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random books I like

did you read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman? i just wondered how Stardust compared...

1/5/2000 View
books that made me run to a dictionary

i love this list topic! but then, i love dictionaries so i don't mind the challenge. (recently i bought one of those huge-ass dictionaries and i'm highlighting every word i look up. eventually i hope to open it and see how well used it is, but right now it's pretty sad.)

would you say you enjoy it--or do you think these authors are pompous people who seem to write sentences just so they can use a 50 cent word?

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Recommended "Sicko" Movies

i agree with your comment about the previews giving too much away regarding the murder(s)--but you have to admit there was a lot about the Talented Mr. Ripley that they *didn't* let on about--like the gay subtext, for example--but i, for one, am glad of that. (however, i know some reviewers who were not at all pleased about that particular surprise...)

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This promises to be a busy week, but I'll try to p

merry christmas, jim--i added my list for ya. can't believe how hard that was! (read my comments for more on that.) i also have a feeling that this list will change a bit when i see Sleepy Hollow... anyway, thanks for the challenge!

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movies I really ought to see sometime

see the Usual Suspects first! it's not to be missed...

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Outstanding Foreign Films

it's so funny because i rarely think of foreign as canadian or UK--but it's true. i guess i go by the old "subtitled or no" division. i loved jean de florette (1&2) and central station--and i'll be taking some of these others as suggestions in the future--thanks!

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Offbeat, Sleepers, or Just Pleasant Surprises, Tier One

Me again--just rented Pushing Tin and thought it would definitely fit in this category. Have you caught it? Pretty intense, if i do say so...

10/18/1999 View

it strikes me that, on this list, lili taylor sticks out more so than gwyneth paltrow... i guess she's just not considered beautiful in the classic movie-star way or something. theories?

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Offbeat, Sleepers, or Just Pleasant Surprises, Tier One

have you seen Rushmore yet? it fell in this category for me--and it has its similarities to Harold&Maude, also a classic in my book.

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Now reading...

i have that SAME habit! but i decided that while it does take a while to accomplish anything--one's reading accomplishments come in packs, rather than individually...which, synergistically, should be more rewarding. (well, aren't i verbose today.)

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Movies I can quote word for word.

[i think our friend of Comment #1 was a little confused... being able to quote something word for word is a COMPLIMENT where i come from.] at any rate, judging from this--your first list--i'm anxious to see more from you! sid & nancy, breakfast club, princess bride, and harry & sally are all favorites of mine as well.

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Guilty Pleasures

what's to be guilty about Fifth Element when there's so much to love?

you see luke perry get killed in the first ten minutes;
gary oldman playing the wackiest villain since his spot in the professional;
milla jovavich with orange hair sporting all kinds of gualtier outfits...

sounds good to me!

oh, ok thinking bruce willis looks good as a blonde--that's *kind of* a guilt thing. =]

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