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"Where Are They Now: The Babysitter's Club"- a collabrative effort by Debbie Hitler and PostmistressP List 3 11/12/2002
Best Books By Or About Sonny Bono List 0 1/14/2003
Character from "Little Women" I'd Most Like to Be/Date Poll 3 11/8/2002
Ernest's Reasons Why We Are Not Going To Get Rid of The Directories Yet List 0 11/15/2002
Teen Books Most Likely To Rot Away in Locker of Teen List 3 11/8/2002
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"Attack of The Exes" List 2 11/11/2002
Future Additions to the Veggie Tales Cast List 0 11/8/2002
I Wouldn't Brake for this Disney Character if They Darted In Front of My Car on a Poorly Lit Street Poll 2 11/13/2002
Model Turned Actress Who Should Stick To Modeling Poll 0 11/8/2002
Most Nausea Inducing Hollywood Couple Poll 0 11/8/2002
Movies In Which Former Presidents Should Have Been Cast List 0 11/15/2002
Movies In Which Lil' Kim Should Have Been Cast List 2 11/7/2002
Signs You Are Rapidly Falling From the Hollywood A-List List 2 11/8/2002
Things Russel Crowe Yells When He Orgasms List 7 11/7/2002
Title Type Views Comments Updated
Ask Lil' Kim: An Interactive Post Article 7 11/14/2002
Entertainers Who Have At One Point In Time Sported A "Mullet"! List 1 11/11/2002
Entertainers Who Put Their Significant Other In A Music Video List 7 11/13/2002
Madonnas Best Fashion Phase Poll 7 11/11/2002
Pop Songs I Would Play If Strom Thurmond Came To a Kegger at My House List 3 11/8/2002
Recording Artists Who Would Make Good Dictators List 1 11/14/2002
Songs That Came On The Radio While I Was Waiting For The Cop To Write Up My Ticket List 0 11/14/2002
Teen Pop Star You Want To Make Your Nonfat Double Cappucino In The Year 2025 Poll 0 11/8/2002
The Left Eye Tribute Poll- What Would She Be Doing Today Poll 0 11/11/2002
What Is Your Favorite PreachaMan Song? Poll 0 1/14/2003
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Best Episodes of "The E True Hollywood Story" List 7 11/7/2002
Kids In The Hall Characters I'd Like to Invite to Dinner and What We Would Eat List 3 11/11/2002
Reasons Not To Kill Myself, By Sally Struthers List 1 11/15/2002
Who Do You Want to Be Stuck With That Annoying Guy from The Bachelor Til Death Do Them Part... Poll 0 11/8/2002