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The Enemies of Rock

As far as magazines go, how is Mojo?

9/30/2003 View
Best Woody Allen Movies

I loved Crimes and Misdemeanors but I would still say my favorite is Broadway Danny Rose.

9/22/2003 View
best albums ever

Great choices. It is interesting that you have some of my favorite artists on this list but not necessarily my favorite albums by them. For example, I love Astral Weeks and After the Gold Rush. Also Boys and Girls is my favorite Roxy Music album.

9/15/2003 View
Seen in 2003

I really disliked it. It was too gratuitous, going for shock value, without anything substantive to back it up.

7/7/2003 View
The Song Currently Stuck in My Head

I am stuck on Young Americans - David Bowie

6/10/2003 View
Greatest Psychedelic Albums (1-10)

What about something by the 13th Floor Elevators, say, Manicure Your Mind?

2/20/2003 View
0035: David Bowie's Best Songs

A am a huge fan of Low as well as the entire Berlin/Eno period. Some Are is probably my favorite track b/c I keep imagining what they were thinking when they recorded something that resembles a Christmas carol.

2/20/2003 View
What Type of Fan Are You? - Pink Floyd

What about Saucerful of Secrets or More? Where does that place you?

2/20/2003 View
0035: David Bowie's Best Songs

Would add Sound and Vision and Some Are.

2/20/2003 View
21 albums that make me forget that it's snowing outside

wow, what a great list! I wish I were listening to some of these albums right now.

2/11/2003 View
The Best Rock Songs (Still very much under construction...)

That is an interesting observation about Steely Dan. What's funny is that my favorite album by them is The Royal Scam. I also didn't know that Sing was on Blur's debut. I only heard it from the Trainspotting soundtrack (which, by the way, is very good). I guess when you are discussing the bands that we are you get into serious trouble trying to pick a favorite. I could say Radio Clash but just as easily pick almost anything off of London Calling.

2/10/2003 View
Fallen From Grace

Wow, that is funny. I created a list a while back entitled "Bands I should like but don't really care for" I had DMB and Jane's on that list. Perhaps we should start a list for the overrated.

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The Best Rock Songs (Still very much under construction...)

Alright, here it goes:

Dylan-Maggies Farm
CSNY-Long Time Gone
CCR-Fortunate Son
Sly and the Family Stone-Just Like a Baby
The Rolling Stones-Sway
David Bowie-Sound and Vision
The Band-A Change is Gonna Come
Elvis-Viva Las Vegas (Guilty Pleasure)
Pavement-I go with your choice
Pretenders-Back on the Chain Gang
Fleetwood Mac-Hypnotized
The Who-Bargain
Prince-Sign O' the Times
Led Zeppelin-In the Evening
The Byrds_ I Just Wanna See His Face
U2-In God's Country
Steely Dan-Do It Again
American Music Club-Again, I go with your choice
Velvet Underground-Lisa Says
White Stripes-Dead Leaves in the Dirty Ground
Graham Parker-Get Started (Start a Fire)
The Clash-Radio Clash
Beatles-Happiness is a Warm Gun

2/10/2003 View
The Best Rock Songs (Still very much under construction...)

This is a great list. However, what would be fun is to create an alternative list of the same artists. For example, I would prefer "A Change is Gonna Come" by the Band or "Maggie's Farm" by Dylan. Just looking at your Beatles quandary indicates that there are several good alternatives for each of these artists.

2/10/2003 View
Titanic Verses: an expanding lyric MEGAQUIZ

thanks for correcting my Television mistake

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