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Best Albums of the 1970's

The Clash- The Clash and London Calling being absent make me scratch my head.

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2005: Top 20 Albums

what do you think of new franz? ?
i enjoy

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The Most Outstanding Rock Band of the Past 20 Years


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The Last Ten Songs to Play on My Launch Radio Station

I love Friends with P.

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2005: Top 20 Albums

I had a feeling,

you would under rate Bloc Party.

I'm sorry, they're just so good to me.

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2005: Albums Aquired

Is the new Beck album completed or did you acquire a slightly finished download?

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2005: Top 20 Albums

LCD Soundsystem?

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0025: Top Albums of the 90's

Hell yes for LCW!
Where's Soft Bulletin man??

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0028: The "Classic" Albums of the 00's

Did Pitchfork even include it in the Best of 00-04 album list? I saw White Blood Cells.

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Favorite Album Art

I am very much a cover fan. Check out my two lists sometime...

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2005: Albums Aquired

I think Bloc Party will make a big splash in the States.

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Best of 2004: Pitchfork

I was pretty shocked that they did that. The Walkmen's album was the biggest surprise of the list. I was expecting top 5 or along those lines. I heard alot of full albums as well as bits and pieces of most of the list and I thought the ordering was wierd. Van Lear Rose is obviously a better album than Ghostface, or whoever. Also, I personally loath Blueberry Boat, as you may already know. Atleast thay got #1 right.

12/23/2004 View
Youthful Indiscretion-Some Really Bad Albums I Owned in My Youth

Sadly, I owned all those except Tiffany.

But..I owned:

Boyz II Men- the one with "Poison"
Janet Jackson- 'Janet'
'Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em and 'Too Legit to Quit'
New Kids- The Christmas Album
Paula Abdul and Mariah Carey tapes galore.

My God, I am ashamed.

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Netflix Tracker Updates

Jim, are you phasing out the music section of this site? As of right now, in "recent updates" there's one list for the music topic, and a full page for movies...just wondering.

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The Band Box Set - September 2005!?!?

Yes, I can't wait!

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