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Newest discoveries

As I think the author comment made clear (not to mention the fact this list is in the music category), this is a list of MY newest musical discoveries.

6/20/2008 View
.Books To Read

I couldn't do that - sometimes I'm in the mood for non-fiction, and sometimes mystery, and sometimes s-f. I couldn't have a set list in advance. Heck, I took 6 books on vacation, and bought new ones instead of reading two because I just wasn't in that mood.

5/17/2005 View
1000 Things to Do Before I Die

I have relatives who seem to feel they need to "christen" a bathroom in every family member's house, if you need another item for your "places" list. By the way, the beach thing is highly overrated. Think about where the sand ends up. Really. It's not fun.

On my (mental) list, not on yours:
go wading in a public fountain
get a tattoo (done)
see the northern lights
(test) drive a really expensive car
spend the night in a treehouse (adult, well-built treehouses in wacky vacation resorts allowed)
have a child

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The Cinetrix on 50 First Dates

I seem to remember a movie where someone announces the end of Citizen Kane, but I don't remember who said it.

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Books I will never finish

I'm very sensitive to style, along with plot and characterization, and Steinbeck just does not do it for me. I can't read him.

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Note to Firefox/Blogliners

Actually, it is possible (and amazingly, easier) to make a user style sheet in IE. And you can make it as a separate css file and store it anywhere on your drive you want, unlike FF. Just go to Options and click the Accessibility button, and specify the location of your css file.

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Note to Firefox/Blogliners

As one of that small minority (heck, probably the only member), I thank you. Of course, I was only reading the feed from the front page, which I don't think had any spoilers on it. Nonetheless.

Wait - Bloglines claims 17 people subscribe to that feed. I'm not the only one.

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Nuking the Hall of Fame

In contrast, since I dropped off some time ago, I have no objection to it disappearing.

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Christmas Music Ideas

One of my favorite albums is an old Boston Pops collection called Joy to the World. Unfortunately out of print, but available used.

The best part of this one is the reading of A Visit from St. Nicolas by Robin Williams. That alone makes it worth it. I also like the fact it includes the instrumental Sleigh Ride, and Parade of the Wooden Soldiers.

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popular shows i never liked

I don't know, I only watched maybe 2 episodes and it just didn't grab me. And it was so long ago I don't remember if I actually disliked it, or just felt neutral.

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Themes Going Away

Another way of doing custom themes might be to just allow a user to specify a linked CSS file, and then they can write their own and post it elsewhere, and link to it. Or even provide a little space for css files - they're plain text, they can't get but so big. I don't think that would take much code at all.

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Humorous mystery authors

Actually, my first suggestion is to ask your local librarian for recommendations. They'd be more than happy to find books for a reluctant reader.

Of the books on this list, the Lawrence Block ones may appeal - the main character is actually a burglar, and there's lots of interesting information about where people hide things and how to talk your way into buildings.

Does he not like sf? How many has he tried? There's a lot of good sf out there, but there is also some very badly written stuff - one bad one shouldn't turn him off the genre.

In my experience, most fiction for young adults actually tends to have male protagonists - that's why I made special lists of fantasy and sci-fi featuring female lead characters.

My final suggestion is a book I read recently and enjoyed tremendously: it's called Hatchet , by Gary Paulsen. It's a survival book, which I would think would intewrest a lot of boys. A young boy crashes in the middle of nowhere with nothing but his clothes and a hatchet - how does he survive?

11/19/2003 View
Actors I Hope to Never See Again

What did you see Eliza Dushku in that turned you off? If it was a movie, watch her in Buffy before discounted her entirely. And the best example of her acting ability is in the episode Who Are You?, in which she plays Buffy-in-Faith's-Body.

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Exercise Fodder

I don't see Buffy season 2 on your pending list! You are still planning on it though, right? And, Season 2 introduces Spike, in his early, truly evil persona . And the beloved Halloween episode, and Giles' rebellious days coming back to bite him (the Dark Age).

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Books I will never finish

I was about halfway through when they decided to show the movie in class, and once I knew the ending, it wasn't worth finishing.

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