKEL
I want a doctor to take your picture TURNING JAPANESE, THE VAPORS

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R-Rated Movies

American Pie - the sex felt more implied than actual in that one, though of course they all talk about it. (though much less ribaldly than normal high school students.)
Heathers - There's one sex scene where you see breasts and then I think it fades. This one, being made in the 80's can't get away with as much, though, so its R means less than today.
Go - Oh yeah, there's one sex scene. Hmmm... It's not really about drugs, though. It's more just about a few different groups of young adults just getting into crazy trouble. The filming and the dialogue are the real stars of this movie.

Maybe I just don't notice this stuff, anymore.

As to the messages (Which personally I think is the most important part of whether a movie is harmful or not):
Pulp Fiction is pretty amoral really. Not necessarily a good influence, but if you're moral you're not going to go off and become a criminal or something.
Fight Club's message is to stop being an unnatural American consumer, sheltered from the pain of real life.
South Park is all about not blaming the media for problems ironically enough, and trouble is caused in the movies by parents up in arms over a movie.
American Pie is really just a silly coming of age story that ends up having a pretty positive message about love mattering when it comes to sex.
Heathers is nihilistic, but really shows how outcasts hold a moral high ground over the popular crowd. Personally, I like some of the characters, too.
Go has a lot to say about a lot of things.

Hope any of this helps.It's hard to believe you're so young by the way.

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ZGAME0010: Name The Movie Given A Movie's Tag Line

Right on both! Super!

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ZGAME0010: Name The Movie Given A Movie's Tag Line

If 8 isn't the Crying Game, here are my two guesses, in order of which I think is likeliest:

Also, here are my two favorite, cheesiest taglines:
The coast is toast
The ball is back

Anyone know the movies?

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R-Rated Movies

I can't help adding one more thing. I find it really funny/sad that parents try so hard to shield their adolescents from films that in many cases don't even come close to the harshness of the realities they face every day.
Even though I was allowed to watch R-rated movies, I heard about blow-jobs, drugs, sex, etc. from my classmates as early as sixth grade (and these days it's even earlier.) And I grew up in a small middle-class town in Wisconsin!
It's really the parents in most cases who are shocked by these films (my mother-in-law for example won't watch R-rated films or nudity), maybe because TV and the media were more innocent when they grew up, or maybe indeed because the culture was more innocent.
Whatever the reason, however, most kids have done things that would be rated R, before they reach the age of 17, and I don't think it has much to do with the movies.

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