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Name That Song 2 (Or More of My Favourite Song Lyrics)

I'm pretty sure #14 is Keane, "Somewhere Only We Know"

4/28/2005 View
A or B?

Okay, I'm not sure how many people have even seen this movie, but my money is on Permanent Record.

9/27/2004 View
Listology Moderation - Real World Cases

I second (or third or fourth, whatever it is) the tag idea.

1/7/2004 View
Listology Secret Santa 2003

Jim, I just wanted to thank you publicly for pulling this together. I think it was a great success--especially managing to get them all exchanged before christmas!

i appreciated the bonus mix and a special thanks to the person behind "i can't stand what you do but i'm in love with your eyes." highly entertaining!

hope we're able to do it again next year!

12/22/2003 View
Name the Song

i want to say 2 is walk like an egyptian by the bangles... and that 6 is joey by concrete blonde. am i close?

12/18/2003 View
Listology Secret Santa 2003

Yay!! I got my mix in the mail--actually I got two. Was I just lucky, Jim or was there an error in the exchange?

Let me know if you need me to send one back... (she says, reluctantly.) Thanks again for all your efforts!

12/18/2003 View
Problems, Anyone?

this may not be helpful but in the past when this has happened to me, i'm 99.9% sure i previewed it and didn't remember to *post* it... it's rather easy to move on to something else and feel like you knew you'd seen the complete version. could just be me, but i thought i'd add my two cents.

9/25/2003 View
Vote for Listology's ISP

hey jim, i'll help any way i can...

but i also wanted to let you know--i finally got myself a decent (no, great!) job, starting on tuesday, and within a month or two i expect to be sponsoring listology and buying some gear!

8/29/2003 View
[artists: names] proposed band names

an acquaintance of mine at work constantly says "that would be a great band name!" i thought i should collect a few of the amusing ones and post em here...

so far we have sudden crumple and taffy days.

7/1/2003 View
Recent Disappointing Albums

tell me your thoughts on "goldfrapp" will you? i just heard something recently and was very intrigued... sounded somewhere between portishead and garbage--what's your take?

5/27/2003 View
Interesting Names for Places

great list idea and that book sounds really cool!

i found a couple other links on the topic that i thought you'd enjoy as well: http://www.floydpinkerton.net/fun/citynames.html and http://www.thealmightyguru.com/TheGuru/Pointless/Cities.html

5/14/2003 View
Now is the time for all good Listologists...

hey jim,
i'm officially requesting stickers!

i may get a coffee mug at some point too, but i was thinking they may allow you to offer stickers at different marked up prices for various levels of donation... or you could keep it to the $3 donation and it'll just be an inexpensive item. just a thought!

4/30/2003 View
Name That Song (given a lyric)

ok i'll bite, but i think i only know one more...
is number 7 clapton's "wonderful tonight"?

4/20/2003 View
Name That Song (given a lyric)

oh oh another one came to me:
12 - and it stoned me by van morrison...
love that tune!

4/8/2003 View
Name That Song (given a lyric)

ok i think i have a few:
5 - everybody wants a rock by they might be giants
9 - manic monday by the bangles
13 - karma chameleon by culture club
14 - walk on the ocean by toad the wet sprocket

and i can sing 25 but i don't think i actually know who it is...

4/8/2003 View