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[quiz] who are they?

7. Freddy Mercury
10. Iggy Pop
11. LL Cool J
20. Perry Farrell
22. Moby
24. Joni Mitchell
28. George Michael

Try this one: John Baldwin (it's a toughie...)

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Recording Artists Who Would Make Good Dictators

Actually, Elvis Presley was the perfect dictator. Think about it: he lived in complete isolation from his adoring throng, he was rash and impulsive (see shooting the TV and fried banana sandwiches), mentally unbalanced (see obsessiveness towards Mama), suffered fools gladly, and created a massive cult of personality that still exists today. These are the characteristics of a successful dictator.

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[records] favorite Pat Boone album titles

Do you actually own these???

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[songs] Dead Kennedys song titles that would make poor political platforms

Nick, I think the last one has been currently adopted by the Democratic National Convention.

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read on the Dr. Phil message boards

Have you caught Letterman lately, with his "Words of Wisdom from Dr. Phil"? You know, Dr. Phil used to be married to Oprah.

His success is a sure sign the Apocalypse is near. I'm hot-tailing it to Canada.

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Entertainers Who Have At One Point In Time Sported A "Mullet"!

Just turn on any '80's flashback show or movie, and you can easily complete this list. But just to help ya out, here are some other suggestions:

Don Johnson
Phil Collins
George Michael
David Bowie

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Entertainers Who Put Their Significant Other In A Music Video

I recall Michael Bolton was once dating Ashley Judd, and she appeared in a video of one of his insipid songs. And even though they weren't videos in the truest sense, John and Yoko did spend a lot of time together on film promoting his/their songs.

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Movies In Which Lil' Kim Should Have Been Cast

I dunno, the way she dresses sometimes, you'd think she was auditioning for a porn film. At least she wouldn't have to change her name.

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[songs] the future soundtrack to the future movie based on my not-yet-begun novel

Hats off to Amie for the origin to this list. Don't sweat the novel; my has been part of a love/hate relationship for the past 6 years, but I think I've reconsiled with it a lot lately.

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Best Mob Movie

I vote for "Jane Austen's 'Mafia!'" as the "other" on this list

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[songs] the future soundtrack to the future movie based on my not-yet-begun novel

Geez, this is so cool. I thought I was the only one who, on a daily basis, was compiling a soundtrack to his 3/4-done, not-yet-published, future National Book Award winning novel...

I'll have to post mine as well soon!

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[quiz: lyrics] another one of those lyrics quizzes...

OK, here goes:

3. "Hotel Yorba", White Stripes
11. "You Never Give Me Your Money", Los Be-ah-tles
13. "It's the end of the world...", REM
17. "Three Little Birds", Bob Marley & The Wailers
19. "Time", Pink Floyd
20. "Burden in My Hand", Soundgarden
23. "Funkytown", Lipps, Inc. (my wife got this one!)
26 & 27. "Fat Bottom Girls", Queen
30. "Invisible Sun", The Police
49. "Feel-Good Hit of the Summer", Queens of the Stone Age
72. "I Stay Away" (???), Alice in Chains

So, is I right???

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[songs] possible follow-up songs for one-hit wonders (by John Moe)

Thank you for the biggest laugh I've had in some weeks! Priceless!

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Baseball, Best Players of all time by position

I can't argue with your outfield, although I may subsitute Ty Cobb, asshole behavior and all, for Mantle. However, Pudge Fisk is a HOFer because of his work ethic and longevity, but he's by no means better than Berra, or in today's generation, Ivan Rodriguez or Mike Piazza. My third baseman is a toss-up between Mike Schmidt and George Brett. Oh, and who's your reliever?

I think these lists should include 25 players, since 25 make a roster, not 9 positions. Hence, you'd see more pitchers and other outfielders that usually don't make these lists.

By the way, you're not from New England, are you???

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The Lessons Elvis Didn't Learn From Beatles One

Damn! I was just about to purchase Elvis 30 # 1...

Wonder if the new Stones greatest hits album is worth buying as well?

Decisions, decisions...

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