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0024: Character Game (stolen from jblack, thanks!)

# 9 is Catherine Zeta-Jones' character from The Mask of Zorro.

3/6/2001 View
0023: L. Bangs' Great Film Challenge

#13 therefore must be from Never Say Never Again.

3/2/2001 View
Books read in 2001

I got bogged down toward the end, but it was pretty interesting. I normally don't read a lot of biography. And it was definitely a bio of Galileo - including letters from his daughter was pretty much just the attention-getting gimmick for the book. Not that those letters didn't provide a lot of interest, and illumination of his life.

And she appears to have been an interesting woman, though not a whole lot is said about her life (though I don't think much CAN be said of a cloistered nun in the 17th century).

2/17/2001 View
Resonant Movies, Tier One

I find it odd that so many in your Tier 1 list are very recent. Looks like 9 from the last 3 years or so. I would think you would have more of a time spread, with a mixture of classics, recent, and not-so-recent. Is it just that those films are fresher in your memory?

11/3/2000 View
Blair Witch 2

I've seen worse. See the score for Winona Ryder's last movie, Lost Souls (glad I didn't waste my money). The ONLY "fresh" review uses words like "decent" and "passable" - not exactly glowing.

10/27/2000 View
Favorite Movies with a Disability Focus/Storyline

It just occured to me - Four Weddings and a Funeral! For the deaf brother - I can't believe no one has mentioned it before.

10/9/2000 View
0028: Part 2 - L. Bangs' Great Lyric Challenge

Just thought you might enjoy the story of #4 (House of the Rising Sun).

9/18/2000 View
.Books To Read

Well, as distinct from Books to Spend Actual Money On, rather. There are either books I own but have never gotten around to, or books I plan to borrow from the library.

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Favorite southern rock songs

For me at least, it refers to a style. It has almost a country-western sound to it. And Black Velvet defintely qualifies for that (I believe it was actually on the Country billboard list as well as the rock).

8/29/2000 View
Favorite southern rock songs

Well, if you want to check out similar-souding artists, go to Amazon Music > Styles > Rock > Classic Rock > Southern Rock. It's not a very popular sound nowadays, but I'm not the only one who classifies it this way.

8/29/2000 View
0016: Films to Scare Yourself Silly With (AKA Great Horror Films)

How about Arachnophobia? Despite the comedic elements (like John Goodman), I found it very scary (attested to by the deep fingernail marks on my date's arm afterwards).

8/21/2000 View
I'm just about mentally committed to completely re

One more idea - being able to see the number of entries on each list when looking at a search result (OK, so I just want to compare the "Books I've read this Year lists the easy way). In other words, I would see a list of lists like:

  • Books read in the 2nd half of 2000 (21) by timepiec (32 entries)
  • Books I've Read This Year (53) by Rhaam (24 entries)
  • Recent Books I have Read by Smooney (4 entries)

[just making these numbers up, don't kill me if I under-report your reading]

Which brings up another idea - is there a way to seach only in the list title, not the contents? (like for "this year")?

8/17/2000 View
I'm just about mentally committed to completely re

Maybe it's my love of parallelism (or something), but I like the categories: aural, textual, and visual.

Or you could be more strightforward and go for audio, video, print.

7/26/2000 View
I'm just about mentally committed to completely re

I'm very happy that we can now know, via the stars, when a new comment has been added to our lists, but I'd also like to know when someone has replied to my comment on another list.

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Fun Movies, Tier One

so what did you think of the X-men, other than fun?

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