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What Type of Fan Are You? - Pink Floyd

As a die-hard fan (I love "Atom Heart Mother"), I find that Gilmour's Pink Floyd stuff (a.k.a. post-Waters) is more musically pleasing. Waters' solo stuff, on the other hand, is more lyrically pleasing.

5/26/2001 View
Going Solo: Unsuccessful Solo Artists

While you're right about many of these artists going into obscurity, it's wrong to also assume that their solo works were not good. I know that Roger Waters' solo album "Amused to Death" was much better than many of Floyd's albums.

4/22/2001 View
0012. Over-Rated Artists

I'm with you all the way on "Animals" being the best Floyd album (in fact, I think I might go write a list now :)). I think the "overrated" attribute comes from people who haven't really heard too much of Floyd.

4/22/2001 View
Fun Movies, Tier One

Dave Foley was in "Blast from the Past"? Damn, now I'll have to rent it!

12/10/1999 View
Guilty Pleasures

Jim, I don't think "The Mummy" will make your Guilty Pleasures list.

Basically, the movie just blows. It has one of the worst screenplays I've seen in a long time.

12/10/1999 View
Must-See Movies of the Decade!!

The last two just don't fit into the picture somehow... :)
Personal favorites or what?

11/19/1999 View
Baseball Films Even A Sports Detractor Liked

Maybe it's not about baseball? Maybe it's about Kevin Costner? :-)

10/14/1999 View
Movies I can quote word for word.

Hmm... I have to admit I never really understood what the big deal about "Ferris Bueller" was.

However, I do give you credit for "A Fish Called Wanda". And while we're at the subject, I can't believe "MP & Holy Grail" is not on that list!!!
You surely know at least a few quotes from the movie!

10/14/1999 View