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If The Beatles got back together who would you have replace John?

Damn your blasphemy! Damn you! Damn you!

Seriously, if you love the Beatles, just Let it Be.

8/20/2003 View

Glad to see actual actors. I was afraid I was going to see alot of Aston Kutchers and leo DiCaprios and whatnot.

8/15/2003 View
The 10 Greatest Bass Lines in Rock.

I dig the Queen. You left out quite a few important ones though. Are you going by well-known or catchiest or coolest or complicated or what? I'd add NIB by Black Sabbath, Geezer Butler. That's a famous one. I play bass by the way.

7/31/2003 View
My Dad's Music Collection

Hehe, your daddy listens to Salt 'N Peppa. You always get a laugh when you play "push it" on piano.

7/17/2003 View