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Cinematographers' Filmographies

That's a hard question. The problem is dissociating the DP's work from the director's vision. I think this also explains why DP's don't get much credit from many people.
Of your list, I haven't seen enough of a couple (Gimenez and Yamamoto) to make any real statements. I think I may like Mathieson least; several of his films go with that grainy look, which I'm not the biggest fan of. Though, again, is that his or the director's decision? I might like Acord best, even with his relatively short list of work, but that's only a gut reaction to your list.

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Cinematographers' Filmographies

Nice list. DP's don't get nearly enough credit for their work. I'd think Roger Deakins would fit nicely in this list.

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Rating the Films: David Cronenberg

So it seems that you like him more when he's in his sci/fi gross-out edge, and I like him more when he's doing more mainstream fare. Though to be fair, even his mainstream stuff is pretty out there...

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5 Gems of Asian Cinema

Have you watched any of Seijun Suzuki's stuff? It's pretty interesting, if not great.

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Who Wants to Run the Secret Santa?

It's so true. I once moved five blocks and it might as well have been to another country. Good luck.

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Who Wants to Run the Secret Santa?

Moving? Moving where?

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Rating the Films: Tony Scott

Both of those films have some serious cult following (and a lot from people on this site), and especially in the case of True Romance, I can see why. Neither film quite makes the case for me, but I understand it.

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Rating the Films: Tony Scott

Hmmm. I'm guessing you like True Romance and The Last Boy Scout much more than (the least favorite is much harder) Top Gun. How close am I?

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Trailerology: Ratatouille

Wow. That looks really funny.

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Trailerology: Ghost Rider

Why does every potentially good comic adaptation have to star Nic Cage or Keanu Reeves? Anyone?

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Trailerology: Snakes on a Plane

And after a while, it'll be Snakes in a Spaceship.

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LBangs on MSNBC, Bertie on Powell's

How excellent! Kudos to all.

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Films hurt by their large, stellar casts

That's a good one. I've never seen it, but it would seem to fit the mold. I've heard McQueen enjoyed filming, but I don't know how much the cast joked around...

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Off to Nationals!

Go Jim!

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The 250

In regards to comments about strange movies making it into the top 250: "For this top 250, only votes from regular voters are considered." You figure only a small subset of people who go to IMDb actually register, and that's a pretty skewed group.

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