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Top Ten 2010 Films

Wow, The Fighter is way up there, cool, I'm looking forward to that one.

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Damn, I only have time to watch movies on weekends part 20: hope is all around us

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, loved that movie! Glad you did too. I think I'm going to have to give it a rewatch soon.

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Films I Watched - February, 2010

Curious to hear how it held up?

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10 years! Not too many of that vintage! It continues to be a treat knowing you. Here's to 10 more. :-)

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2009: Movies Sorted By Tier

I was close to the middle, but a bit to the right. I was also probably in the middle from a front-to-back perspective. Pretty small theater.

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2009: Movies Sorted By Tier

Hmm. Thought I replied to your post, but it appears I started a new thread. See below...

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2009: Movies Sorted By Tier

I am normally very distracted by uncanny valley problems, so I'm surprised I didn't have the same problems with the live action 3D scenes as you did. I wonder if your 3D projector was a touch out of tune? Or you could just be even more sensitive to stuff like that than I am.

I hear you on the masterpiece thing. I just loved it, I make no claims regarding masterpiecehood.

P.S. District 9?! That's just crazy talk, man! :-) Great action scene, so much the better for being invested in the plot and characters, and thus having so much riding on the outcome.

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2009: Movies Sorted By Tier

So true! I read your review, and what surprised me most was how unimpressed you were with the effects. It's like we saw different movies.

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Films: Watched in 2010

I feel dense, must be missing something: Avatar has a rating, but the question mark is still there after "film"?

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Top Ten 2009 Films

Wow, that's so damn apt! Now I feel a little silly for liking it so much. :-) But that's never stopped me before.

I hate to think the main difference between us is that this was my first 3-D movie since the days of red-and-blue cardboard glasses. Am I really so distractable by shiny things?

Nah, there's still the Crash problem. Sometimes I just love stuff that it's hard to defend based on artistic merit alone.

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Top Ten 2009 Films

Wow, I suspected you wouldn't like it, but I have to admit that's a harsher review that I expected! I don't know if you saw my comments on my list about me seeing it in the perfect environment, which might have boosted my rating a bit, but I think even under average circumstances I would have still liked it.

When I consider the action movie spectrum (a spectrum with more than its fair share of dreck), it's hard for me to imagine slotting Avatar anywhere in the bottom half of the bell curve. I mean, clearly you have, putting it in the basement right next to Transformers II, but wow!

But as much as we agree, this is not the first time we've diverged wildly. *cough*cough*CRASH*cough*cough. :-) I think I just have to admit that my buttons are easier to push than yours, and I'm too often a sucker for cheap sentiment.

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The Fifty Best Films of the Decade

Yeah, I'm pretty happy I've been diligent about the reviews! I'd be totally at sea otherwise. I may give the top 50 a go...

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Cinema 2009

Very fun, thanks! Makes even the bad movies look great. Makes sense, since it is built from trailers. It's like a meta-trailer.

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The Fifty Best Films of the Decade

Wow, this is fantastic, I have really enjoyed following this. I had to wait for it to wrap up before going back to see how well we match up. This is how I pegged these over the years:

28 Weeks Later
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
Before Sunset
Children of Men
The Departed
Into the Wild
Kill Bill Vol. 1
King Kong
Lost in Translation
Pan's Labyrinth
Pride & Prejudice
Spirited Away
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ...And Spring
There Will Be Blood
The Twilight Samurai
The Wrestler

Really Liked
Bloody Sunday
The Brothers Bloom
Curse of the Golden Flower
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Far From Heaven
Finding Neverland
In the Mood for Love
Moulin Rouge
Mulholland Dr.
Mystic River
The Pianist
Requiem for a Dream
Yi Yi

Glad I Saw
Good Night, and Good Luck
The Royal Tenenbaums

Could Have Missed
Talk to Her

Haven't Seen Yet
The Barbarian Invasions
Brokeback Mountain
Capitalism: A Love Story
Chop Shop
Frozen River
Heading South
I'm Not There
The Man Without a Past
The New World
Nobody Knows
The Reader
Vera Drake

If it were my list I'm pretty sure I'd have to find room for The Lord of the Rings (can I count it as one movie?), The Incredibles, Inside Man, The Lives of Others, and District 9. I really should get in the game and make my own list. I have 63 movies from the decade that I loved (at least according to how I ranked 'em at the time), but I expect pruning 13 from that list would be thirsty work.

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2009: Movies Sorted By Tier

I know, seems forever ago! I think Zack Snyder movies tend to get March releases, which is probably not an accident. Better to be a big fish in a small pond, I suppose.

Funny, I thought of you after Avatar, and guessed you wouldn't like it (that is a compliment). Viewing conditions were perfect for me, which I'm sure helped. It was my first time in Pittsfield's new theater, a beautiful independent six-screener, all digital, and around which many hope the downtown will finally start to rejuvenate after GE downsized so devastatingly in the 70s. We had great seats, and I haven't seen a 3-d movie since the bad old days of red-and-blue glasses. I confess, I was swept away.

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