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Rating the Films: James Cameron

Crazy, isn't it? I saw the trailers when it came out and thought "Who the hell would want to see that?" Apparantly everyone. I've never been able to bring myself to rent it, probably in no small part due to its length.

11/6/2003 View
Rating the Films: Quentin Tarantino

Sure. Ask and you shall receive.

11/2/2003 View
Rating the Films: Quentin Tarantino

I'm really ambivalent on True Romance. I really wanted to like it, and there are some stellar scenes, but somehow it never connected with me. I think Tarantino would have been better off directing it himself. I think his directorial style would have put this over the top.

To answer your question, I don't consider it his film, although it is the same universe (since he wrote it).

10/31/2003 View
Empires Top 10 Greatest Heists(reverse order)

I haven't seen Point Break, but having seen all the others, I'd have to agree on that scene from Rififi. I am somewhat surprised by the inclusion of Thomas Crown; I think the bank sequence in the original version is better than the art gallery scene (especially with the use of split screen).

10/29/2003 View
States I’ve Been In

Illinois, these days. Chicago to be more precise.

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Rating the Films: John Huston

I almost set a stop watch to see how fast the comments on Sierra Madre would come in. For whatever reason, it just hits me the wrong way. Intellectually, I understand why people love it, but emotionally it strikes me as pretty cold.

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0018: Top Ten Films of the 1970's

Nothing from Coppola? No Godfather (I or II), or Apocalypse Now? Curiouser and couriserer...

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Rating the Films: Akira Kurosawa

There you go...

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Best 20 Films of the 90's

Yeah, Beauty and the Beast is a good one. Disney sure had a run there for a while, didn't they?

Also, these are only in alphabetical order, not a ranked order. I just number to keep track of the total.

10/10/2003 View
The Greatest Directors' Best Films

Well, if it makes you feel better, I've got Rear Window here and Schindler's List here.

10/9/2003 View
1982: Movies I've Seen

Ghandi is a top tier kind of film, and The Thing is a lot of fun.

10/1/2003 View
Radiohead: Rating the Albums

I actually see how that could work...

9/26/2003 View

I like Bronson's sixties roles as well, but in his latter career, Indian Runner (1991) is a really touching performance. Death Wish and its sequels made him wealthy, but Indian Runner reminded me he really could act.

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Best Thrillers of the 1980's

I am taking the US perspective, not the non-English one for foreign. I'm not sure if Mad Max was initially released in Australia or not, but it was filmed in New South Wales and doesn't inlcude any American actors, so it's close enough for me.

9/4/2003 View
Best Thrillers of the 1980's

That's what I get for not paying enough attention to the question...I thought I had put Mad Max in the foreign category. Hmmm...maybe it's good enough just to say that Max is the best thriller from 1981 period, and that Diva is the best foreign if you take Max out of the running. Or you could say I screwed up.

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