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MEDIA: DVD: TV: TV Series That I'd Like To See Released on DVD

I detect some tension between you and Professor. Would it be too presumptious of me to demonstrate how Half.com works?

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Listology's Top Ten Films of 2003 - Phase 1

I'll add my five shillings for my faves of 2003, if ya don't mind:

Kill Bill, Vol. 1
School of Rock
Return of the King
28 Days Later
Angels in America
Lost in Translation

I still haven't seen 21 Grams - it's playing at the local Fine Arts cinema, and I hope to catch it pretty soon.

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Every style of music ever created (about 95% complete)

You forgot Progressive/Art Rock, although it's pretty easy to forget. Aside from King Crimson, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, Yes's Fragile and Van Der Graaf Generator, it's pretty damned forgettable.

I absolutely applaud you on listing all the genres that consist of techno, a genre greatly misunderstood and greatly underappreciated. There's more soul and invention there that the mainstream will lead you to believe. If you get a chance, read this book called Generation Ecstasy (I don't recall who wrote it, but you can find it on Amazon like I did). It's an exhaustively-researched look into all of techno's genres and gives proper credit to those who helped spearhead the BPM revolution. Check it out.

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Best Trance Music of 2003

Terrific list; I'll try to locate some of these, especially Paul Van Dyk and Delirium, whom I really like. I'm not too crazy about Telepopmusik's album. It starts out pretty well but it just drags along, repeating itself.

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Listology's Top Ten Albums of 2003 - Phase 1

Oops, I should say My Morning Jacket, It Still Moves...don't know where the "me" part came from.

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Listology's Top Ten Albums of 2003 - Phase 1

Okay, here's my five for '03:

The White Stripes, Elephant
Outkast, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
My Morning Jacket, It Still Moves Me
The Mars Volta, De-Loused at the Comatorium
DJ Rap, Touching Bass

There's a few more I'd love to add - King Crimson's The Power to Believe, for instance - but I'm stickin' with these five.

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Listology's Top Ten Films of 2003 - Phase 1

I believe it's out on DVD already, but don't quote me on that.

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Listology's Top Ten Films of 2003 - Phase 1

Oops, no wonder I went to summer school twice to make up math, I can't count! Bump off 28 Days Later. I really liked this film a whole bunch, but I'm been put off by some of the negative commentary from some folks here in this site. Makes me wonder if I saw the same film.

I was lucky enough to see Angels on Broadway some ten years ago. I fretted HBO's version would lose some of the vitality of the play, but I dare say it far exceeds it. The only filmed version of a play that matches or exceeds the original play is perhaps Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Oh, and my sis works for HBO. She says they're planning a DVD release of Angels, but there's no release date yet. I will definitely buy it when it comes out!

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Worst movies seen to date

Just curious, what was it about Dirty Pretty Things you didn't like? I quite enjoyed it, except for the tacked-on ending.

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Ugh, No Excuse...

The only thing worth mentioning about that film was the box cover for the tape: it was a hologram, and if you moved it a certain way, the snowman on the cover would draw fangs and look all bloody and insane. Not a good reason, though, to sit through it.

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Ugh, No Excuse...

I once sat through a horror-film version of Jack Frost with a girl I once dated who worked at a video store. The premise was this condemned murderer was being transported to another prison during a blizzard when the vehicle that was transferring him collided with a truck carrying toxic chemicals. The killer was thrown out of the truck and into the toxic chemicals that had spilled onto the highway. When mixed with snow, the chemicals changed him into an evil snowman. Awful, just awful.

Ah, the things you'll do and watch for love (or cheap sex...).

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Artists I've Been Avoiding Despite Their Acclaim / Popularity

Too bad, AJ, you're missing out on some truly outstanding music. If you'll allow me, I'll give you a brief list of what albums you should listen to from some of these artists (okay, my favorite albums, if you must ask):
- Bjork: Debut, Vespertine
- DJ Shadow: Endtroducing..., The Private Press
- Brian Eno: Here Come The Warm Jets, Before and After Science, Ambient I: Music For Airports
- Kraftwerk: Trans-Europe Express
- Massive Attack: Blue Lines, Protection
- Tricky: Maxinquaye

Start with these, if you can. Borrow them from a friend who might have them, or pester your local library if they have a hip record collection.

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Maybe I'm Just Old...

I read a blurb in Entertainment Weekly where Corey Feldman is hoping to put together a Goonies update, with some of the original cast and some new kids as well. Yeah, Corey, I'm sure the other Corey is game, but good luck getting Sean Astin and Josh Brolin involved.

If this is true, Corey Feldman must be stopped!

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Random Thoughts

AJ, do you have a website? If you did, this list would be perfect as a daily blog. I'd sure as hell check it out every day.

If you don't have a website, get crackin', sonny!

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Bond, James Bond (23 Films Ranked and Reviewed)

You're very welcome. Great minds think alike.

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