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A Character Game With a Twist (Tougher)

Boooooo! I demand a recount!!!

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25 Most Influential Moviemaking Men

Good point dgeiser. I think there are indeed too many actors on this list, some of whom are quite similar to each other. For example, you can make the argument that Jimmy Stewart, Gary Cooper and Henry Fonda were essentially the same actor; strong, silent types with unshakable moral character and dignity who always seemed to overcome crises surrounding their fictional lives. And for my tastes, DeNiro and Pacino seem to quite often claim the exclusive domain of the brooding, intense fringe-dweller drowning in a sea of emotional disconnect (at least in some of their most well-known roles, and not the drivel they've chosen to participate in). But, never fear, there are many on this list that can be said, "without whom, there would be no..."

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A List That's Not About Comedies

No offense taken if you haven't seen "GWTW" or "2001"; you'll likely experience ambivalence after viewing them, but upon further watches you'll appreciate the brilliance of these films.

Allow me to recommend some films that are similiar to the ones you've mentioned:
-The Hidden Fortress: Another Kurosawa film, which bears a somewhat curious resemblance to a certain 1977 sci-fi film which has spawned 4 sequels (or two sequels and two prequels, depending on how you see it). Despite the parallel, it's probably Kurosawa's breeziest film, fun and exciting. I recently discovered a VHS copy in my local library!
- Anatomy of a Murder, directed by Otto Preminger, starring James Stewart. Brilliant, long, stunning courtroom drama. Very frank, for its time, in its portrayal of sexual tension and torment. Duke Ellington's score is masterful.

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Let's See If We Can Get Another One of Those Character Games Rolling (answers posted)

#8 is Robert Redford, "The Sting"
#50. is Peter Sellers, "The Party"

Christ, I've seen these films many times. How could I miss these. Must be slippin' in my advance youth...

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25 Most Influential Moviemaking Men

The Shaw Brothers produced the first stream of martial arts films that came out of Hong Kong. Without their popularization, we wouldn't have both Golden Harvest Productions, which produced all of Bruce Lee's films, and to a further extent, the ongoing popularity, for better or worse, of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and "The Matrix."

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25 Most Influential Moviemaking Men

Come on, where's Russ Meyer?

Just kidding!

You've got a great list going here, but I feel you've got it slanted towards actors and directors of the 40's, 50's & 60's. I'd humbly like to include the following, for your consideration:
- Robert Altman
- Francis Ford Coppola
- Federico Fellini
- Francois Truffaut (sp?)
- The Shaw Brothers (okay, this one might be a stretch)

I'm sure there's more...I'll keep ya posted!

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Commentary on AFI's 100 Years...100 Laughs

Gotta disagree with you on #7, AJ. "MASH" works because, much like "Dr. Strangelove", it puts a satiric spin on the absurdities of war. Yes, it does seem like Sutherland and Gould get away with frat-boy tendencies, but their inane behavior further clarifies and strengthens the anti-war sentiment. If Robert Altman had decided to direct the film in a more serious light, the hardened comedic edge would have been totally lost. As a comedy, it wins big. Besides, I'll take the film over the vastly over-praised sitcom any day. Seems to me the TV show was a remake of "Hogan's Heroes" with a slew of Emmys awarded it.

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Remove These Albums?

Truth is, most of those albums do suck, and I've managed thankfully to rid myself of a few of these. But his critique on Coltrane was way off the mark.

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Let's See If We Can Get Another One of Those Character Games Rolling (answers posted)

16. I have no idea what the actress' name is, but the movie is "Clerks"
21. Eddie Murphy, "48HRS"
27. Robert DeNiro, "Brazil"
30. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, "Airplane!"
33. Groucho Marx, "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?"
40. Charlton Heston, "Soylent Green" (...is people!!!)

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25 Most Influential Moviemaking Men

Oops! Orson Welles was already there...

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25 Most Influential Moviemaking Men

Some more influential men for this list:

Directors: Krzysztof Kieslowski - His "Decalogue" and the "Three Colors" trilogy are required viewing; Sergio Leone; Orson Welles; Martin Scorcese
Screenwriters: Paddy Chayefsky
Composers: Bernard Herrmann
Cinematographers: Freddie Young

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Terrific Protest Songs

"They Dance Alone", by Sting, off his "...Nothing Like the Sun" album, back in the days when he wasn't peddling his songs to the highest bidder or some lame-talent rap mogul. It protests the brutality of General Pinochet's dictatorship in 1970's-80's Chile. It worked; apparently, the General's government banned the song and the album, so it does show that protest songs do get under some people's skin.

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