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movies with long RUN Times

Maybe I overlooked this.

But, I think "Dances With Wolves" is pretty darn long.

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2004: Movies I've Seen

Don't go see this movie based only on this review. It's much better than a C+, but noone asked me.

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Listology Movie-meter (08/03/2009): Finally updated!

-Citizen Kane: ****
-Casablanca: ****
-Gone With The Wind: ****

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Collection: Interesting internet sites about movies (apart from: listology.com, of course)

Stylusmagazine.com has some good periodic movie reviews (mostly a music site).

Also, every Friday- chicagosuntimes.com/ebert for all your Rogert Ebert reviews.

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The Essential Guide to The Who

Quite surprised "Sell Out" didn't receive masterpiece status.

Love to see "Leeds" at it's well deserving 5 stars. Few things are more representative of a band and rock in general.

Just my two cents, but I would give "Tommy" and "My Generation" 5 stars as well.

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The Essential Guide to Bob Dylan

Fair enough. Dylan is absolutely an artist that attracts many lovers and haters on different levels.

Of the albums I've heard:

5 Stars
Highway 61 Revisited
Blonde on Blonde
Blood on the Tracks
Bringing It All Back Home
Nashville Skyline
Bootleg Series, Vol. 4: Live 1966
4 1/2 Stars
John Wesley Harding
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
4 Stars
Greatest Hits Vol. 1 and 2
The Times They Are-A Changin'
Another Side Of Bob Dylan
Bootleg Series, Vol. 5: Live 1975
3 Stars
Greatest Hits Vol. 3
Bob Dylan

I've only heard bits and pieces of the new stuff (1990-present).

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The Essential Guide to Bob Dylan

My God, it's unbelievable that Dylan had 3 5 star studio albums in '65 through '66. That's without a doubt one of the most talented, high-profile eras of an artist ever. I have few comments.

I know this is your personal critical guide. It's very good to see the entire coverage of the man's career. I just don't know how you have heard all of these albums. I own about a fifth of them and have no desire to hear about ten of these in my life.
Also, I'm a little surprised these three albums didn't receive "masterpiece" status (I would say they are).
1. Desire
2. Nashville Skyline
3. Bootleg Series, Vol.4

Also, "Freewheelin'" would be mighty close. Anyway, good comprehensive list- keep pumping these things out.

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Why American Beauty is the Best Film Ever Made

I felt like this when I first saw it, (opening night) but it faded fast, although I would say it's in the top 10 films of the '90's.

I rewatched it recently and was bothered by a couple of things (just personal complaints).

-I think it's creepy and pointless to turn the stern, Col. Fitts into the "homo-curious" character at the end. There could have been a more convincing subplot for the murder.

- My God, I wish they had had the Neil Young version of "Don't Let It Bring You Down", instead of that boring cover version during the living room make out scene. It would have gone along better with The Who's "The Seeker" in it's authenticity.

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2004: Movies By Grade

Where does Napoleaon Dynamite fit on here? I thought it was EXCELLENT

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Name the Song

The last one is Oasis- Live Forever.

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Top Ten Albums of 2004

Check put The Walkmen's "Bows and Arrows" if you get a chance.

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0018: My Favorite Albums of the 00's

Is it just me or has The Walkmen's "Bows and Arrows" been steadily declining? Now, that is an incredible album. What don't you like about it? Just wondering.

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2004: Albums Aquired

Are you going to get Wilco's new album?

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0027: Bands/Artists I'm Surprised that Major Radio Hasn't Picked Up On

I can't believe the Beastie Boys premiered their new single on the O.C.!

Yeah, I'm certainly surprised that The New Pornographers and The Shins haven't gotten more mainstream attention. Only these two will really be relevant this decade. I think The Thrills have enjoyed more 'popular' success than any of the others.

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2004: Albums Aquired

I understand. I think that the new album is entertaining, but it is not Wilco's best. It's worth the money though.

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