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Original and Remakes.

Have you seen either version of The Italian Job ? I've never seen the original, but the remake was a riot. Although I read it wasn't really a remake - completely different plot. Same basic premise, though, young thief with older mentor, big heist.

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How Film Series Rank

Don't be afraid of watching the last Jurassic Park . It was actually a big improvement over the second (in my opinion). I think it was being able to simply create their own script free-form, rather than try to adapt a book not intended to be filmed (as in the case of Lost World ).

Of course, I can't really remember the last one, I just remember thinking it was a significant improvement. Think Indiana Jones trilogy.

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When You Reach the Top You're On the Bottom - Another stab at this lyric quiz thing...

46 - Surrender, Cheap Trick.

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Favorite paintings

Well, thank you. In fact, I'm in the middle of creating thumbnails and posting them to my web page (just applied for a job in a museum, want to emphasize I'm an art lover).

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Exercise Fodder

That was season 6, which you see me using as an example of a bad season. The general "theme" of the season was how she didn't feel like she belonged anywhere (just resurrected, torn out of heaven), didn't feel anything (numb, from the shock of returning to a world that's "hard, and bright, and violent") and all of her support was taken away (friends have jobs, lovers, other interests; Giles left). It was a fairly dark season, and I think the witty banter suffered from the general tone. Well, a lot of Buffy was dark, but not quite that depressing.

And if you only started halfway through, you probably missed the completely redeeming musical episode, which almost made the rest of the season worth it.

In addition, the way the show is written changed at some point - at the beginning, a lot of the episode plots were metaphorical - and at a certain point they ran out and just did straight plots. Examples: high-school girl finally sleeps with her boyfriend, and the next day, he's really mean to her (because he lost his soul, on the show); or, drinking too much beer turns Buffy into a Neanderthal (literally - it's magically spelled).

I'm telling you, season three, maybe two. It's even on DVD already. It has an entertaining villian, and a wonderful cast member who then departed (Oz). Joss Whedon claims to have more empathy for high school problems than college and real life, so the later seasons were more of an effort for him I guess.

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Exercise Fodder

Kepp going with the Buffy. Season One is not one of the best. My personal favorite is season Three.

The story arcs improve immeasurably in later seasons, S1 didn't have much of one. Plus, later seasons seem much lighter on the cringe-worthy scenes (I just saw Teacher's Pet this morning during my exercise, and, ugh). Not that there are no bad episodes later, but not as bad.

And in Buffy, even the worst episodes are somewhat redeemed by at least one excellent line or scene, much the way even the worst seasons (Six) are improved by excellent episodes (the musical). Case in point: Teacher's Pet had a great scene where an amused Willow and Buffy refuse to help a temporarily brain-dead Xander give directions to the gorgeous new teacher.

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Books read in 2003

I thought it was much better than Goblet of Fire. Darker, which almost everyone knows by now. And I love the Salon review that says we know he's an adolescent now not just because of his age, or the interest in girls, but because he has become grumpy and angsty.

But the worst thing is, she killed Sirius! He was my favorite character! Anyone but him! . I did like some of the new characters: Tonks, and Luna. I'm sure they'll do something more with Luna in the next book. And Ginny's emergence from her shell was refreshing and fun. She is going to be a sore trial to Ron, obviously (since he'll be the only one there to witness what's going on).

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Books read in 2003

I was fascinated. However, I was kind of disappointed that the library wasn't used more (herbal manuals, history of weapons, etc), or literacy passed on to the kids.

I love post-apocalyptic stuff, and the return to more primitive life. And even the ones written quite a while ago don't seem very out-of-date.

You might want to try On the Beach. One of the few I've ever seen where by the end, there are no survivors whatsoever.

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Scared Straight: The Listology Guide To Clean Living

I haven't actually seen it, but would Leaving Las Vegas qualify for this?

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News Aggregator Users?

I don't use an aggregator client, but I do use newsisfree.com to read quite a few feeds.

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Humorous Speculative Fiction

Hey, you have to admit . . . I might change it back, "silly" doesn't seem quite what I'm going for either. Maybe just "humorous," to match the Mysteries list.

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Humorous Speculative Fiction

I tried one Discworld book, but I must not have been in the right mood for it. Which one would you recommend starting with?

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Books read in 2002

Uh, that was a while ago, let me think. It dealt with several subjects, breastfeeding, fashion, porn, cancer, etc. I was intrigued that many cultures don't find breasts particularly erotic, and almost no one has fetishished them to the extent of the US.

My memory is not good at all - had you asked in April I would be able to tell you a lot more.

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read in 2002

Did you enjoy The Grand Complication? I thought it was slow at the beginning, but just when I was about to give up, it got quite interesting.

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Stump the Movie Fool (emphasis on fool...)

Well, I don't see you mentioning it anywhere, so I will recommend Commandments, with Courtney Cox and Aidan Quinn. It's not exactly obscure, but it was a bomb in the theaters and few people saw it. I adore it. Definitely black comedy. I especially like the main character's "to-do list."

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