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Guess the Quote (from nearly anything)

Indeed it is. This post has been dormant from sometime, as has my listing.

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Guess the Quote (from nearly anything)

It is!

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Title Combos

That's it! Guess I'll have to come up with some more over winter break.

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Title Combos


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0033: Songs That Can Make Me Cry

Most of the songs that make me cry are related to my last relationship, just because they remind of missing the love that once was there and how there became nothing. These are songs I have to play while I'm by myself because I just lose it.

Bob Dylan - If You See Her, Say Hello
Roy Orbison - Crying

There are other songs that make me tear up, but these are the hardest of all.

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Top 100 Electronic Music (including trance, house, techno, ambient, IDM, jungle, goa, avante-garde, indie electronic, etc.) Albums of All Time

Thought you might like to hear this guy - KEEPBULLFIGHTING. He's local to Tallahassee (where I live) and it's pretty good stuff, not sure how you'd classify it. I'm completely hooked on '3 Brothers,' I've had it on repeat since yesterday (with little break).

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Trailerology: Barnyard (Whoa, that CAN'T be Right)

I noticed the same thing and showed my girlfriend. But be as the movie is written and directed by Steve Oedekirk, he will try any way he can to throw in a repeat of the cow/bullet-time sequence from Kunk Pow, so he's giving the characters as many venues (and organs) as he can to make that extremely possible.

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Memorable Movies Lines

Just to let you know of duplicates - #42 and #156

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Netflix Store Grand Opening

Are these the barebones DVDs, like what you get in the mail from Netflix? Or do they have boxes and inserts?

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My Lyrics Game

No, sorry, it's not. Keep guessing.

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My Lyrics Game

You got it.

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My Lyrics Game

Yes it is, the song is "Strange Powers," one of my favorites.

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Favorite "Family Guy" Quote(s)

It's on "The King is Dead" where Peter takes over Lois' directing job on The King and I.

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Memorable Movies Lines

"I ain't good...I'm the best" - Clyde Barrow: Bonnie and Clyde (1967)
"Open the pod bay doors, HAL." - Dr. Dave Bowman: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

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Trailerology: Match Point

Well I sure didn't see that one coming. It looks fair, but the biggest twist in the movie...is who directs it.

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