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Books Read in 2013

Thanks. Just saw your post. It's definitely different. The writing is very poetic, long sentences that sometimes lose the subject. Very "mythic" feels like a greek legend or something. Almost too long for it's writing style (like really rich fudge, you'd never want to have a pound of it at a time). The ending was not what I expected.

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Movies Seen in 2013

Hi sorry I just saw your post. I don't know if I qualify as a film lover but if I get a chance I'll check it out.

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Movies Seen in 2011

I looked at it but I can't really tell what it's all about. Is it like a contest to see who can watch the most movies? After parties sound fun!

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Books Read in 2011

90% of the times I mean to add a book to the list I end up adding a comment. So here's my obligatory accidental post.

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Movies Seen in 2010


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Books Read in 2010


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Movies Seen in 2009


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The First Week

Love it. It looks so professional. Thanks for keeping the site alive.

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Favorite Movies in no particular order

Yea the Truman show was very unique in that it was a 'smart' movie that the 'general public' could enjoy. I think the Star Wars prequels got better as they went on, I didn't like the muppet babies in the first movie and Jar Jar was annoying but seeing Yoda pull out a light sabre in a theater packed with fans was almost a spiritual experience.

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Movies Seen in 2006

Hey Bertie! It's been a while. No the old dialog went away. We were on Delphi last. Hyperpat was the first to kind of bow out (he got married again), then Mpolgara actually moved about 30 minutes from me. We got together once, her boyfriend was going to get in our band and then he left us hanging twice in a row. So I think she's too embarrased to call. I'm actually going to try to get her to come out to see us now that we're playing out.

Finally Seth (Orbitsvile, Kakuta) decided that he needed to get off the internet after a few spats with other users and he was especially mad when Amazon wouldn't let him review books any more because he didn't have a credit card. He went on the site and deleted all of his reviews.

So the thread got dead for a month or two and they deleted it. Now I'm on one of those "what are you reading now" threads.

We lost one of our four-legged kids and it was devastaing but 7 months ago we got a 2-legged kid. Check him out here:

If you end up having to search his name is Isaiah Tiernan.

So what's up with you.

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Movies Seen in 2005

So the total is 8 movies in the theater and 11 rentals in 1 year. That sounds about right. There would be a lot more movies listed under the cable but we watch mostly series because we have HBO on demand. So we watch Def Poetry, Rome, Six Feet Under, Epitatos,Real Sex (and all the spin offs), and all of the comedy specials too. Doesn't leave much time for movies. Oh yea and outside of that we're working our way through the Firefly DVD's too.

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Books Read in 2005

I think it was good but if it was any longer it would have been bad. It was like an experiment in style that was cool and new but would have been really irritating at 200 pages or more. Here's what I wrote on the Delpi discussion boards.

It was kind of Tarantino does action, William Gibson does ideas/tech and William S. Burroughs does the writing with a bit more modern hipness. It's short so it was worth it.

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Books Read in 2005

It was good. Not at all like his _Gun with Occasional Music_ (which was great in a different way). This was more subtle. More about people and how strange they can be. It was absurdist at times and really just normal fiction at times. So if that's what you're into give it a try.

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Movies Seen in 2005

I got the idea when I noticed a trend in the number of books read over the years drop on my book lists. 2004 is the first year that the total has went up and so now I'm trying to beat 2004.

It's kind of a long-term side effect.

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Books Read in 2004

Sorry about the late reply. I absolutely loved it! Very cool, I'd have to put it in my top 20 books of all time. I love the use of a fantastic idea to teach a very mundane lesson about life.

He definitely hit something because I think almost anyone you ask, at one time or another, has said, "What would I do differently if I could do it all again?" or "What would I do if I was suddenly rich?".

It's unfortunate that most of the reviews I read of Grimwood's other books have said they didn't match up.

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