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Music-Sharing Angst

That's pretty funny. Thanks for the link.

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Rating the Films: Paul Thomas Anderson

I think Hard Eight is an amazing film; truly outstanding filmmaking.

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Original and Remakes.

I'd like to read Biskind's book; I've heard it's a page-turner.

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Best 20 Films of the 50's

That's a failing on my part; I haven't seen any of Mizoguchi's films. Tragic, I know.

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Rating the Films: M. Night Shyamalan

I know a lot of people who feel the same way. I've mentioned before that he needs to either let someone else direct his next one, or direct someone else's material pretty soon here, just to change direction a bit.
The big knocks on him are a label for a gimmick in his screenplays, and the rap for being a little slow (or sleep-inducing if you don't like him).
Personally, I like that he takes a chance on a premise and runs it out to a logical conclusion. Example: In The Village, he fully explores the concept of a town of "innocents", but he hits all of the problems that would be inherent there; a basis in fear and secrets, how the next generation would be inquisitive, the ultimate introduction of crime, etc. He runs it out in an intruguing way, without being preachy
He's got other strengths: great visual shots; he takes a great deal of care with shot composition. He also has a knack for good dialogue; both the cadence and preciseness of The Village dialogue is great.
In sum, I think he's definitely a love or hate director; you're either into what he's trying to accomplish, or he's a second-rate hack. Not too much room in the middle.

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Rating the Films: Takeshi Kitano

I actually like the first half; it's completely against exspectation (at least for me). I think the quietness of the front half is needed for the second half to not feel forced.

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Quiz: Guess the last name!

11. Crispin (watch out for those karate kicks, Letterman!).

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Paul Newman at 80

Neat little article, though the last paragraph is out of left field.

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Quiz: Anagrams

#8. Roger Moore

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Collection: 33 Masterpieces

I agree with most of these, and am especially pleased to see The Shining. I gotta say though, I don't like The Graduate. I know I'm in the minority on that one, but I think it's creepy rather than funny.

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Blind Shaft

It's a likable film. I dug it as a re-tread of a familiar story with its own cultural insights/aspects; the main characters are all very good, especially the younger grifter. Worth watching.

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Take care, lester.

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0024: Character Game (stolen from jblack, thanks!)

I know the list is old, but...
27. Willem Dafoe, Platoon

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Top Ten Frustrated Sports Cities

That's a good point. And thankfully for the Jerseites, they are a New jersey team.

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Nifty New Netflix Tracker Report

You finally convinced me. I've joined the tracking list, though I probably won't join the queue lists (since I think it's weird if people knew what movies I was renting).

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