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Offbeat, Sleepers, or Just Pleasant Surprises, Tier One

I have a PAL tape of a supposed Director's Cut of The Professional in French with English subtitles and extra footage. I need someone to convert it!

Definatelty thought Out of Sight was well done. Good acting, good chemistry between Clooney and Lopez, decent story. I thinkit's biggest flaw is that it wasn't marketed well. Too bad.

Gatacca was a great film and amazingly enough Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman can act?!?! Great story about the triumph of the human will. It's one of my all time faves.

The Game was OK, and at times was less than OK, until the real ending which made it all worthwhile.

Groundhog Day is probably Bill Murray's best.

10/20/1999 View
Disappointing Movies

(Having seen all the films except Fallen and Farries...)

I think the problem with most of the movies on your list is not that they were dissapointing, but that they were dissapointing after being slammed by the hype and media machine which created unrealistic expectations. Then again both those Alien sequels you listed and the Lost World really have no redeeming qualities. The first half of ID was one of the best films ever, the second half was laughable and a waste of time, from the point when Wil Smith clocked the alien.

The one exception, in my mind, is The Spanish Prisoner... I was not dissapointed and think it's one of the best 'rents' out there. Sure the hero is gullable, but the movie was well paced and well acted. I found it highly enjoyable as did the people I made watch it (mom, girlfriend).

10/20/1999 View