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Musical Cameos

Stevie Ray Vaughn on David Bowie's China Girl
Eddie Van Halen on Michael Jackson's Beat It

11/7/2004 View
Five Things of Great Popularity That I Never Much Cared For

it's still evil

8/27/2004 View
The World's 65 (!) Greatest Beings(SUGGESTIONS REALLY NEEDED!!!)- Changed and updated!

I saw a documentary series this weekend on Benjamin Franklin. I would suggest him.

8/23/2004 View
Julia Child

Looks like I'm havin' Red Meat and Gin tonight! RIP Julia.

8/13/2004 View
Yet Another Lyrics Quiz (still 2 of 25 unguessed)

13. Mr. Wrong by Cracker

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Jim's Current Addictions

I've been wanting to see Following, since I'm a big fan of Christopher Nolan, but I haven't gotten around to it. Obviously, it's worth getting around to?

7/28/2004 View

Here is my e-mail to them and their reply.

There are 33 first run Carmike screens in Columbus, Georgia, your corporate headquarters, and none of them carried Fareinheit 9/11 on it's opening weekend; and yet the Passion of the Christ opened in at least 10 in it's opening weekend. I, for one, am sick of your company's consistant lack of backbone in showing any films that do not meet your right-leaning standards of entertainment. Your total disregard for any opposing point of view is sickening and downright censorship. Any feeble attempt by your corporation to justify your decision not to show this movie in this area will be just corporate double-talk. Michael Moore is an Academy Award winning director, whether you agree with his films or not. It should be the viewing public's choice whether to endorse his film, not your corporation's. In the words of Micheal Moore's Academy Award acceptance speech, "Shame on you!"

and the reply was:

We do not subscribe to one political doctrine. We are a mainstream film exhibitor. Our product comes from the major distributors and their subsidiaries. The independent distributor for the film 911 does not have the resources to support a national release. We are hopeful that their box-office success this past weekend will lead to additional print buys in the coming weeks.


by the way, The Passion, which was in at least 10 local screens, was distributed by Newmarket Film Group(who?) with a list of a whopping 14 films to their credit.

ummmm. yeah, ok. This sounds like bullshit to me. According to the article provided by Jim,

"Lions Gate Entertainment is the premier independent producer and distributor of motion pictures, television programming, home entertainment, family entertainment and video-on-demand content. Its prestigious and prolific library of approximately 8000 titles is one of the largest in the entertainment industry."


"IFC Films, a leading theatrical film distribution company bringing the best of independent and specialized films to theaters"

6/28/2004 View

It was a joke in my town, the corporate headquarters for Carmike Cinemas. They decided not to open it here. However, the almost certainly horrible "White Chicks" managed to warrant multiple theaters in every local cineplexe. Urrghghh! I have just sent them a scathing e-mail which I'm sure will be ignored or go unread.

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Worst Films to win Best Picture

Still, Oliver should probably be on the list. Don't ya think?

6/24/2004 View
Movie Vs Movie Vol.7 Raging Bull Vs Rocky

I think it's about an ex middleweight champ who opens a car wash

6/24/2004 View
Worst Films to win Best Picture

The Greatest Show on Earth won the Best Picture in 1952 instead of ...High Noon? OK, sure. It seems to be a shoo-in for this list.

6/24/2004 View
The Greatest Jazz Albums

Oh, my bad. I thought you were oddly fixated on the first four letters of the alphabet ;)

3/24/2004 View
The ten most important popular musicians of the 20th Century

I'd have to say that Jimmie Rodgers belongs somewhere on your list, even as an honorable mention. He was a huge influence on Woody and Hank who appear in the top ten and countless others.

3/24/2004 View
L. Bangs' Current Crazy Wish List

LBangs, you would think that the events of 9/11 on Lou's home turf, the NYC smoking ban, a republican president and congress, gay marriage bans and the like would be enough to send a seething Lou Reed into the studio. Maybe Lou is content to bask in the glow of his Legend status(however, if that were the case why would he continue to release crappy albums, why release anything?)

Surely Prince, one of the youngest Rock N Roll Hall of Fame members ever, has enough gas left in the tank for a couple of massive comebacks. I would like to see three.

I would like to see Kathy Griffin pop up...in the obituaries(that was just plain mean)

Dostoyevsky has always been one of my favorites-but with the despair of "Crime and Punishment" I predict fewer and fewer people will actaully read him.

3/24/2004 View
The Greatest Jazz Albums

Great list LBangs! BUT... Where's the Django Rheinhart? and Jimmy Smith's The Black Cat?

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