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Vladdy's 'Top 5 Overrated Artists'

When I say "overrated", I mean how people overextend their influence, such as when people say that "Without the Beatles, we wouldn't have the music we have today.", or "Without Nirvana, we'd still be stuck in the 80's" and other over-generalizations like those which are nowhere true.

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The Coolest Gunfight Scenes

My favorite gunfight scenes were the Shootout in New York City in 'Death Wish 3' (Charles Bronson taking out goons with a machine gun?...kick-ass :3) and the shootout scene at the school in 'The Substitute' (William Forsythe is insane! :P).

Also, isn't the 'U.S. Army Rangers vs. Mogadishu Insurgents' more than half of Black Hawk Down?, but whatever, it's still awesome and I agree with it's position.

For Gettysburg, always thought Picket's Charge was better than the Little Round Top battle.

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best thrash metal bands I know of

Some great Thrashers to check out if you haven't already:
*Venom - though not really 'true' thrash, they're the innovators of it though
*Exumer - Highly Underrated
*Tankard - Alcoholic Metal!!! :3
*Evile - Great Modern Thrash Band
*Fueled By Fire
*DOOM - Japaese Thrash Metal Band; had Pirarucu, one of the greatest bass players of all time, R.I.P.

I'd also recommend that you give Exodus more of a chance, they have a lot more to offer than Paul Baloff :P

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Worst Metal Sub/Fusion Genre? (POLL)

Hmm, wish more people would vote on this, would be interesting to see. I voted for Metalcore..absolutely hate it with a passion..surprised to see Nu Metal in the lead, there's actually a couple decent Nu Metal bands out there (No I hate Korn :P), but I still don't care for the genre.

Christian metal could be considered one of the worsts, though I do like the album "To Hell With The Devil" by Stryper.

Though I really hate rap metal (God I hate that Aerosmith/Rum DMC collaboration..way overrated), I do like "I'm The Man" by Anthrax, it's so fun :3..and their collaboration with Public Enemy is some what decent.

Finally, Thrash Metal is the best genre to me in Heavy Metal, love it with a passion.

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What album do you think Pitchfork.com will vote #1 when it eventually makes a 100 best albums of the 60's list?

Yeah, would hope that they select VU & Nico, no other album like it at the time, very underrated when released, and would have a huge impact on music almost a decade later, notably with Punk. Personally, I would love to see "We're Only In It For The Money" by the Mothers as #1, but I don't see that happening :P.

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